• Hey so remember yesterday when we were all so grossed out about those people on the Dutch TV show eating each other? Well, apparently it was all a HOAX! To raise awareness for organ donation? What? -WarmingGlow
  • Another person said something about how there is a possibility that some day next year or in the somewhat near future someone may put a pen to paper and begin writing a Flight of the Concords movie! -ComicsComic
  • Fast and Furious 6 and Fast and Furious 7 are going to be filming back to back. “Well isn’t that special.” – Church Lady. Haha, right? Yes. Definitely that quote, definitely now. TOO FAST! -FilmDrunk
  • Remember in the Petting Zoo post last week how there was that lizard who played a bug-crushing game on an iPad and it did a great job? Well, here is a frog doing the same thing. I don’t know if I’m upset at the lizard or the frog or both or neither. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here’s Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men, LADIES. I can’t wait ’til that comes back. I hope in the new season everyone is going to be happy and nice to each other. -Celebuzz
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel might be engaged! Or they might not be! Are they even dating!? Who’s to say! I do know that Jessica Biel met Justin Timberlake’s parents not too long ago! I wish I didn’t know that! -Dlisted
  • Here is Paul F. Tompkins narrating “How the Gingrigh Stole Christmas.” A soon-to-be holiday classic, I’m sure. -FunnyOrDie
  • Here is a tiny, happy video about how nice it is to give people you love presents. It’s maybe made by the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba? Something like that. It has something to do with that show, I think. In any case, it is very cute. Watch it! -TheWorldsBestEver
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  1. you are too young to know what the church lady is

  2. My co-worker just pointed out that the world has exactly one year left today. So this season of Mad Men had better be the best, because it’s clearly going to be the last.

  3. the yo gabba gabba video makes me smile so much and it is so true!

  4. Hey one of the presents in the Yo Gabba Gabba thing was sand! More sand!

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