Man, is the Internet DEAD today, or whut?! Christmas isn’t for 12 hours! GET BACK TO WORK! Just kidding, I don’t care. I get it. I’m on board. Let’s all lay down for a minute. Hold on, I’m going to go light a candle that smells like pine trees. I’m not joking. Hold on. OK. Candle’s lit. We’re all in the spirit now, you and me and this fucking candle. (Fun fact, I’ve had this candle for six years now. When it comes to finishing candles, these things can’t be rushed. Listen for the rest of my story about the candle on this week’s The Moth.) But, as everyone winds down and gets distracted by treats and naps and whatever else everyone is doing instead of CREATING CONTENT, let’s talk about everyone’s Holiday Vacation Viewing List. Have you made yours yet? Dude, you better make yours. Christmas is in 12 hours! Here’s what I’m planning to watch: Contagion, Warrior, Bad Teacher, Our Idiot Brother, Crazy Stupid Love, Downton Abbey Season 2, The Hour, and Breaking Bad Season 4. Oh, and maybe The Future. Oh, and if I can swing it, I’m going to try and see this Mission Impossible: Dubai Nights on the IMAX. That’s so much stuff. We’re gonna need a bigger holidays!

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  1. The TBS 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story. If I watch it enough times, I might understand why people like that movie, right?

    • facetaco, are you doing ok? Your posts as of late strike me as this kind of glum “I’ma make a joke about how this sucks!” kind of flavor– which is fine– it’s just I can’t recall them being so focused before.

      If you’re not hip on A Christmas Story, might I suggest reading the book?

      • I’m all good, I think it’s just a lack of subjects on which I have particularly positive opinions. I’ve been waiting to comment on how great it is when Lars Von Trier discusses Stellan Skarsgard’s floppy penis, but so far, no luck.

        • For the record, I’m on team “Christmas Story is terrible.” I have done a rigorous scientific study and found that 100% of those who saw the movie as young children think that it is great, and 100% of those who saw it as an adult for the first time rightly think that it is terrible and not funny.

          • i don’t think it’s “terrible” per se, but i accept that it is 1) pretty obnoxious and 2) stuffed in your face for at least 1/12 of the year.

          • You people and your extremes.

            A Christmas Story is a perfectly fine, fun film, and one of the better/bearable Christmas films (if you were forced to watch one). I believe the film is over-hyped and overplayed (24 hours?! Once a year?!?!? GAWD), but in contrast to other Christmas films, it’s one of the good ones.

            What are some others? What does a facetaco and a lawblog watch when it comes to Christmas films?

          • Scrooged, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Love Actually (shut up, it’s terrible but I still love it), and I want to add Rare Exports to my viewing schedule, if I can find a copy in English. Also, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and claymation Rudolph if I can catch it on TV.

          • I guess it’s that all of my friends were like “how have you not seen a christmas story? It’s the funniest film ever!” And then I saw it and the only time I laughed was the racist singing at the end. I’m just not a fan of films where a) nothing happens. b)it’s supposed to be a comedy and there are no jokes. Perhaps “terrible” is too extreme, but I’ll stick with “really bad and really boring”

            In terms of my christmas favorites, I should couch this by saying that I’m a jew, and didn’t really celebrate christmas until I started dating the ladyblog. That being said, I am partial to “Muppet Christmas Carol” and “Miracle on 34th St.” also “It’s a wonderful life” for a good cry.

          • Scrooged is the only Christmas movie I’ll sit through. Well…that and Home Alone.

            People have been touting and quoting A Christmas Story at me for years, and I just grit my teeth and say “oh ah…ha ha yes” because I try not to make people feel bad about the christmas movies they like, but really I think that movie is garbage. Ahhhhhh, that feels good to get off my chest.

          • Scrooged is far and away my favorite Christmas movie. I also forgot to mention that every few years I’ll give Ernest Saves Christmas another chance, hoping that some part of me can enjoy Ernest movies as an adult in the same way I did as a kid. I still haven’t found that small part, but this might be the year!

          • I knew I liked you, djfreshie. Seriously, though. What do they quote? “You’ll poke your eye out!”? Is that it? Are there other memorable lines?

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          • First of all, let’s get this out of the way – A Princess Bride is a beautiful amazing storybookstory movie, and if you don’t like it you have no heart. Moving on.

            Mostly “You’ll Poke your eye out” but also the Double Dog Dare You or whatever “Oh ah…ha ha yes” and then maybe also people will just straight up say “What about when the dad brings home that Lamp?” and then point to a picture of the lamp and it’s a lady’s leg or something, I dunno “Oh ah…ha ha yes.”

