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Obviously, a woman who made a series of ads about constantly peeing her pants isn’t going to be embarrassed by letting out a little “frog” (?!?!) on national TV. We all have human bodies, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. JUST KIDDING! This is horrifying. What’s wrong with this woman? KEEP YOUR DISGUSTING BODY OUT OF OUR IMAGINATIONS. If this is the kind of thing that happens to her when the cameras are rolling, imagine what we DON’T see? Rivers of diarrhea. She probably sleeps in a special kind of bed that civilians like us don’t even know about, and each morning it needs to be hosed down and thrown away. Whoopi Goldberg: living nightmare. (Via TMZ.)

Comments (20)
  1. it was her cushion.

  2. Pfffffffft

  3. But did she fart fart?

  4. If we’re going to be posting breaking fart news, I’ll need one of those news tickers to explain my day so far.

  5. this is what it took to beat out Rosie O’Donnell as the loudest asshole on The View.

  6. It was actually Patrick Swayze farting through her from beyond the grave.

  7. Whoo pharted?

  8. More like The Pew.

  9. Poopie Goldberg. Too obvious?

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