It’s always a shame when a good joke gets spoiled. Like when you and your friends have a really funny bit that you keep doing, like, say, when someone asks you the time and it’s on the 30 instead of “three thirty” you say “threeth hurty.” Just like a really funny bit, you know? We all have them. But then you come across someone who is not that funny and they somehow do the same bit and you’re like wait a second. Is that bit NOT funny? Or, as another for instance, when you keep bringing your new intern onto your LA morning news show to bring you coffee as a joke and it’s all in good fun and the intern is a good sport about it, and then some jerk weatherman brings out a stool and sits down on it and tells the intern to give him a back rub on live TV. YOU KNOW? Kind of like when that happens. Irene! Where is she? IRENE! GET ME A COFFEE, IRENE!

R.I.P “Irene, can you get me a coffee?” 2011-2011. (Via VVV.)

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  1. It could be worse; She could have been a Black Swan intern.

  2. I really hope she starts peeing in his coffee from now on. Unless he likes that kind of thing, which it kind of seems like he might.

  3. “The last Irene we had here in the Weather Center blew a bunch of Puerto Ricans. OH COME ON IT’S ALL IN GOOD FUN.”

  4. I have seen this guys face two times in two days

  5. Well this is one massage story that certainly didn’t close with a happy ending.

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