It’s just not the holidays without the Tiny Fuppets. Feliz Natale todo mundo. Merci beaucoup. Gutenachtkuss. Shalom. (Via RatsOff.)

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  1. Ahh, they always fill my viewsquare with laughs.

  2. This is the only trailer for The Hobbit that isn’t fake, right?

  3. “Socialist Propaganda!!!” – Fox News

  4. This is inaccurate because Fozzie Bear would never do anything useful.

  5. RIP Cão Piano

  6. “Your pastries disappoint me each year.” Hahaha! I’ll be taking that line, thank you.

  7. Descanse em pedaço, Cão Piano.

  8. even fake muppets fill my heart with joy.

  9. Walking Dead Gonzo is my favorite.

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