I realize that it’s 2012 now and that we all should be leaving 2011 in the memories gutter where it belongs, and believe me WE WILL, but I think we’d be remiss to leave 2011 without spending some time on its #1 best Christmas freakout video of all time hands down throw the rest out the window don’t even bother taking them down to the garbage cans we don’t have any time. Truth be told it’s the only one I’ve seen, but I think that’s because cream rises to the top in these situations and leaves all the non-cream where bloggers can’t even find it because it’s so murky and disgusting and milky (or whatever). So, please enjoy. And remember 2011 as the year when a lot of stuff happened, no one went to the movies, and then a kid got an iPod Touch and really went crazy about it. Like, super crazy. So crazy that you think, “Uhhh, is he ok?” And you’re a little worried. But then you decide, “Oh, I’m sure he’s fine.” Mostly because you want to enjoy the video, but also because you’re pretty sure that he’s probably fine. Just excited. Right? Yes. Oh and also remember it as the year when you turned down your volume the appropriate amount (a lot) in order to watch that video.


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  1. You’d think he got a SuperNintendo or something.

  2. Little brother is apparently used to the theatrics. He just continues on with his gift opening business.

  3. This kid needs to learn that children should never be seen.

  4. Headphones DOWN! (Otherwise your ears will explode)

  5. I freaked out the exact same way when I lost my arm in a combine.

  6. I can proudly say that I was much more well-mannered when Mr. Santa Claus brought me the hard-to-find Master Splinter action figure.

  7. Christ, what an asshole.

  8. Holy smokes, am I just really old and really poor or is it not normal for two very, very small children to get ipod touches for Christmas? Although in their parents’ defence, if I had a kid who screamed like that I would happily go bankrupt buying him a never ending supply of shit to keep him quiet.

  9. Unedited, this is ad I got with the video:

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