Sooooo…wait, I thought I had it but then that last part made it kind of confusing. The Cosby Show is on Hulu, right? Netflix no, Hulu yes? Ugghh, this is too confusing, I’m just going to buy the DVDs. (Via Buzzfeed.)

(PS: Is Bill Cosby okay?!)

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  1. Old people vlog the darnedest things!


  3. Nah, it’s ok. I think he’s just trying to talk to Grandma tables.

  4. but where do find Picture Pages? is it available on Blu-ray?

  5. Because you enjoyed:

    I’m on Netflix

    We suggest:

    Gary Busey — I’m on Tumblr
    Courtney Stodden — I’m on Thought Catalog
    T-Pain — I’m on LinkedIn
    Tom Arnold — I’m on Farmville


  6. So I should look for The Cosby Show on Qwikster?

  7. Wait did he say huru or Hulu?

    • I think he said guru as in The Love Guru. Which he is in fact NOT in.

    • Seriously, my only reaction to this is trying to figure out why Cosby has the same difficulty with the R sound as a Chinese or Japanese*

      *This isn’t racist, really. There are real reasons Chinese and Japanese people have difficulty with the R sound, much as English speakers have difficulty with a sound in Japanese that is neither an L nor an R.

  8. That’s his Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech right there.

  9. Bill Cosby is on a drug named Charlie Sheen

  10. POKEMON!? With the pokey and the mon and the guy comes out of the thing and he faweoinc ajkc ja jawfe BWAH BWAH!

  11. looks to me like you are on youtube

  12. “If you don’t get your streaming video site correct, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t get your streaming video site correct?!” – Pink Cosby.

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