            Your christmas story is boring. Your childhood was boring. Scrooged says everything that needs to be said about Christmas. Danny Devito and Billy Crystal are hilarious crooks in Home Alone.

          • Taco, Rare Exports is so good! You can get it on amazon.

          • Please also see “Bad Santa.” I have recollections of laughing at something in that movie at one time, but went through the horror of making someone watch it with me (for their first time) last weekend and finding it excruciatingly unfunny.

          • You guys are not giving credit where it’s deserved– Darren McGavin was amazing as Ralphie’s dad. I won’t even go on about the lamp, other than to say yes the lamp was a funny prop but the best parts were McGavin’s attitudes towards it, and his interactions with the wife when she broke the lamp. (“Y-Y-YOU… used up all the glue… on PURPOSE!”)

            Parents are ridiculous, and the two in A Christmas Story were quite a pair, being perfect supporters of/foils for Ralphie’s aspirations and schemes. McGavin in particular was such a fun, furnace-battling, paper-reading, hard-working, unintelligible-swearing 1940′s patriarch.

            You can certainly not like the film. Go ahead. But understand it’s an issue of taste, not of quality. It’s a classic, and the book’s pretty damn good too.

          • Kajus is correct.

          • Technically this is a Thanksgiving movie, but I usually watch it at Christmas for some reason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


  2. Downton Abbey Season 2 and Louie Season 2 (I’ve only seen the episode that everyblog has told me to, “Duckling”).

    And of course the obligatory viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life with my Dad, to celebrate the annual “Weeping of the Grown-Ass Men.”

  3. I’ve never understood the fireplace video concept. It defeats the entire purpose of having a fireplace, really. It ruins Christmas in so many ways to not have anywhere to throw all of the evidence when the police arrive.

    • I found that the “Fireside Reflections” DVD I got in the dollar section at Target lent a certain ambience to my drunk holiday sleepovers this year.

    • Zayin 451 is offended

      • I know, right? If the “451″ in my screen name didn’t already give it away, burning documents is a really important thing to me.

      • Blue ranger needs food.

        (That is the voice my brain read Winwood’s comment in. 3 people will get this. Sorry.)

        • You mean, like, “Green Elf, Needs Food, Badly! …. Green Elf, Is About to Die!” because those words have echoed in my mind since the age of 8. I was really bummed recently when I broke out my old Nintendo and discovered that my copy of Gauntlet was dead.

          Good times… good times…

  4. hoping to read kathryn erskine’s mockingbird, curtis sittenfeld’s prep, maybe the stieg books, hugo cabret? hoping to watch an episode of pete and pete? any other recommendations?

  5. Hmm, I’m watching Night of the Hunter with my family. Not going to repeat the debacle of a family viewing of Fanny and Alexander this year, but maybe I’ll do it on my own. Also planning to watch Luther, the first season of Happy Endings, Weekend, and finish Eerie, Indiana and Downton Abbey. At the movies, I will see Tintin and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and maybe My Week with Marilyn and Mission Impossible: Spookytown. (I have a gift certificate to the movies)

  6. Bridesmaids
    I Love You Man(it’s taken this long to convince my bf that he’d like it, because he dumb)
    And the UK Skins, if I can finally get past the fact that it’s the kid from About a Boy(I’ve already started it three times and failed).

  7. Man Whistling Georgia on My Mind Video on repeat.

  8. finishing a Feast For Crows, FINALLY watching all of Louie, Our Idiot Brother, Downton Abbey season 2, and 50/50 – my list feels very short – what am I missing here, Monsters?

  9. The only definite is the annual viewing of “Christmas Vacation,” complete with reciting every line out loud. Can’t see the line, can ya, Russ? Later dudes!

  10. Shame, then probably watching myself cry in the mirror for a few days while doing shots. Unless the movie is not all that bleak, in which case Shame, and then Pushing Daisies.

  11. Downton Abbey Season 2 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Alexander the Last (sorta dreading)
    Saxondale Season 1
    Gavin and Stacy Season 3 (Wots occurin’?)
    Midnight in Paris

  12. ALSO: If you haven’t done this already, please for the love of god watch Pulling. Both seasons and the special. It’s all on Netflix. Just do it already.

  13. i rented the help (for my mom) blue valentine (for me and ronny brosling), crazy stupid love (for my mom), bridesmaids, and morning glory (for my mom.)

