If you were on the Internet at all yesterday, then you have already seen The Dark Knight Rises trailer because it was the only thing going on. We didn’t post it because it was Monday, and we do our trailer recaps on Friday, and IMPORTANT RULES ARE IMPORTANT RULES. But then we remembered that Friday is basically Christmas and we’re not doing a trailer recap this Friday, so if we ever want to talk about this trailer THE TIME IS NOW. So? Guys? GUYS? Not baaaaaad. Very mysterious! You cannot figure out from this trailer who wins the football game! Is it the Gotham Alligators or the Pandora Gleep Gloops?! One thing I will say, though, is that they better work out this Bane shit by next summer. You cannot understand a word that dude says. And, hey, Christopher Nolan, we can SEE that he’s wearing a creepy mask, OK? The effect of him wearing a creepy mask won’t be ruined by being able to understand his dialog. I’ve watched this trailer a few times now and as far as I can tell he says, “When Gotham is in ashes, lkajlsdieowwfx godfasodfieiesd.” Is that right? Did I get it right? (If you haven’t watched, somehow, a) you’re fired and b) you can see it in HD on the Apple website.) So, what did you guys think?

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  1. I think Hines Ward just found his new desktop background.

  2. Pretty cool. Creepy and mysterious and all that new-age Batman jazz. I think that Chris Nolan has a very particular feel to his movies, one that didn’t really come across in this trailer. Just seemed like it was some completely different guy overseeing the whole thing. I guess we get the trailer we deserve, not the one we need right now.

  3. If Drew Peterson: Untouchable hadn’t shattered my looking glass when it comes to trailers, I’d be really excited about this.

  4. I don’t think I’ll be seeing the midnight show like I did with the last one, because four hours later I had one of the worst work days of my life.

  5. It will not play for me on the apple site ahhhhhh I bet there is nowhere else to watch it online.

    • So I accidentally watched the teaser w/ Gary Oldman in the hospital bed and I couldn’t understand anything he said either so I am clearly going to need to go to the closed captioned showing so I can tell what’s going on.

    • I can never get trailers to open on Apple’s site when I use Firefox or Chrome. They will only open with Safari.

  6. Certainly the time is perfect for a movie depicting those fighting for economic equality as a band of marauding villains and oligarchs in collusion with the police as our heroes! This is what we need.

    I also liked when the football field collapsed!

    • I didnt like it at all. One thing thats really horrible about these movies is you have to suspend your disbelief and pretend its real, so that all these innocent people are getting murdered you’re supposed to be like “oooh yay, fun.” 9/11 gif or something. This stuff is awful.

  7. i mean, i’m willing to give what’s-her-name as cat woman a chance because of the whole “i never thought anyone could be as good as jack nicholson at joker but heath ledger was so very good” but seriously, michelle pfeiffer was THE BEST CATWOMAN EVER and best speller-of-last-names,-creatively ever.

  8. I am excited for the scene where Batman surfs in yellow trunks more than anything Chris Nolan you are a film genius!

  9. I’m in. (although to be fair, I was always in)

  10. tom hardy can break my back any day
    (this is a solid joke because of how in the comics bane breaks batman’s back and then brokeback mountain was about gay dudes bonking and tom hardy is a big sexy lunk who can bonk me if ever he so desires)

    • but seriously, how is he NOT the biggest star in Hollywood? Have you seen Bronson? Warrior? Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? The Take? Hell, even Rock n Rolla? Really, really terrific actor.

    • I don’t understand what’s happening in this gif! Let me see if I can talk this through:

      We open on Wayne Manor. The Batsignal is activated (presumably from the top of the police precinct), shining bright in the sky. Cut to Bruce Wayne, sitting in a dark room of his mansion and brooding (part of his billionaire playboy cover, for sure). The light of the Batsignal illuminates the room, startling Bruce, who whips his head around to look out the window towards the source of light. He stands, and as he does the camera pans up to show the Batsignal projected behind him on the wall of the room he was brooding in.

      Soooo, waitaminute. Are the cops down at GCPD just shining the Batsignal directly INTO Bruce’s mansion? Or is there a separate Batsignal Bruce has set up in the mansion that’s like a motion-sensor light, that goes on whenever the sky is lit up by the other one? GODDAMN you Tim Burton and your Caligari-esque, expressionistically free-wheeling directorial attitude!

  11. Between the trailer & the 6-minute prologue I went to as a big nerd, I am very worried for Bruce Wayne/Batman. He has mysterious sexy women hitting on him and this guy with a metallic Sean Connery voice trying to kill him.

    By the way, I don’t think it would happen, but there is a part of me that is worried that Nolan may kill off some characters that I love.

  12. Bane definitely says “When Gabe wears bright sashes, you have my permission to die.”

    Classic Batman mythology.

  13. I believe it was “When Gotham is in ashes, no Mr. Bond… I expect you to DIE!”

  14. The cool stuff looks great and cool and exciting, but the Hines Ward cameo kills it for me a bit. Which is dumb, because Christopher has made movies I enjoy and a minor cameo from a football player shouldn’t do anything to my enjoyment. I’m just saying how I feel, you guys.

