Last week, McSweeney’s published one of their famous lists that just happens to follow the classic Best New Party Game model: Passive-Aggressive Movie Titles. Good thinking, McSweeney’s. Good party game. So, let’s all pour ourselves a glass of egg nog which is definitely our first glass of egg nog of the day and we have not been drinking egg nog all day HAHAHAHHAHAH don’t be ridiculous this is the first one don’t be crazy, and let’s play this game! As always, I will do the honors of going first, because this is my house, and you have to let me win. (See? I know how games work.)

  • I Don’t Know How She Does It, Not That I Care
  • Too Fast Too Furious. Are You Even Listening?
  • Everyone Says I Love You. Must Be Nice!
  • I’m Still Here, If That Means Anything To Anyone
  • Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead This Time Maybe
  • Something’s Gotta Give, You’d Think, But What Do I Know, Right?

This game is fun enough, I guess. BOOM! Just scored two extra points. Your turn.

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  1. Drive, or Don’t, See if I Care.

  2. Throw Mama From the Train, Why Don’t You

  3. apocalypse now, or later, whichever YOU prefer.

  4. Schindler’s List of a big part of your cultural history if you care at all about that.

  5. Real Women Have Curves, but don’t you think that’s enough roast potatoes?

  6. Hugo, Maybe You’ve Heard of Him?

  7. Dr. Strangelove. or how i stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb, really, i stopped worrying, it’s fine.

  8. It’s All About Eve, But That’s Fine, She’s Nice I Guess.

  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  10. I Mean, We Did Buy a Zoo

  11. She’s Gotta Have It, but really it’s your call.

  12. I know it’s what you young people listen to, but it isn’t The Sound of Music to me


  13. Stand By Me, Really, Personal Space Is Overrated

  14. Life Is Beautiful, Or Whatever.

  15. Down with Love, says the over-thirty single woman

  16. New Year’s Eh, Whatever

  17. Guys, please wash your own dishes. Your Mr. Mom doesn’t work here.

  18. Sense and Sensibility…as if you have any of either

  19. Margin Call Your Mother Every Now And Again Why Don’t You?

  20. Swimming ool. (Notice there’s no “P” in it. Please keep it that way.)

  21. That Thing You Do, Could You Maybe Not Do That Thing?

  22. You would count on me

  23. Well look at you, Little Miss Sunshine.

  24. The Graduate, Who Probably Doesn’t Live in His Parents’ Basement

  25. Freddie Figured You Knew…

  26. Mission: Impossible, Maybe For You It Is

  27. I Might Be Aware of Something You Allegedly Did Last Summer.

  28. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Never Bothered to Ask ME, Not That I Mind

  29. I Am Legend, But I’m Sure You’re Special Too

  30. There Will Be Blood, But Don’t Worry About It, It’s Probably Nothing.

  31. There Will Be Blood, But I’ll Clean It Up. Again. No Big Deal.

  32. The Girl With the Brave Choice of Tattoos.

  33. When You Get a Chance, Maybe You Could Tell Me What You Did Last Summer?

  34. Forgetting Sarah Marshell is Actually Not As Hard As It Looks

  35. sure, Toy Story 3, if you like to cry your eyes out

  36. Yeah. I’m Sure-lock Holmes: Blame of Shadows

  37. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that Could Probably Fit Better so do you Really Need that Second Helping?

  38. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze, which I guess isn’t much of a secret but these turtles are teenagers, so, I mean, what do they know?

  39. Follow THAT Bird?

  40. “Super”man.

  41. What Dreams May Come if You Were to Show a Little Ambition This Year

  42. Die Hard, If You Want, What Do I Care?

  43. The Dark Knight Rises Whenever He Finds It Convenient

  44. Kill Bill If It Makes You Feel Better

  45. It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I Guess, If You’re Into that Sort of Thing

  46. Pump Up the Volume a Little More, I Don’t Think I’m Deaf Yet

  47. If You Can, Catch Me

  48. One of those Saw movies your dysfunctional generation likes so much

  49. “Almost” Famous, I’m Sure

  50. The Muppets have a new movie for some reason?

  51. The babysitter died. Try not to let that slip to your mom, willya?

  52. Gone with the Wind…like 222 minutes of your life

  53. Yeah right, and there’s totally a Hot Tub Time Machine in your backyard.

  54. So I Married an Axe Murderer, what’s your point?

  55. So you’ve just discovered this spiritual group? Oh, sweet Martha Marcy May Marlene

  56. It’s really A Simple Plan, I mean, anyone could do it, even you

  57. Do the Right Thing, but that would require you listening to other people’s opinions, so it’s probably not going to happen

  58. Eastern “Promises”.

  59. The Princess Bride: Because some girls can have it all. Right.

  60. 28 Days Later, I finally get my latte.

  61. Yeah, real Funny, People

  62. okay, Your Highness

  63. Indiana Jones, or Michigan, or you know what, just pick a state it’s not important I guess.

  64. Shawshank Redemption, please, if you ever get a second in your busy schedule I mean, because I know you have a lot to do and I’m just in prison so no rush.

  65. Dial “M” for Murder, or just sit there like an idiot and I’ll do it myself I guess.

  66. It’s a Wonderful Life, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  67. The Social Network I might be deleting my account off of soon because no one ever sends me messages. *post*

  68. Milk? Okay, Milk. No, of course I don’t want Scotch.

  69. Return of the Jedi, as opposed to Revenge

  70. Well look who it is, the GREAT dictator!
    Yay, just what i ALWAYS wanted, my own private Idaho!
    It’s okay if you don’t Let me in, i can’t even feel my feet being cold anymore!
    Oh, i see, we have to wait till Batman begins. Take your time Batman, please!

  71. 10 Things I Hate About You, But Keep Doing Them By All Means

  72. The Good, the Bad and the She’s Nice Once You Get Past the Well You Know.

  73. There will be blood if you’re not careful

  74. As Good As It Gets? Well, Alright, I Guess We’ll Make Do

  75. Girl, Interrupted, But No Really Go Ahead and Say Whatever You Were Going to Say, It’s Fine

  76. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. But I Guess That’s What People Like Nowadays.

  77. V for Vaguely Insulting

  78. Raging Balogna, that’s what your full of!

  79. The Adventures of Tintin and Not Me Because He Didn’t Tell Me What He Was Doing But That’s Cool I Was Super Busy Anyway, I Probably Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Go With Him Even If He Had Asked, Which He Didn’t

  80. The Note On the Refrigerator Book

  81. Lost In Translation but I’m sure you know where you’re going

  82. Around the World In 80 Days, But You Can’t Drive Across Town For A Visit Once In A While?

  83. The Third Man in Like a Week, Look at You

  84. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? I’ll Tell You: A Black Guy.

  85. 127 Hours, It Was More Like 126, But I Guess You Like Attention

  86. What’s Your Number? I Forgot.

  87. We Need To Talk About Kevin Whenever You Can Pencil It In

  88. Let the Right One In Next Time

  89. What Do I Know, I’m Just The Help

  90. Friends With Benefits Totally Works For Me, Sure Thing, Uh-huh

  91. Fan-freakin’-tastic, Mr. Fox

  92. Would You Like Me To Show You How To Train Your Dragon?

  93. Please Give, No Pressure

  94. I’m sure the stars have no issue having zero say in who wins these “Star” Wars.

  95. I’m Not There, But Go Ahead, Have A Good Time, I Have Work to Do Anyway

  96. Forget Paris. We’ll Just Stay Home. I Don’t Even Want to Go.

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