  14. I’m gonna watch the BBC 6 part mini-series production of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with a friend and like 4 bottles of wine. Uhh. Finish The Leopard by Jo Nesbo even though I don’t really want to and only got it because I was traveling for a day. Oh, and Wall*E.

  15. I just got a surround sound system and will continue my tradition of watching movies everyone has already seen except me. Probably going to watch the Avatar, The LOTR, The Jurrasic Park, etc.

    I finally watched Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Alien and Blade Runner this year. What other classic movie should i be watching? What looks good on Blu-ray and such?

      • “*Note if you are still reading this, and you haven’t clicked on the ‘Purchase ASAP Button’, there must be something wrong with you. I would pay at least $50, if not $100 for this DVD! In fact, I will probably buy 2 or 3 more copies, in anticipation of wearing this copy out (From viewing it Sooooo many times). I have owned this DVD for 2/3 years & couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve viewed it (Not enough fingers & toes to count that High!) Enjoy this at all cost! Great DVD to insert during a party or while playing pool (you can hear great music and whenever you glance at the screen you will see some great musicians playing like they’ve never played before! “

  16. Five episodes into Homeland=five joy conniptions suffered.

  17. Tintin, Warhorse, The Artist, Shame, Young Adult, M:I Ghost Police, Sherlock Holmes, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Carnage, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Descendants, Martha Marcy May Marlene.

    I’ll probably only get to see Tintin and Warhorse tho before year’s end. HOPEFULLY The Artist.

  18. Any unseen films on “best of 2011″ lists that are also on Netflix Instant like: Meek’s Cutoff, 13 Assassins, Buck, Uncle Boonmee, The Arbor, Poetry, & Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Also, Home Alone 2.

  19. I will being playing a ton of video games I missed out on because I am a nerd.

  20. I am on holiday vacation right now. The only thing I’ve watched is Hall Pass which I give one and a half Owen Wilson noses. I also rewatched some of the Woody Allen Doc (4 noses). I’m going to see MI4, which if reviews serve as a marker of how many noses it will receive, then I will probably give it all of the noses.

  21. The Hour
    finish mad men season 4 (i think i have 3 episodes to go)
    rewatch Sherlock in anticipation of the new series
    maybe start battlestar

  22. I’d like to see The Future and Mysteries of Lisbon. As far as Christmas movies, I’ll probably watch my copy of Desplechin’s A Christmas Tale and maybe Fanny & Alexander, and I’d like to watch The Shop Around the Corner because I’ve never seen it.

  23. Catching up wish Skins UK (seasons 4&5)
    Sarah Silverman (Season 4)
    Must see movie list:
    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Drive (Still haven’t seen it)

  24. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    Downtown Abbey Season 1
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Tin Tin
    An Assortment of Bollywood films
    Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows
    A rewatch of Sherlock season 1
    Cave of Forgotten Dreams
    Waiting for Superman

  25. I plan on watching all the Doctor Who Christmas specials (including the Dickens episode though it wasn’t technically a Special). Hope my family doesn’t mind..

  26. The 1983 movie Rumble Fish. Seriously that is what I am going to watch. JEALOUS?
    Also another Arrested Development marathon. That shit never get old.

    • 4 or 5 years ago my husband and both had the death-flu on Christmas and were trapped in bed sleeping/watching TV. We weren’t prepared for that and didn’t have new DVDs on hand. HOWEVER – the G4 channes was running an Arrested Development marathon. My husband exclaimed “It’s like Christmas!” And then he coughed. And slept.

      Long story short – Arrested Development is wonderful.

    • That’s a good movie. Little arty, but a sentimental favorite.

  27. george washington, meek’s cutoff, the last 4 episodes of Boardwalk Empire S2, uncle boonnmee, i saw the devil, young adult, bill cunningham: new york

    and of course the perennials:
    bad santa, it’s a wonderful life, home alone, a christmas story

    it’s a lot, but i have the next 2 weeks off. :-D

  28. oh oh oh! i’m planning on finishing the literature review for my thesis! so i will be reading a lot of impenetrable economics articles and public policy analyses and trying to assemble a coherent narrative. i’ve spent the past two days writing THREE PARAGRAPHS. :(

    • whats your thesis about?

    • haha i am desperately trying to finish a diss chapter so that i can justify reading the books i listed above. my reward for finishing reading lots of books and writing? more reading?

    • Economists! Mine is on economic development’s relationship with education in First Nations communities. Weeee!!! We aren’t all soulless, money hungry cretins. Only the ones who make money.

