This morning on the Today Show, Bill Clinton appeared alongside…Mindy Kaling? I honestly have no idea what this was even about and I don’t want to find out because it’s way more fun to USE YOUR IMAGINATION. The former leader of the free world and one of the most famous philanderers in history, and, uh, MIndy Kaling. Sure. Like I said, I’m the one who doesn’t know (and doesn’t want to know, I TOLD YOU) what is happening here, but I bet everyone who watched the segment this morning was just like, “yes, this makes sense, and I understand why it’s happening.” And now everyone reading this blog post this afternoon is like, “yes, I’m going to caption this.”

Winner will receive an internship at the White House (GET IT? 2011!) special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Photo via Videogumblr.)

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  1. “Beyonce, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs, basically anything that is awesome, snow cones…” — Bill Clinton

  2. President Clinton which Bridget Jones movie is your favorite?

  3. Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Sexuality.

  4. “You’re right, Mindy. i did just fart.”

  5. Didn’t Al Gore say something about some kind of “lock … box….”????? Just sayin’.

  6. “I’m pooping.”

    “I know.”

  7. I am so high right now.

  8. And THAT is what you call a meet-cute.

  9. I cannot wait to visit President Clinton on Today. I’m gonna wear my hottest track suit, and get my hair done, and then be like, “Hi President Clinton” And then Anne Curry is gonna be like, “Damn! President Clinton, you got a hot fellow guest. Ooh, I would never have treated her so bad when I was outside of the Today show

  10. “I loved you in Bend It Like Beckham.”

    “Fuck you.”

  11. “I really only do blue dresses.”

  12. There is some joke in here about The Oval Office and “The Office”. I just can’t find it. Someone please help me find it!

  13. White and purple white and purple white and purple.

  14. Ryan and Kelly are Bill and Hillary.

  15. “What in the fuck is going on up on that roof?” – the lady in the background with glasses on

  16. Is everyone hanging out with Bill Clinton without me?

  17. Bill: “I love The Office.”
    Mindy: “Who is your favorite character? Dwight? Jim?”
    Bill: “Who are they?”
    Mindy: “Characters from the U.S. version of The Office.”

  18. So then the next movie moves to the top of the queue. So number five becomes number four. Number six becomes number five. Number three becomes number two. Et cetera, et cetera. And let’s just say that I just sent back Love Actually, which was awesome. And they sent me Uptown Girls, which is also awesome. But guess what? Now I want to see Love Actually again. But it’s at the bottom of the queue! Oh no, what’ll I do? What I do is this. I go online, I go “click, click, click,” and I change the order of the queue so that I can see Love Actually as soon as I want to. It’s so easy, Bill. Do you really not know how Netflix works?

  19. Dunder Clinton

  20. These captions are pretty brutal. Someone post a gif of Clinton playing sax.

  21. “How’d you get away with screwing the intern?”

  22. What would their celeb couple name be? Kalington? Bindy?

  23. They both look really high in that picture.

  24. Hoda Kotb’s looking youthful, but is everything okay with Kathie Lee? Has she been hitting the chardonnay harder than usual? Why is she in menswear?

  25. “Just to be clear, Ann, this doesn’t have to be a list of books we’ve actually read?”

  26. I thought the whole “Who Will Be The New Boss?” cliffhanger was resolved at the start of the season…

  27. “I told you I could make a better farting sound with my hands”

  28. Someone caption this one instead:

  29. “Yeah, I have a question: How dare you?”

  30. Guys! It’s a Christmas miracle! Jay Leno wished for his Monica Lewinsky jokes to be relevant again, and his wish came true!

  31. Mindy Kaling (thought bubble): Wow, Bill Clinton. So cool.

    Bill Clinton (thought bubble): Pretty girl. And she’s smiling at me. GLANDS, RELEASE THE MUSK!

  32. Mindy: I think President Clinton is impressed by my intellect and accomplishments as a writer, actor and director.

    Clinton: Whoa, these old man pills are making a little delirious, but in human news, this chick is clearly a piece of food with two entirely different flavors. Can you have grape flavored chocolate? Which part do I eat first? Which part is the after-dinner snack? Think fast Billy, THINK DAMMIT.

  33. “He, he..hat’s what she said.” – B. Clinton

  34. “He, he…That’s what she said.” – B. Clinton

  35. “that’s what they said, bill, they said they got LOST on AMAZON! but that’s really all that’s been going on in my life.”

  36. “Seriously Mindy, what’s with all this waiting to be in a serious relationship to have sex?”

  37. “Bill Clinton is the most complicated man that I have ever met. I mean, who says exactly what they’re thinking? What kind of game is that?”

  38. “So then of course I went off on this riff about the definition of the word “is” and ha ha ha, hooo boooyyy what a mess that all was! Anyway I’m glad WE can still hang out.”

  39. Bill: I used to be a President… Until I took an Intern to my ….
    Mindy: Can I suck youre ….? I could use the free press!

  40. Well, he certainly has a type.

  41. Matt Aldapa  |   Posted on Dec 23rd, 2011 0

    Bill: “You were in an Office. I was in an Office! We’re soul mates. Do you believe in reincarnation?”

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