    • That’s because Hines Ward is THE WORST. Seriously, what a douche.


      • Why is Hines the worst? I don’t know anything about the guy, but perusing his wikipedia page (where facts reign supreme) showed that besides his dui, he seems do stuff like focusing on fighting ethnic discrimination in South Korea and the like.

        I do agree that they should have given his player a fake name and number. And in line with that, I don’t see any problem with employing real professional football players and their stadium to be a fictional football team and stadium in a movie, whether their colors are similar or not. They are the Gotham Rogues after all (like Batman’s ROGUES gallery, GET IT *touches nose*), and Batman’s had numerous black and gold chest emblems. It all feels very ‘Batman-y’ to me.

      • I always knew he was a dirty player but this is ridiculous!

    • Just think of it as a subtle tribute to Burt Ward, the actor who portrayed Robin in the old 60s show. The Robin symbol they slipped into the crowd with the “ROGUES” signage helps perpetuate that theory.

      Seriously io9 actually thought this was true, those nerds didn’t even know who Hines Ward is when they watched the trailer. We should all be so lucky.

    • The whole Black and Gold football thing is ridiculous. Apparently a part owner of the Steelers is a producer and that is why Heinz Feild is shamelessy in the movie…. Although I am from Pittsburgh and love the fact the movie was filmed here, I think a football game looks silly and out of place in this trailer.

      • I disagree. Nolan’s plan with Bane is to communicate mass panic and hysteria, and where better than a giant sporting event?

        • I see. I guess that doesn’t come across in the trailer, considering I can’t understand what Bane says. Thanks for explaining joefry!

      • I think where you wrote “Shamelessly in” you meant to type “a location with cheap and easy access to”

        • Nope. Definitely meant shamelessly.

          • Genuine question: why would using Heinz field be shameless?

          • Well, I think that if you are one of the producers of the movie and you own a team and stadium, it comes off as kind of shamefull to make sure that your franchise is prominently featured in the movie. I mean no one is going to see this and NOT know its Heinz feild and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Its like they are paying to put the black and gold in the movie. The team and stadium could have been disguised, but the fact that Heinz Ward and the black and gold are so obviously being featured comes off, this is my opinion only, as being a bit much. Now this is coming from someone who is a life long Pittsburgh resident and Steelers fan, which may be the problem. Its like, this was filmed in Pittsburgh, I get it. I mean I know it was convenient, but they didn’t have make it clearly the Steelers. (At this point I may just be coming up with anything to support the use of shameless so i am going to exit stage left)

  15. Does the trailer looked like a mashup of “Inception” and “The Dark Night” to anyone else? No? Well then the Cake stands alone.

  16. I agree with the notion, but TDKR takes place 8 years after TDK and Gotham is supposedly in peace time. If I am to think that Gotham is really a major city, it would have a football team. And speaking as a real life person who has season tickets to the Detroit Lions (humblebrag) there is always the amped up security in case of a terrorist attack at NFL stadiums. So if I was Bane and I wanted to attack Gotham, a football game would be a good choice.

    I just hate the fact that it is such a blatant cameo by Hines Ward. I assume the white QB in the trailer is Ben “Sexual Assault” Roethlisberger but at least he had the decency to not use his real name on the jersey. I just adds to the list of why Hines Ward is the Worst, as Togothewhite accurately pointed out.

    *btw Facebook Connect is the worst when trying to make a comment*

    • Whoa, not only are there more sports fans, but a fellow Lions diehard? I wanted so badly to go to the game this week, and see them clinch a spot in the playoffs, but something, something, family, something, Christmas

    • There are a lot more Steeler cameos than just Hines Ward:


      Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Mike Wallace, James Farrior, Heath Miller, Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, and Bill Cowher. Ugh.

    • This also means that, since Cowher is presumably coaching the Steelers against the Seahawks in Superbowl XL, The Dark Knight took place in 1998/97? Which means that Batman Begins took place around 96 and…Bat nipples never happened. (lost.gif/sound effect)

    • the name on the quarterback’s jersey is Ravenstahl – who is the mayor of pittsburgh and i actually think it is him in the cameo. i don’t even watch football but i’m not sure how a hines ward cameo is offensive. i’m pretty positive that if christopher nolan or his producers asked me if i wanted a cameo in what will likely be one of the highest grossing movies of the decade – with my name prominently featured in the trailer i would say “fuck yea”

  17. Let see Tim Tebow get out of this one.

  18. Sportsgum – Michigan Edition

    The game is at 4:15, just the perfect time to mess up delicious family dinners and to postpone gift giving until everyone has had too many White Russians.

    • I’ll be drunk off wine and Megatron is they’re winning, or hammered off whiskey and rooting for Suh to end Rivers’ career if they’re losing

  19. I am going to miss Heath Ledger so much in this movie.

  20. I cannot wait for the Bane-Coach Taylor showdown! “Son, did you just bring explosives onto my field?”

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  22. There’s a storm coming in the Kingdom of Genovia, you guys.

