Not that I assume any of you keep tabs on the comings and goings of Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian, but ummmm, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO? This is a great music video! Why didn’t you tell me about it?! Never change, Kris. xxoo (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)

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  1. Holy shit it’s OJ Simpson!

    • For those that only made it a few seconds in, he shows up at 3:19.

      • You are very brave to have watched that far. Her husband helped him escape a murder charge, in quite suspicious circumstances!

        • Of all the bad raps the Kardashians get, I think the criticism of Robert Kardashian’s defense of OJ Simpson is the least credible. The dude was a defense lawyer, a Constitutionally guaranteed ‘perk’ for all murder suspects. It was literally his job. And he did it well and legally.

          Every single other thing about the family is 100% fair game for mountains of criticism because they cannot help but just be the worst at all times.

          Weird how no one can name Robert Blake’s defense attorney at the drop of a hat.

          • In defense of everyone, Robert Kardashian hadn’t practiced law in 20 years when he represented OJ. In fact he only practiced for 10 years after law school, then spent the rest of his career in the music business. He was friends with OJ since the 70′s. He carried the luggage bag from the plane which many think contained the murder weapon and bloody clothes and OJ stayed at his house after the murder and before the car chase! He never once opened his mouth in court and really had nothing to do with the actual criminal trial.

            I don’t view their relationship as a typical defense attorney/ client relationship. I see it more as OJ needing a friend to help him after a murder and it just so happens one of his best friends is an attorney so anything he says to him is protected by the attorney client privilege. Kardashian publicly admitted he had doubts as to OJ’s innocence. I think he and Kris are fame whores just like their kids and were willfully blind to the fact that their famous friend was a wife beating murderer.

          • “Kardashian publicly admitted he had doubts as to OJ’s innocence.” Unlike any other defense attorney ever.

            One needn’t say one word in a court to be a lawyer. One need only pass the state’s bar exam.

            My point wasn’t that Robert Kardashian was a good person, my point was that he was a lawyer acting in accordance to the US Constitution. You can say he was horrible for being friends with an abusive murderer, but acting as council for a murder suspect is probably one of the least inappropriate actions of his life.

            Are the Kardashians worthy of particular loathing because they wanted to be famous? Or is it mostly the OJ thing? Are we all supposed to be mad at M. Gerald Schwartzbach and his family, too? Or only if they try to get a TV show?

            By your argument any celebrity related to a criminal defense attorney would be subject to ridicule and derision as we can assume all defense attorneys have knowingly at one time or another defended the guilty and are thus terrible people.

          • You said he did his job well. He DIDN’T TAKE PART IN THE DEFENSE. He didn’t even sit with the defense team at trial. I dont know of any lawyer who could do a “good job” after not practicing for 20 years. It is almost malpractice! To me its obvious he was necessary part of the defense so that evidence of OJ’s behavior and actions after the murder could be withheld from the prosecution because of attorney client privilege. I think there are ethical implications in what he did and for the most part see it as an abuse of the legal system rather than taking advantage of a constitutional right.

          • M. Schwartzbach. BOOM! I’ve never heard his first name.

          • “He DIDN’T TAKE PART IN THE DEFENSE. He didn’t even sit with the defense team at trial.” First, stop yelling at me — we’re just talking here and I’m not blind-deaf. Second, lawyers can be actively engaged in a prosecution or defense behind the scenes. Maybe he did nothing, who knows, but it was clearly protected behavior.

            “I think there are ethical implications in what he did and for the most part see it as an abuse of the legal system rather than taking advantage of a constitutional right.” You know you’ve won a legal case when people accuse you of abusing the legal system.

            There is no law that says a lawyer can’t lie dormant for 20 years and then start practicing. (Anyway, he probably could have claimed he was working in those 20 years by providing legal oversight of his own business transactions.) It’s probably not recommended, but that’s the client’s call.

            The fact that Kardashian was never arrested or prosecuted shows that what you see as a clear violation was anything but. Believe me: prosecutors in the state of California would have loved to get their hands on anyone on the Simpson defense team. But even they felt they had no pretext.

            You have 100% legitimate reasons to not like what happened, but again the Constitution was crafted so that the justice system wasn’t subject to the whims of every person who didn’t like the outcome of a particular case.

          • You should take a quick tour of the Rules of Professional Conduct, I think it might help you rest your case. Think about a surgeon who has been a primary care physician for 20 years who then attempts to perform a surgery. Most wouldn’t attempt it. The fact that he did makes me question his motives and the extent to which he was involved in the case. He used his title as an attorney to protect his friend who committed murder. Sure, the constitution provides for that, but just because it does doesn’t make it OK. I think there is ample reason for people to question his involvement with the OJ mess. Further, “Kardashian wasn’t arrested or prosecuted” What?! That is the standard we are using to determine if someone is a scumbag? Lawyers who violate the Rules of Professional Conduct aren’t arrested or prosecuted by the state. They rarely see any consequences, but if they do its through the state bar association, not the state attorney general, and a lot of times the file is not public. Im not trying to attack defense attorneys. I have practiced some criminal law. I am just tyring to point out that there is good reason for questioning Kardashians role in the case.

  2. Bible Study! Fuck yea.

  3. omg it’s just “I love LA” changed to about her wtf.

  4. “…MOTHER of Kim Kardashian…”

    WHUT??? I thought she was one of the sisters!

  5. It’s oddly mesmerizing that she managed to make that terrible song even worse. It’s not even a song its just a fucking list of places!!!

  6. they get mad cause they can’t fade us

  7. Guys, calm down, this has been out for years.

  8. Is this Twee Pop?

  9. also is this legal?

  10. The rhyme “Bible study/ Cheesecake Factory” pretty much says it all, I think.

    • It was odd seeing the normal-looking awning of a 90′s Cheesecake Factory. The only ones I’ve seen are ridiculously huge and gaudy mall-shrines.

  11. This tip was from SCOTT…if there really is a Christmaskuah I hope it was sent in by her son-in-law Scott. That would be the best.

  12. This just might be the scariest (and I use the term loosely here) music video…ever. Kris Kardashian Jenner clearly has had her sights on a celebritard career for herself and when you hear her voice, well.. yikes.

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