Sometimes there are things that we’re ALL wondering about, but that none of us woud ever have the guts — or the ability — to ask. I can think of a million examples. Like, ahhhh, ok, for example: What is on Suri Cruise’s, the five-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Christmas list, and if you added up how much all of it would cost what would the total be? That kind of stuff. Just good questions that every normal-brained adult wonders and tries to find out the answers to, to the best of their abilities. Luckily we live in the year 2011, where Christmas comes every day of the year in the form of tabloid reporting on the internet, and none of us have to have any lingering questions about ANYTHING! Knowledge is power. From Starpulse:

In Touch Weekly uncovered Suri Cruise’s $130,000 Christmas wish list. Suri is no regular kid. The offspring of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes has more toys and gadgets than most of us will ever see in our lives.

Of course, Tom and Katie want to buy all the items on their daughter’s list. What’s on it? A pony. Diamond earrings. Gowns.

A professional ballerina. The moon. The MOST EXPENSIVE PEN. One thing that I would like to know is how did In Touch Weekly uncover this list? I know when you start asking questions about Hollywood reporting the whole thing may come down a little faster than you’d like, but, uh, was it like in the garbage or was it like in a press release or was Katie Holmes gown shopping and it fell out of her purse? I NEED TO KNOW! Oh and then: More toys and gadgets than we’ll ever SEE in our lives?! I’ve seen a lot! I’ve been to both FAO Schwarz and an Apple store. And, finally, I hope she gets everything on her list, all $130,000 worth of stupid diamond garbage. Her life is probably kind of a nightmare, the least her parents can do is buy her a pony to neglect and put diamond earrings on. So, Merry Christmas, Suri! Stay cool! God bless!

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  1. What, no younger brother or sister on the list? What kind of child is she anyway? Wait, no need to answer that.

  2. “Suri Kaun? Who’s that?”

  3. I think $130k about how much the average American’s home has dropped in value over the last 3 years. Merry Christmas!

    • ugh…this whole thing makes me sick. i’m sure In Touch got the list because tom or katie’s “people” freaking sent it to them and of course they’re going to buy everything because why wouldn’t they?

      good job, cruise family, you’re all horrible people.

  4. One thing that I would like to know is how did In Touch Weekly uncover this list?

    They probably searched on Amazon for it.

  5. Where was Operating Thetan VII: Truth Revealed? Or was she already born higher than that?

  6. i hope theres no gay people on that list #callback


  8. I’m sure there’s a non-numerical book code involved with the list that once cracked, the reader finds the message “SEND HELP PLS PLS PLS KH”

  9. If I’m Suri Cruise I skip right past the amateur pony request and head straight for a fucking reanimated raptor. #notthinkingbigenough

  10. In related Christmas list news, my 8-year-old niece placed “100 Slim Jims” at the top of her list this year.

  11. I bet she’s going to be super fun and totally normal when she becomes an adult.

  12. Scientologists celebrate the birth of Jesus?

  13. yes, but only in a “hey, good job” kind of way.

  14. she is good style.and she is very beautiful.the dress look is good.he five-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes .!/Jerryvumartin

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