For years now, mankind has dreamt of sleeping on a pillow that was shaped like a human butt, but the technology simply wasn’t there. UNTIL NOW. Introducing “Booty Pillow.” This is the most scientifically advanced pillow shaped like a butt so that you can feel like you’re sleeping on a butt. Thank you, Thomas Edison! Each Booty Pillow comes with a fake Booty Pillow g-string sewn into the Booty Pillow. That’s how you know that you’re sleeping! Finally, you will be able to get some rest, you weird piece of crap person who can’t sleep unless it’s on someone’s butt. Congratulations. Your nightmare is over. Ours, however, is just beginning.

“We should invent a pillow that looks like a butt.”
“Great idea, pass whatever we are smoking.”

Absolute nonsense. Go to bed, whoever made this. (Get it? Bed? Booty PIllows.)

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  1. Can I put pajama jeans on my booty pillow?

  2. Suri Cruise’s Christmas wish list just got a little bit longer.

  3. Plowing all his Thong Song money into Booty Pillows was the best or worst decision Sisqo ever made.

  4. Have you guys seen the infomercial for Forever Lazy? It is basically the Snuggie, but it’s called FOREVER LAZY!

    What is going on in this world?


  6. Well now I found my one-stop shop for the holidays this year. Hope they offer 3 days shipping.

  7. For the low cost of $29.99, I can get fired from my job for bringing that thing to work?

  8. They should sell this in a package deal with balls that hang from the back of your truck. I really can’t imagine a person who would own one of those and not the other.

  9. “Hm. I bet MY girlfriend is ALSO tired of me sleeping on her butt. She would just love it if I ordered myself a booty pillow.” -Someone, hopefully

  10. “I think Rap Videos are about to get a little more interesting” – Rip Van Winkle

  11. Uuh… those booty-facsimiles are kind of flat, no?

    I mean, if we’re going to go around designing and productionalizing “Booty Pillows”, shouldn’t we at least do so to ideal specifications? More stuffing, please. Round that thing out.

    • This model is geared towards white people. It will be sold exclusively in IKEA.

      • As a white man and lover of enormous asses, I object to your insensitive generalization.

        I am that *white boy* Sir Mixalot spoke about, who, despite my racial handicap, nonetheless had to shout. I will go toe-to-toe with any person of color over large-posterior appreciation any day.

  12. Once again: no dudes. I wanna rest my head on Gosling or Fassy’s tush! Jesus everyone!

  13. Wait, THAT’S what a “booty” is?!

  14. Well this makes my joke about there needing to be a body pillow with a dong bulge a little more relevant.

  15. Can this be used with my Better Marriage Blanket?

  16. Someone’s merchandising team just got fired.

  17. Oh, my, god. Becky, look at his pillow. It is so big.
    It looks like one of those guys-at-the-office-with-lower-back-pain’s pillows.

  18. It’s kinda sad to think that they’ll never make back the sixty dollars it cost to make that commercial.

  19. You know my wife and I love eating Mexican food but putting my face in her ass after eating chimichangas is nearly impossible. Not anymore. Thanks Booty Pillow.!

  20. White guys are like “I need a booty pillow because my girlfriend travels for work,” while brothers just bring it straight into the office.

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