Let’s watch a preview clip of John Mulaney’s new stand-up special, and the entire first episode of season 2 of Portlandia. And then have a snack. And call our loved ones. And put on something pretty. Let’s not follow Rupert Murdoch on Twitter, even though he’s on Twitter now. And that’ll just about do it.

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  1. Let’s also remind everybody that season 2 of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret starts in 3 days, because really, why are we not talking about that more? It has David Cross, Will Arnett, Spike Jonze, AND Jon Hamm!

  2. I am following Rupert Murdoch on twitter for gems like these:
    “Can’t resist this tweet, but all Iowans think about Rick Santorum. Only candidate with genuine big vision for country.”
    and then the liberal responses that follow….

  3. Anyone else “obtain” the new Sherlock yet?


      i was into it, but then the last twenty minutes made me really love it. Though now I want to reread the story, because they changed a lot from what I remember.

      also, more sherlock in a sheet!

  4. John Mulaney is my jam.

  5. It’s the second episode of Season 2. Who cares right?

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