Well, here we are. Without any Thursday night TV gifs. Here’s a good and interesting and important question: When Up All Night is in the Thursday night lineup, are we going to post gifs of that show? And I guess, first, are we going to WATCH that show? Is steam coming out of your ears now because your brain exploded due to how insane the question I just asked was? Well, WELCOME TO MY LIFE. Just nonstop those kind of crazy questions all the time. The brain never sleeps. Anyway, yes, no Thursday gifs, but today we have lots of GARY BUSEY GIFS! And Ryan Gosling gifs. And holiday gifs. And they are all wonderful. Especially the Gary Busey ones. So, will you please stop worrying about the quality of this week’s gif post? I have it under control. It’s great. Lets watch it together right now.

Katy Perry hosted Saturday Night Live!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got lost on Amazon.com!

The Austin Powers musical got real!

Gary Busey endorsed Newt Gingrich but then he didn’t anymore!

Ryan Gosling takes ballet lessons just for fun and was named the coolest person of 2011!

We had a friendly chat about Sasha Baron Cohen and The Dictator trailer!

You correctly chose Breaking Bad as the number one TV show of 2011!

And, finally, we had a holiday party!

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  1. You know what, I’m not afraid to say it: I like Up All Night. It’s not the best, but I like seeing Will Arnett’s face in things. And Maya Rudolph is awesome.

  2. Again none of your so called “holiday party” type things reference the REASON for the SEASON.

  3. Although the Thursday Night TV Open Thread is a no go, the finale of Always Sunny was last night, and it was great!

    I was happy to see Dee recognizing her mean-spirited obnoxiousness as it came to a head with Fatty Magoo (as I found her grating last week, although the “rotten peckers” line was REALLY funny). I loved Charlie coming to in the bathroom and the swaying of the stall doors. Mac and Charlie finding out the truth of Psycho Pete was great (“that is grizzly”, “I mainly focus on bird law”). Dennis’ multi-tiered, epic, EPIC(!) meltdown into a spittle-spraying psychopath (“I AM A GOLDEN GOD!”, “I! I! I!”, “My tools! MY TOOLS!”) was amazing! Frank’s great speech and subsequent senility was endearing, and the execution of “Plan B” was shockingly sincere (in that it wasn’t played for laughs so much as it was the gang really doing something they cared about and believed in, something they felt they perfected and we the audience saw it through their pov). That strange sincerity made the reveal that much more hilarious in all it’s weird, sweaty, terrible and horribly off-key glory.

    Charlie’s speech at the beginning of Plan B was also amazing, especially when he started dropping some knowledge bombs about rainbow parties (I’m assuming this knowledge is left over from “Underage Drinking: A National Concern”). Jason Sudeikis’ cock-blocking appearance was pitch perfect, and Smitty was true to form. He did Charlie a favor, really. Too funny.

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