Before we begin, we have to point out that Videogum’s “Best Viral Videos Of 2011″ supercut is actually the best supercut of 2011. SORRY! Not to pat ourselves on the back, but rules are rules and the rule that we’re following here is that we have to be honest about which supercut was the best. Following that one, though, the Internet provided a lot of other great supercuts this year. To be fair, it’s hard to make a supercut and have it not be great. Watching a bunch of the same thing happening in different ways for a minute or two is a tried and true recipe for success that translates very well into text, basically as well as possible, as you can see. But that doesn’t mean they’re all equally the best! It AT LEAST doesn’t mean they all made our favorites list. Here are the ones that did:

“Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall”

The Long Buh-Bye

Every Death Scene From Final Destination

I’m Not Here To Make Friends: What I Am Here For

Cher’s Outfits In Clueless

Greatest Movie Threats Of All Time

Dancing Alone To “Pony” Supercut

Sit Down And Shut Up

The Extended Justin Bieber C.S.I. Death Sequence

It’s The ’90s!

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  1. Dancing Alone to Pony Supercut is the best supercut, with the Videogum viral video supercut coming in 2nd due to its failure to include “Beyonce makes fan sing”*

    *Does vgum have a grudge against “Beyonce makes fan sing”? It’s definitely the best video of the year and probably in my top 3 favorite vids of all time alongside Self Potato, and the Pumpkin Dance/Friday mashup. Yet it wasn’t in the Gummy list nor the viral video mashup. I can only assume that there will be some sort of prominent feature forthcoming tomorrow recognizing it.

  2. My favorite Supercuts is the one next to the Party City in Centereach. It’s a haircut you can set your watch to.

  3. I just sat through that entire movie threats supercut, and it was worth waiting for the end.

    “I’m gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent…the blood bank.”

  4. Just a heads up, but that entire Shelly Duval channel is awesome. There’s only 4 videos, but they have the best youtube descriptions I’ve ever read.

    • Shelley Duvall is such a great actress — think of almost every Altman movie from the 70s and The Shining. What on earth happened to her? Maybe she was too quirky looking to make it big post 70s? Now she’s a meme. Sad.

      • She was in Roxanne. That was 1987. I don’t know what the Videogum consensus is but I like that movie. She didn’t have a huge part but she did well with what she had.

        • faerie tale theater was rad. also, she’s wearing a hogwarts uniform in the second “hello, i’m shelly duvall” of the supercut. i had no idea she went to hogwarts, but this explains so much.

  5. what are your new year resolutions?

  6. What is your biggest regret of 2011?

  7. Never making a pun out of werttrew’s username.

  8. Man, I wonder how many child laborers it took to comb through movies to find all those “Sit Down and Shut Up” quotes!! Whatever, I enjoyed it, so thank you very much, Martha Stewart, I presume.

  9. “Hello, I’m Shelly Duvall” is my new meditation mantra, the world just fades away during that video…

    • I like the one where she’s in the weird red forest and she says “Hello” and then nothing and it’s as if all of Manusyaloka is holding its breath, so entwined with the fabric of the universe have the words “Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall” become. As if the sun were to rise half way above the horizon and then sink languidly back into the ocean. That is what it is like. An agony of waiting, an eternity in Pretaloka!

      Then her face appears around a fake tree and the mantra is completed and the shivering cosmos is still once more, but with a deeper stillness born from having plunged into the void and emerged from it renewed.

  10. It saddens me that this upcoming generation won’t have a “This is the ’90s” supercut of the first two decades of this century due to our inability to agree on a name for them.

  11. I know from experience that if you watch Die Hard II and finish a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew Voltage and a fifth of cheap rum by yourself, you won’t remember anything from that night except the two “This is the ’90s” clips from that movie in the video above.

  12. I just want to say that this new “staff” person is great. I think they could easily replace Gabe and not-Gabe.

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  14. Amit Gordon  |   Posted on Jan 4th, 2012 0

    I thought the top-down supercut was the best edited of the year (and the best music choice too)

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