I don’t know what it is about these videos of soldiers returning from far away places and surprising their kids, but I watch and love every single one of them even though they make me feel great but terrible all at the same time. Uggghh, THE KIDS! They’re always so happy! And they’re always crying! And then the parents are crying! And then we’re ALL crying, and we don’t even know these people and are just watching videos on our computers! Wonderful, just wonderful. It’s kind of like putting yourself through watching a horror movie, except more heartwarming and then a little different in a few other ways. Well, anyway, here is one of those videos! It’s great! It’s the holidays! It’s time to be around loved ones who are away from you most of the time and who you miss so much and who surprise you in your classroom in front of all of your classmates and who are the best!

Ugh, and I LOVE how in the beginning he gave a peace sign to the camera and the kid next to him made him put his hand down. You mind your own business, kid!!! This kid can give the peace sign if he wants!!! WE LOVE HIM! (Via Gothamist.)

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  1. i keep wanting to say SOMETHING about this, but there is really nothing to say, it’s just kind of perfect.
    i’m glad i’m going home for christmas this year. i guess i can say that.

  2. Put everything into Kleenex. NOW.

  3. This reminds me of some commercial I saw a few weeks ago. It was this soldier opening up a Christmas present from his daughters, and it was a book, but when he started to read the book there was a recording of his daughters reading the book and struggling through the words. I couldn’t even imagine that – the idea that you’re missing out on this fundamental part of your kids life and then some book lets you sort of almost get to experience it, not to mention that you get to hear your kid’s voice!

    I know it was a stupid commercial you guys but I straight up almost cried (read: cried).

    • i saw that and cried as well.

      related: i went to kansas city for a conference once, and our hotel was attached to the hallmark factory and museum. they have these little booths you can sit in, by yourself, and it’s nice and dark, and they just show hallmark commercial after hallmark commercial. i have no idea how long i was in there, i just remember a colleague reaching into the booth after a while and pulling me out by my wrist. i was a total mess for the rest of the day.

    • I want to break my TV into a billion pieces whenever commercials make me cry. Then I get bitter and to never purchase those products…it feels grimy to make me cry and then be like “*Nudge nudge* sooooo you’re gonna buy this, right?”

  4. ugh. i also love/hate these videos. i did this exact thing last year just before christmas and now every time i see one of these i i remember my daughters’ reactions and i fucking kills me. my older daughter did the thing that this kid did, where she just stared at me in disbelief and then finally ran and jumped into my arms, and my younger daughter saw me and straight knocked down 3 kids immediately so she could get to me.
    the army is tough on families. i’ve seen mine 3 times in the last 2 years, but we’re finally gonna be back together in about a month, so shit like this is really personal to me right now. this has been the hardest holiday season for me, but the goal line is in sight.
    i know i sound whiny as shit right now, but i figure this is a good time to say thanks to the videogum community. i know i don’t comment a lot, but i’ve been around for a few months and i really like how this is more like a family than just a bunch of trolls and attention whores vying for attention. there’s a sense of familiarity here that i have never seen anywhere on the web an i appreciate it.
    merry christmas to you all, or happy hannukah, or happy holidays or whatever.

  5. Just saw the worst commercial of the year and it’s related to these things. Walmart, scene: two sisters, one older teaching the younger how to do things and saying stuff like ‘this is how mom taught me to tie shoes’. The whole time you wonder, why is she talking in past tense is the mom dead maybe? But when the older sister is putting the younger one to bed (there’s been no adults in this at all so far), the mother soldier does the surprise return home thing but it’s acted out for a commercial and then the Walmart logo comes in. I can’t imagine the conversation wherein they decided to take these incredibly personal and difficult moments and turn it into a scripted scene. I don’t know. Even if you’re doing it purely to say you support troops, why not just leave this stuff alone and donate a billion dollars to the families instead?

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