Norway is facing a “severe” butter shortage, and right when they need butter most for their Christmas treats! One young man has had enough, and is sick and tired of American comedians making fun of this serious problem, and would like to deliver an important butter message to the USA:

Powerful stuff. Imagine if he came into your house and ate all of your butter right in front of your eyes! Before you had time to make even one pussycat cake! (Is that what caused the butter crisis in Norway? Someone breaking into homes and forcing people to watch him eat their butter? What a weird nightmare!) This is a real wake-up call. I bet American comedians are going to think twice and a lot of them are probably not even going to perform their Norwegian Butter Crisis material anymore. They’ll just go back to talking about less controversial things that we all know about, like sweet potatoes and sour cream. (Via BWE.)

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  1. Hehe. Butt.

  2. They might have trouble wrangling up some butter, but there’s certainly no shortage of lip gloss in Norway.

  3. I Can’t Believe There’s No Butter

  4. This butter be good.

  5. Missing Butters eh?….this can only mean one thing:

  6. I think the takeaway is, let’s not shove butter under the mat.

  7. I like to play a game with YouTube videos, where I guess if it’s a man or a woman before I start playing the video. Usually I win or lose, but I think this time it’s both?

    Norway, the answer is Norway.

  8. Also, apparently Norway’s random crazy internet people speak English as well as Americans in a bar at 1 am.

  9. Paula Deen understands the severity of the situation.

  10. Does he realize that the reason there is a butter shortage is because the Norwegians just discovered low carb diets? And decided to replace carbs with butter. Great plan.

  11. More butter.

  12. Guys! Someone is in my house eating my butter in front of me and my family and we are begging and crying about how its Christmas and we need our butter but he just said it wasn’t his problem and then he took the empty butter container and threw it at our stairway! You think this is related?

  13. “Bee the way”

  14. Is this how supervillains are created?

  15. “Butter Christ.”

  16. He is so strident, isn’t he? –These children

  17. A BUTTER MESSAGE TO NORWAY RE: A Butter message to the USA! is my response to Tommy….check it out

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