The coolest thing about this song is that it sounds just like my favorite song, but then the words are better.* Listen to it before the end of the world! cc: @rickygervais (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Scarier in a way that makes you feel a little unsettled, but not as unsettled as when you hear their cover of “Don’tcha Wish Your Savior Was Right Like Mine,” which is actually kind of a nightmare rather than just a heavy-parent-handed rejection of evolution. (The dancing is wonderful, though.) (F’real.)

[Ed. Note: This song already saved every soul back when it was the second spring jam of 2011. OOPS! You're already on the Heaven list. Congratulations.]

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  1. No one knows what this means, but it sure is provocative.

  2. That song makes Baby Jesus cry.

  3. I have a feeling tonight’s gonna’ be a God night.

  4. The original song’s lyrics are better evidence against Darwinism than anything these kids’ parents could ever come up with.

  5. Mark 2:13-34: “lo, the three wise man sang “i got a feelin’” before heading out to find the messiah…”

  6. Was anyone else hoping that their band name was Pagan Atheists? Because I was really thinking, “man, that name is METAL.”

  7. I spent K-12 in Christian Fundamentalist “schools”. In ninth grade I got a third offense for wearing a secular band t-shirt and part of my punishment was to watch a video showcasing Christian alternatives to popular secular music. It featured the entire video for a cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical” called “Let’s Get Biblical.” This was in 1998. “Let’s Get Physical” was released in 1981.

    As a sidenote, did you guys know that the Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s Flood?

    • That sounds like it was probably done by The Apologetix (think fundamental Christian Weird Al). I tried combing through their song titles to see if it was them, but my brain started hurting, so I had to stop. You have my sympathy, and my respect, I couldn’t imagine what it takes to sit through one of their songs.

    • In the school’s defense, your shirt clearly showed satanic imagery.

    • I’m confused. Isn’t “we got to know each other — in the Biblical sense” a winking way of saying “we experienced intercourse”? So wouldn’t singing “Let’s get Biblical” be the same as singing “Let’s have hot raunchy sex”? That’s what I hear, anyway.

      On a related note, one of my closest childhood friends often told me his parent-mandated Christian bands were “just as good” as my Satanic bands. He insisted I’d have just as good a listening experience if I ditched Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Van Halen for Petra.

      I did not understand how he could say that with a straight face.

  8. I’m sure midriff baring attire goes over really well in church.

  9. As good as ‘My Faith’ was, nothing could match the success of the duo’s breakout hit “Faith You Like an Animal”

  10. WAIT JUST A GODDAMN MINUTE!!! @:34: “Father’s got me coming?” I’m worried about these kids, you guys.


  12. ever ytime they sing that – this happens:

  13. Will the congregation please rise and join us for a rendition of “I’ve Got a Spirit (oooo the holy spirit)”? Remember, parishioners in the first two rows will be funkdified by the Lord!

  14. When I was living in the bible belt, we went to VBS every summer. You know, Vacation Bible School. This Vacay, however, was about spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, at a heavily Baptist church. Two of those hours were the best because we would sing pop songs (my favorite thing) with Christian lyrics (my least favorite thing). And then perform them in front of a congregation of about 300 people every Friday! On a stage built on an indoor basketball court! How cool!

  15. VBS: eVery Summer.

  16. Ghostface really dialed this one in.

  17. Please look at the website!!!
    The producer of this video is apparently the World’s Largest Media Company!

  18. Did anyone see “Jesus Back” in the related videos? You know set to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”?

    No? Here you go…


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