Nicknames for this year:

  • Big Boy
  • R.I.P. Hunter
  • Heaven’s Gate
  • Final Countdown
  • Susan
  • Lil’ Peanut
  • Chou Chou
  • Dakota

See you guys on the other side. Headphones UP!

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  1. As The World Explodes

  2. This is the year I achieve all of my hopes and dreams. Conveniently, my hopes and dreams all revolve around turning 34.

    • Really? Because it is my goal in life to NEVER BE THAT OLD. I once found a wonderful bit of engrish that I feel properly demonstrates my life philosophy:

  3. Had a great holiday, hope everybody else did!

    On the other hand, I also slipped outside my house on New Years Penultimate Day and now I have 16 pins in my ankle after breaking 3 separate bones.

    Stay safe out there kids!

  4. Earth: The Final Season. Every day will be a very special episode day, like Blossom, but with fewer funky hats.

  5. The year the internet is put in the sky.

  6. You guys, I just realized this morning that I’ll be 27 when the world ends in December! I made it into the club!

  7. The year that Roland Emmerich’s prophecy of the world ending comes true.

    • Unfortunately, Roland Emmerich’s prophecy that Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, is the true author of Shakespeare’s plays remains utter bullshit.


  8. I was made aware that “Chapter 2012: Page 1 of 366″ was a trending topic on Twitter on January 1st. Now I know that being embarrassed by this world due to trending topics on Twitter is more of a 2011 thing, but FUCK! I mean, c’mon world. Is that your book? Is that your trending topic on Twitter?

  9. 2012: The Year I Disappear

  10. I’d like to share all your doom and gloom about the year, but this morning I believe I saw Christina Hendricks while walking to work. I lost all feeling in my legs and “Cherish” by The Association started playing in my head and now an hour and a half later I’m still all full of adrenaline and fuzzy, funny feelings. And even if it turns out it wasn’t her, at least someone is cloning Christina Hendrickses somewhere, so how bad could this year be.

    Yay 2012!

  11. Is no one else concerned that the Earth turns into Legos when it explodes?!?!

    …Or maybe the Earth has been made of Legos this whole time.

  12. So it’s shitty elevator music playing when the earth is rotating? Yeah, that sounds about right.

  13. The world won’t end in 2012, because Marty McFly travels to 2015. So we’ve got at least a three years left.

  14. I’m kind of excited for the end of the world to happen because I have the best end of the world playlist planned for my RIP, World party. I’ve been honing it over the previous 8,000 end-of-the-worlds.

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