One of my favorite games to play is the game where you point at strangers and tell whoever is with you which celebrity that stranger looks like. It’s kind of like the game that Gabe said he liked to play the other day where you cast you and your friends’ biopics, except it’s not really like that and you’re doing it for strangers. (Except for when you include the part of this game where you point at people and tell your friends, “That person looks like you.”) (Which always gets you into trouble for some reason?) (Do people just not know what they look like?) (Like, if you’re tall and skinny and have a regular haircut, you’re GOING to look like every single tall and skinny person with a regular haircut that I point at.) (SRY.) Anyway, it’s a great game because for some reason it’s rare that anyone ever seems to agree on which celebrities people look like. Last night, for instance, I saw a man who looked exactly like Dr. Drew and I pointed him out and said, “Look, it’s Dr. Drew,” and my friend was like, “What?” And I was like, “You know?” And my friend said, “That just looks like a normal man with glasses.” FUN! It was almost as fun in the moment as it was in the retelling of the moment. Anyway, this woman looks like Angelina Jolie. You can’t disagree with it because it is a fact. And she’s building an acting career on it somehow? Even though a woman who looks like Angelina Jolie already exists? And it’s the REAL Angelina Jolie? Don’t ask questions.

Yep! She looks like her! That lady looks like Angelina Jolie! YES SHE DOES! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. We have found our star for the Hackers remake!

  2. This reminds me of that guy who built his acting career looking just like Ryan Reynolds:

    “You were great in that movie ‘Driver’, Ryan Reynolds!”

  3. “You know who you look like?” never ends well. I really hate people who play that game because unless you look like Ryan Gosling or something the comparison is never going to be flattering and will only serve to make you feel bad.

    Who wins in this game? I think we haven’t fully explored the option of, I don’t know, just keeping it to yourself?

  4. Where are you, Fauxgelina? Get out of there! Sounds like this poor woman is about to be murdered by the videographer and bone collected in a tiny jar full of hair. “Yes, that’s nice. Yes, can you take your hair down. Very nice. You’re very tall aren’t you? I’m sure you will get a job as a lookalike.”

    Unhappy face.

  5. I don’t see it.

  6. I am pretty sure all the celebrity lookalikes are friends who hang out together, just like the real celebrities.

    Somewhere in Simi Valley right now, Fake Gwyneth is brunching with Fake Jay-Z. The menu includes buttered toast, Tang, and french fries. The setting: the corner table in a beautiful 3-room ranch overlooking a cement abutment.

  7. “Let’s have a look at you…” when said by someone behind the camera (or anyone, really) is always so creepy. You’re a creep, British woman!

  8. Can we play the games of backhanded celebrity lookalike compliments? My mom once told me I would look like Charlize Theron if I dropped a few.

  9. I’ve gotten Skee-lo, Tim Meadows, Lenny Kravitz (a lot) and one time for some reason Richard Pryor (“but like, a YOUNG Pryor! Y’know?” “whut?”).

    I’m multiracial, a quarter of which is black, and attended elementary, middle & high school in a predominantly white (white white white) CO mountain town where I was referred to as “y’know, the black kid… He draws…?”, and people were pretty ignorant, only attempting to relate to something different by comparing it to what they’d seen on tv or in pop culture, and then sounding kinda racist when they allowed their thoughts to become words in my face.

    Because seriously, none of those men I listed look alike. At all.

    Personally, Kravitz was probably the most apt comparison at the time I was getting that, as I did have a big wavy ‘fro for a couple summers and religiously wore aviators (for completely non-Kravitz-related reasons). I got asked, “You know who you look like?” every goddamn day. it was fucking annoying.

  10. I get Bobby Cannavale all the time.

  11. This is why i’m glad i don’t look like anyone famous/no one famous is ugly.

  12. I prefer to find people’s dogglegangers.
    If you do not want to know that you remind me of a Vizsla, we should probably not be friends.

  13. i literally have never been told i look like anyone that i wasn’t related to.

    “You look like your brother.” …uhhh…good.

    “You look like the combination of your grandpa on your mom’s side and your grandpa on your dad’s side.” “… know my grandpas?”

  14. I was once told I look like Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry. I’m male. But the joke apparently never gets old.

  15. I like this model of Angelina Jolie better. Can we upgrade?

  16. The basic problem with “you know who you look like” is that it means you are no longer the original, or the most salient of the multi-yous. We talk about people finding dopplegangers, but this phrasing actually suggests that YOU are the doppleganger of the “real” person, the celebrity. I prefer to flip it into: “such and so commonly-known-person-of-note looks like YOU, ya special individual you.”

  17. Did anybody else check the other Angelina Jolie look-a-like video that youtube suggested? Alotus9? She’s great, but she doesn’t. She really doesn’t. But she does have some interesting theories…

    “Btw I want you all to know. There are rumors that one of AJ’s Make-up artist died with unexpected causes, and before he died, he was going to speak up the Aj has a clone. Many say it wasn’t her in the Cannes award. I did research on this. And found out that Angelina Jolie has a masonic Agenda behind her. Like her movie Salt which features her portaying an MK Ultra victim.”

  18. I like this thread because everyone is saying what celebrities people think they look like, and now I have a little mental image of you and I can read your posts in your celebrity voice. Does anyone look like Michael Caine? I do a really good Michael Caine in my head.

  19. I’m always getting Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore mixed up #girlproblems

  20. Duncan Gibb  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2012 0

    I look and sound like Michael Cera. His typecasting has not been good to me…

  21. There’s about 2,000 of these on youtube.

  22. Steve Guttenberg circa Cocoon 2 here

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