  23. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  24. i am super excited for this. Also, the best part of the football scene is that if Nolan put it in the trailer then you know it’s not actually that big of a deal and there will be other crazier things.

    also, please make this rated R. Just let it be dark and violent.

    More Joseph Gordon Levitt, please.

  25. Gabe, It’s the GOTHAM ROGUES, not the Gotham Alligators.

    C’mon, man, don’t you know your fictional sports teams?

  26. I know dialogue should be secondary in a trailer, but damn, Bruce Wayne has a single line in it? “What does that mean?” Also, “a storm is coming”? That’s just the Corny McCorny of lines. It’s corny even video games stopped using it.

    And I’m not bothered by Bane so much, but the whole Occupy Whatever The Hell Is Gotham’s Equivalent Of Wall Street vibe is just blah.

    • agreed. these movies are very blah and awful

      • I didn’t know Armond White was a Videogum Monster!

        But my question is, not just for Winwood, but why would you want to see a movie if you think it’s predecessors are very blah & awful? Aren’t you setting yourself up to be annoyed and hate the film? Or is it that you have to go see a film, that you won’t like because everyone else will be talking about it?

        • I gave the first chip nolan batman movie a chance even though it looked ultra awful. I hated it. I hated that the action was indecipherable. I dare you to try to tell me what happens in the fight scene on the train with batman and liam neeson. The editing is so garbled you get a vague impression that they’re fighting but you dont see it the way you see Bruce Lee movies where the action is more clear.

          I tried to boycott the second batman movie but the hype went on for years, so I rented it a year or two after it came out. I couldnt believe how lame and boring it was. It was worse than I expected. I think a full half hour is spent on this lame plot about the two ferries with the criminals and the civilians and whether or not they would blow each other up. It was SO dumb. How is THAT story what people had in mind when they decided to go watch a Batman movie?

          • I never got what the ferry plot had to do with the Joker. He went from causing mayhem for mayhem’s sake, and screwing with the Batman to making some statement about morals that’s not even worth thinking about.

          • Well wasn’t the Joker planning on blowing up both boats anyway? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the film, but I swear he was going to do that. Either the boats blew up each other, and if they didn’t within a time limit the Joker would blow them both up.

            Plus, he was also keeping the whole of Gotham City distracted and terrified, which allowed Harvey Dent to go on his chaotic, chance-fueled killing spree undeterred, which was the Joker’s main goal at that point- corrupt Dent to show Gotham that even their shining white knight has become corrupt and awful, and has lost all hope in their city.

          • Kajus, I’m sorry but how does any of that make for a good movie?

          • Steve, Steve, Steve. I never said it made for a good movie, nor was I replying to someone with an argument that it was.

            Jonee said “I never got what the ferry plot had to do with the Joker,” and I felt that it was a worthwhile thing to shed some light on. “What did that have to do with the Joker?” I pondered.

            I’m no Steve Winwood: Question Answerer, and Jonee technically didn’t ask a question, but them’s the facts.

          • I guess I see what you’re talking about, KaijusX, but still, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

          • Oh absolutely, Jonee. The film is not without problems, especially during its final act (of like, 7 acts or something [srsly, TDK has a like 6 or 7 acts, and they're not all winners]).

          • Yeah, hype’s a weird thing. When I saw The Dark Knight in the theater I was convinced that it was waaay better than the first one because of all the hype surrounding it and also the sorta traffic-accident-rubbernecking element, since it was Heath Ledger’s last completed film role. But it has almost no replay value. I’ve watched it about two or three times since then, expecting to see whatever I saw in it the first time, but each time it has seemed like more of a drag and a slog than the last. Whereas Batman Begins, which I’ve also rewatched two or three times, has gotten better with each repeat viewing. I don’t think The Dark Knight is a bad film, but I think the contrast between the hype-frenzied first viewing and subsequent viewings makes it seem worse than it is and it would be nice to see it without all that initial hooplah, just discover it for the first time late at night on TV or something, and see what I think of it then. As it is, I’ll doubt I’ll bother watching it again. That horse is definitely dead.

  27. So, somebody killed (or seriously injured) a bunch of football players? Big deal! Like Batman’s going to get his rubber drawers in a bunch over that. Christopher Nolan’s movies never make any sense. I mean that. The plots of his movies are so unnecessarily convoluted.

  28. I will share your downvotes proudly. I watched just those few seconds with the field going boom about 10 times in a row. I didn’t know that’s what I’ve wanted to see all my life but IT IS.

  29. I hate Anne Hathaway

  30. UGH. Why is our “mayor” in this? How the hell did he manage to get his slimy self in the tralier? He can’t show up for freaking political functions, but he’s there for the important things. Like a movie. His 1.5 second clip doesn’t even make sense in this. WHY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, WHY?

    Other than that, looks good. I’ll wait for the special headphones they’re going to sell so I can understand Christian Bale.

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