Looking back at the year 2011, it’s easy to remember all of the bad stuff that happened, because there is a lot of it. There always is because that’s LIFE! We don’t need to get into it, but some specific things that I’m thinking of (LET’S NOT GET INTO IT!) are all of the nightmares that happened during the GOP debates. It’s hard to keep a generally positive opinion about your fellow Americans when they, for instance, boo a soldier in Iraq because he is gay, or applaud the deaths of hundreds of people, or talk about how they want to reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, ETC. Also: I’ve gotten, like, A MILLION colds this year! What’s the deal?! But, again, let’s not get into it. There are a million good things that happened this year, too, because that is ALSO life. Like how there were some weeks between when I had those colds. Annnnd, oh here is another one! Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta and her girlfriend Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell got to share the Navy’s first ever same-sex homecoming kiss. The couple, who met in boot camp, had been keeping their relationship a secret before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed in September. And now look!

But, like –wait. Is EVERYONE in the Navy just completely beautiful? My goodness. Great job, ladies! (Thanks for the tip, Markus.)

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  1. Where’s the video of the first woman to come home from a 6-month deployment and find out that her same-sex significant other is pregnant with a baby that couldn’t possibly be hers? Because that’s something that’s belonged solely to straight sailors for far too long!

  2. Wait, HOW do you secretly hook up in boot camp? You’re living in a big room with 40 other people, you shower together, sleep in bunk beds all in the same room, the only place you ever have ANY sort of privacy is in a stall in the bathroom, which hardly seems conducive to a secret relationship.

  3. “Hey Kevin. Did you hear about that the historic Navy first kiss was between two lesbians? I heard they were both in a rush to get away from the boat because it was full of seamen.” — Jay Leno

    “Ha ha. You right, Jay. You right.” — Kevin Eubanks

  4. Also, this was not the Navy’s first ever same-sex homecoming kiss. Just the first one that was public knowledge and didn’t result in punishment. The ship I was on that got sent back to America had, as far as I know, the Navy’s first instance of three dudes gettin’ freaky in a storage room on the way across the ocean.

  5. That was the Navy’s second most anticipated same-sex kiss.

  6. The War on Marriage is a little sexier than I was expecting.

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