      • !!!!!!!! it’s true! though it took me a way long time to come around to this pseudo science filled with quacks and charlatans. and they probably still won’t let me all the way in the club because i am not terribly awesome at teh maths. but its so much fun! and really awesome when you stumble across scores of totally rad writers and thinkers who are completely ignored by everyone else who is too busy worshiping friedman. LETS START A RADICAL THINK TANK. vgum street.

        • I always thought I would hate it as I was never good at math either, but the second I took my first econ class I was hooked. It has just enough science that I sound like I know what I’m talking about, but not so much that it’s terribly difficult to prove anything. It’s like statistics.

        • My People! I knew I liked you, southernbitch. Go go gadget thesis.

  29. I will be finishing Homeland and starting The Wire! And monsters, if you haven’t watched BBC’s Sherlock yet, it’s on Netflix Instant! Go! Go! Go!

  30. All. of. the. seasons. of 4 shows:
    Downton Abbey (word of warning season 2 gets wayy soapier)
    Bored To Death (as fate would have it started it yesterday right when I heard it was cancelled)
    The Wire
    Always Sunny

    Gooood Luck to me!

  31. I might read a book.

  32. I’m going to try to catch the Tintin movie. I absolutely loved the books when I was about 10-11.

    I’ll have to check out Downtown Abbey at some point. Still haven’t had a chance to watch Boardwalk Empire season 2. Almost done rewatching The Sopranos, and guess what, it’s still the best.

  33. I already saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (go put that in your eyeballs asap) which was number one on my holiday viewing schedule. I’m on now to Tintin (so excited!), Hugo, and Mission Impossible. I would like to see The Artist but I don’t know if I’ll make it to a big screen for that. Truthfully I find silent films very boring, despite being a lover of classic films. I think Marion Davies is brilliant but that’s the end of it. This is going on a tangent. I also want to watch Downton Abbey Season 2!

  34. I’m the youngest kid and the only girl, and we don’t celebrate Christmas, so my brothers and I somehow ended up with a holiday tradition of watching Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket then trolling the bars on Dec 24. Other than that, I might indulge my desperate love of Adam Baldwin and re-watch Firefly. I’m hosting the whole family in my 2 bedroom apartment, so I figure we won’t be spending much time at home over the holidays and I’m too cheap for the cinema.

  35. Drive, Seasons 1& 2 of Boardwalk Empire, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, season 3 of The League, and Die Hard (my favorite xmas movie). Maybe I’ll take a walk, too.

  36. The full series of ‘Garfield and Friends’ and season 2 of Bosom Buddies.

  37. I really need to finish up Homeland, so that’s on the top of my list, ya know, after the traditional Jewmas celebration of movies and Chinese.

  38. On Demand I’ll be watching:

    A Better Life
    The Help
    Project Nim

    In the theaters I’ll be watching:

    War Horse
    Sherlock Holmes
    Dragon Tattoo
    A Separation

    And I’m gonna try and catch up with the show Homeland.

    • I have to say I’m surprised people even need to catch up with Homeland because I could not watch the new episodes fast enough. Boardwalk Empire, I remember every few weeks or so(until the last few, holy shit), even Breaking Bad might sit for a few days, but Homeland needs to be in my face as soon as possible.

  39. Seasons 1 and 2 of Important Things with Demetri Martin. The second half of Downton Abbey season 2 is also on there – I think I stopped around episode 4 or 5? So much mishandling of character arcs, so little time.

  40. so Downton Abbey is good? I should definitely watch Downton Abbey?

  41. Why, I am so obliged you asked! Scrooged (every Christmas and whenever I need a LOLZ), Reindeer Games (MORE LOLZ), Die Hard (a very good Xmas movie that doesn’t give you diabetes). A LOT of Arrested Development which therapies me through my family. Carl Sagan’s COSMOS, some Joseph Campbell (really). And a few others I’ve Netflix queued up – oh, Daniel Craig in ‘Archangel.’ Anyone seen? For any of you debating starting The Wire or Battlestar Gallactica – DO IT. You will thank us later for your new found addiction. And let it be said I’m not a huuuuge sci fi fan unless it’s really well written. BSG is. Happy Holidays, Everybunny!

  42. Inspired by the release of a new Sherlock Holmes movie, I read my first-ever Sherlock Holmes story. I was kind of shocked by all the cocaine.

    Similarly inspired by another looming movie, I am now 100 pages into Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which everyone else on Earth read 13 years ago.

    I am at my parents’ house. They own 4 DVDs so that’s no help but they have a DVR and I made it record The League. I am psyched to watch that maybe tomorrow, except my mom is making me clean the basement so who knows what time I’ll have.

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