• Bane’s audio in The Dark Knight Rises is going to be cleaned up a little bit but not that much. [UPDATE: Or not, actually? Or maybe yes still. Or maybe not. Who knows.] Will you f’ing just get off of Christopher Nolan’s back already?! Maybe all of Bane’s dialogue is a secret! Did you ever even think of that? Ugh, jeeze. -Collider
  • It’s funny to think that when the writers of 30 Rock heard that Kim Jong-il died they were maybe like, “ohh noooooooooo!” Haha. It’s funny to think that, right? Still? In any case, here producer Robert Carlock explains how they’re going to handle the situation. It’s not any kind of a deal at all, actually. It’s fine. -Mediaite
  • Snoop Dogg was on The Price Is Right yesterday, if you didn’t know. I did know because I follow someone on Twitter who was very excited about it and I was like, wtf r u talking about. Not to them, though — just to myself. They’re only an acquaintance and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable confronting them about it. But hey here he is! -TheDailyWhat
  • Look at these photos of Ewan McGregor! Also, have you seen Beginners yet? You should see it! You’ll like it. -GQ
  • Dr. Dre and Ice Cube may cast their sons in the NWA biopic that is maybe going to happen at some point. “Well, ok,” responded every single person in the world at the same time. -FilmDrunk
  • Clint Eastwood is friends with a squirrel named Lola who lives near his office on the Warner Bros. lot. Pretty cute, right? Pretty cute squirrel story. There’s more to it, you should read the rest. There isn’t a video, though. I’m sorry. I also wish that there were a video. -Dlisted
  • Oh, here is another photo shoot to look at! This one is Rachel McAdams from another movie that you should see if you haven’t, Midnight In Paris. She also talks about Ryan Gosling! Sort of! Sort of but not really at all, to be honest. But a little! -Celebuzz
  • Here’s an interview with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. Great! Did you watch the first episode of the second season of Portlandia yet? We linked to it earlier. Are you saving it for later? Do you know that you can watch the whole first season on Netflix now? Isn’t that great? HELLO? -Salon
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  1. Finally, we get some backstory about why Snooooooop doesn’t want us to change the dizzle, and where he acquired his living room full of fine dime brizzle.

  2. I love the Bane article’s second update:

    UPDATE 2: Steve again. Warner Bros. has contacted me and said that our story is absolutely not true. While I’ve dealt with the source who sent me the letter before, I wanted to make sure we are always posting the truth. I’m working on getting to the bottom of this right now.

    • UPDATE 3: It’s still me, Steve. My source has gone completely AWOL but I still have my detective hat on. I’ll figure this out if it’s the death of me. And if it is, I love you, my readers, very much.

      • UPDATE 4: We found the source. His plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors.

      • UPDATE 4: Steve here one more time. Just got off the phone with Warner Bros. lawyers and here are a number of corrections from our original story.

        -The villain of the movie is call “Bane.” Not “Babe.”
        -Catwoman is in this movie, but she does not tie Batman to a giant scratching post, aided by her henchmen “Tomcat” and “Bobcat.”
        - The Batmobile does not lose his wheel and the Joker does not subsequently get away.
        - Furthermore, The Joker is not even in this movie.
        -Neither is The Riddler
        -Or Egghead

        • UPDATE 5: Steve here. While I still have not gotten to the bottom of anything Bane-related, I do have a bit of news. Another source has contacted our fine website on behalf of Sophia Coppola to say that a re-release of Lost In Translation is in the works, this time with the background audio drastically dropped out in the final scene where Bill Murray’s character Mr. Bob Harris embraces Johansson’s Charlotte in his arms and whispers a line into her ear. I for one cannot wait to find out what it is he whispered. We will get to the bottom of this.

    • One thing this whole ‘Bane’s Voice’ controversy reminds me of was back when I was taking a film criticism class in college, we were shown Jean-Luc Godard’s WEEK END.

      Towards the very beginning of the film there is a scene where the female lead is sitting seductively smoking or something, and there’s noise all around and she’s speaking very softly and she’s hard to hear. At least, that was the gist of the scene.

      But because we speak English and ‘Week End’ is in french, we were watching the film with subtitles. Our instructor explained to us that the seductive, straining-to-hear quality of her dialogue in that scene was ruined on us, because the subtitles laid it all out in white text. That the audio quality was a choice the director had made, and that we were supposed to strain to hear what this lady in her underpants was saying through cigarette drags.

      So maybe that’s what Nolan’s plans are with Bane. He’s just supposed to be super-sexy the whole time while taunting us with his marble-mouth.

      • At least we finally get to find out what kind of underwear Bane uses. I’m betting on boxer briefs.

      • I watched that six-minute prologue thing and… he’s not even hard to understand? You can totally tell what he’s saying, and I watched it on a “cam” or whatever, so I’m guessing the audio quality was an order of magnitude worse than in an actual theater.

  3. Man, that Ewan McGregor is handsome, but fellas can you please cut it out with the dress shoes and no socks thing? It’s very distracting. All I can think of is how sweaty your feet must be, which brings foot fungus and odour to my mind and then I stop caring that you’re all very handsome. Socks are very inexpensive. Ask your mother for some socks for your birthday. I will buy you a pair of GD socks if that’s what it comes to. You don’t look cool, you look like a 1980s Yacht Club member with athlete’s foot.

  4. I would love it if someone at the WB marketing department would create a Bane app for Siri. “Where’s a nearby Italian restaurant?” “Giiiradooonoooos ishhhhhhhhhhh twuhhhhhhhhhh bleshhhhhhhhwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

  5. My biceps looks that good if I put my fists under them, too.

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