• Have you ever watched American Pickers? It’s a show on some channel where two guys go around to people who are selling things and sometimes they buy the things if they think they can sell them for a lot of money. It’s kind of sad because kind of the whole point of the show is to rip off normal people who don’t know what their stuff is worth. But, you know, whatever. It’s fine. And Jack White is going to be on it for some reason? Here is a preview of that! -Stereogum
  • More Jimmy Kimmel challenge about giving your kids terrible presents and filming their reactions. Jimmy Kimmel should’ve done one where he told kids to ask their parents if this was “some sort of Jimmy Kimmel challenge” when they got their gifts on Christmas. Turn the tables. -StuffIStole
  • Oooh, watch this video, “Fishing Under Ice.” All the blogs that are posting it are posting it with a caption like, “Do you get what they’re doing????” And, honestly, NO. I mean, I kind of do. But how are they doing it? I don’t know how they’re doing it. I didn’t watch it all the way til the end, though. Do they tell you how they did it at the end? Can someone else watch this for  me? -LaughingSquid
  • Amanda Seyfried was offered the role of Cosette in the upcoming film version of Les Miserables.Good for her! I guess! I hope she can sing! Also Taylor Swift was offered a role. Remember when Peter Kraus was mad at Haddie for listening to too much Taylor Swift last night on Parenthood? Hahah. Ah, Peter Kraus. -SlashFilm
  • So Bane’s voice is definitely for sure maybe NOT being remixed in The Dark Knight Rises. “Breaking news.” My goodness. Who even cares at this point. You know what’s available on Netflix instant? Bronson. Just watch that instead, who cares. -FilmDrunk
  • Just a wonderful little cat video that’s pretty normal and just the kind of thing you see anytime, like any time you turn on a TV or a computer, or if you just hang around people and cats enough. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here’s a pretty good story about some Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt/Rachel from Friends baby drama, if you’re into that, which EVERYONE apparently is still, one hundred years later. It is a good story, though. Read it. -Dlisted
  • Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are engaged! I hope they never break up. Imagine the Tim and Eric “Brownie Dreams” sketch and then instead of “I hope I never wake up” replace it with “I hope they never break up.” That is how I feel. -Celebuzz
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  1. As I read it, that is exactly how I heard “I hope they never break up” in my head.

  2. I said it last night and I’ll say it again: Hattie would never listen to Taylor Swift.

  3. Does anyone else find Jessica Biel so persistently “okay”? Yeah, she’s a talented enough performer, but she hasn’t really pushed herself or sought out any challenging roles. Yeah, she’s pretty, but in a “yeah, that’s what a beautiful person is supposed to look like” sense. I hear about so many of these (primarily female) actors on Videogum and elsewhere who are presumably celebrities even though they’ve only been in some TV and had a few bit roles in mildly successful and forgettable movies. Biel seems to be the most successful and ubiquitous. She’s one of those people that I hope succeeds yet wouldn’t notice if she stopped acting and started a llama farm or whatever. I am so passionately ambivalent about her that I’m a bit flummoxed by her popularity.

    Though I guess the first thing I remember her in is the Texas Chainsaw remake in which there was about twelve tracking shots of nothing but her ass, so I guess I get what her selling point is.

    • I take that back. The first thing I remember her in is the Rules of Attraction adaptation. If I recall correctly, she spent about half of her screen time in bra and underwear and got gangbanged by a lacrosse team or something. So case solved, I guess.

      • It was the football team that she collectively banged after she danced down the hallway in her bra and panties clutching two big bottles of hard alcohol. Later in the film we see a pov of her mid-coitus with James Van Der Beek (I actually just watched a big chunk of the film about a week ago).

        Speaking of Rules of Attraction, did you know a special feature on the dvd is a commentary track by CARROT TOP (WHUUUUUUUU?-!!) who is watching the movie for the first time during the recording? He’s actually funny at times when he’s not just referencing himself (which is often enough to be noticeable).

        But I hear you on the Biel thing, That One. I enjoy seeing her, she takes care of herself, but she’s pretty much coasting through showbiz (he says completely oblivious to how much/how little she works on her career and get roles that emotionally and professionally satisfy her needs as an actor/performer). ‘Ambivalent’ is a good word for overall Jessica Biel awareness.

        • Jessica Biel once walked past the restaurant I work in. It happened while I was working there. The waitresses were excited and I was like, “Oh really? Cool!” I looked out the window but I couldn’t see her within two seconds of looking out the window so I got back to work. There were eggs that needed to be flipped.

          Say that again, in your head, in a Clint Eastwood voice. “These eggs, they need to be… flipped.” Much better.

          Rules Of Attraction, though, I liked that movie a lot more than it deserved, probably. I will watch it again some day. Mark my words.

    • Yeah, she was on that “7th Heaven” show, and now she plays “Attractive Female” in forgettable movies.

      Slow news day, I guess.

    • Like his favorite actress Jessica Biel, web blog commentator “That One” has also failed to push himself or seek out any challenging roles. Just look at his tepid blog comments today for instance.

  4. Congratulations Creepy Cat Video. I look forward to seeing you every night as I futilely try to sleep.

  5. So… they’re walking around on the underside of a frozen lake surface, right? It doesn’t really seem like there’s anything else to “get”…

    • I am not 100% certain but the reason why it looks like they are messin’ with water while still being under the water is that the water they are messing with is has a heavier salt content than the water they are swimming around in. OR there is freshwater mixin’ with salt water.

  6. Rad links, afternoon or otherwise.

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