You know when you’re reading an interview with a celebrity and you’re like, “Ugh, when are they going to ask THE question?” Meaning, the one question that’s on everyone’s mind, and, most likely, the reason why you’re reading the interview in the first place. Like for instance, “WHEN are they going to ask O.J. Simpson if he really murdered those people?” Or, “Why won’t ANYONE ask Louis C.K. about how much money he made from the online sales of his special?” Or, “Are they EVER going to ask Aaron Paul if he broke up with that girlfriend he mentions sometimes?!” It’s often the case, as far as I know, that there’s a handler watching over the interviewer’s shoulder to make sure they don’t bring up such hot-button topics. But luckily for us, there was no such handler around when the subject of Uma Thurman’s Bel Ami costar Robert Pattinson came up in her interview in this month’s Harpers Bazaar. Finally, an answer to the question on everyone’s mind. DOES UMA THURMAN THINK ROBERT PATTINSON IS GOOD-LOOKING IN PERSON?? From Harper’s Bazaar:

To answer the ubiquitous question about this movie, yes, Robert is good-looking in person.

More on this story as it develops. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Katie Couric style liberal “gotcha” journalism at it’s finest

  2. To answer the other ubiquitous question, Uma gets all her ideas from Cosmo.

  3. More like Puma Thurman amirite?

  4. Twilight-related: Breaking News, Pt. 1

  5. Wait, is Uma Thurman making ANOTHER movie where she is dating an inappropriately young guy? Prime 2: 2 Old 2 Prime?

  6. but what about what we REALLY want to know: where she gets her ideas….and of course that stupid name of hers.

    • Don’t know the answer to the former, but the latter is because of her parents. At least her dad was Buddhist(?). Her brothers all have Tibetan Buddhist names too.

      • i saw her dad at the tibet house benefit concert at carnegie hall in 2004. he hosted it sort of? or maybe phillip glass hosted, but uma thurman’s buddhist father read a letter of apology from ray davies, because ray davies had been shot in the leg. the letter was apologizing for missing the concert, not for being shot in the leg. then patti smith showed up as a surprise guest and also david byrne. the man sitting next to me fell asleep and his wife put her purse in his lap and left it there the whole night, like he was her little sleeping shelf, which i didn’t think was very buddhist of her, but i’m not a buddhist expert. great story!

  7. Am I the only one who looks at that photo and thinks:

    Just me? Good to know.

  8. Little known fact ” Bel Ami” Is French For ” Barf? I am.”

  9. Trying again:

  10. Just forget it.

  11. Does anyone else think Edward Cullen (that’s his real name, right?) has an oddly-shaped head? He kind of looks like Frankenstein. If someone was to ask me what I thought of his physical beauty, I’d say he was sort of handsome despite his oddly-shaped Frankenstein-like head. And that’s why I’d be the best interviewee in the world.

  12. Wait, is Uma Thurman making ANOTHER movie where she is dating an inappropriately young guy? Prime 2: 2 Old 2 Prime?Maybe u never heared about that place, but if u want find sth interesting or stimulating, this best place ,u cant miss.

  13. i’m sad that the commenting spambot has figured out how to collect real sentences from earlier comments and tack them on to its spamments (spam + comments (? (nope.)).

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