In light of the cancelation of Bored To Death, Jonathan Ames and John Hodgman will be at the Brooklyn Inn tonight, drinking and mourning, and everyone is invited.

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  1. I’ve got Brooklyn envy once again.

  2. Tickets in the mail?

  3. I was bored to death watching Bored To Death but for free liquor I could keep that to myself.

  4. Boerum’d to Death #neighborhoodhumor

  5. the one time i actually wish i lived in brooklyn.

  6. So I’m the only one going to this? Guess I’ll be the only one at the Upper West Side Hung Orgy too…

  7. you’re referring to an irish wake.

    a viking funeral would be if they put the whole show in a row boat, then push the boat off into the water, then shot it with a flaming arrow.

    • Yes, this is what I came in here to post.

      I do love me an Irish wake, but that doesn’t mean that myself and two friends have all promised to learn archery in order to get Viking funerals back in style.

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