Yesterday we presented the Gummy Award winners of the “Favorite TV Show” category, and it was very exciting. Lots of great TV shows in there. And now, to make things even more exciting if you can even handle it, we would like to present your “Favorite Viral Video” Gummy winners! GREAT! Similar to what we spoke about with the TV category, it has been a very good year for viral videos. Almost too good of a year. For instance, just last week we had BOTH the “Georgia On My Mind” whistler and a very memorable trampoline accident. JUST LAST WEEK! So choosing ten videos out of the millions and millions and millions of great videos we watched during 2011 was obviously a difficult decision. But we did it! And we picked ten great ones! And then you voted on which of those were the best! Great job to all of us and, of course, great job to all of the viral videos. A round of applause, please, as we see how all of our old pals made out.

10. More Sand

9. Brad Is an Actor and Model

8. Life Is a Highway

7. Kids Krumping

6. Pizza Party Song

5. Going to the Store

4. Slow Loris With A Tiny Umbrella

3. Classic Tablecloth Trick Done Perfectly

2. Motivational Bike Kid

1. Dancing With Swords

And here is the plain list:

1. Dancing With Swords
2. Motivational Bike Kid
3. Tablecloth Trick Done Perfectly
4. Slow Loris With A Tiny Umbrella
5. Going To The Store
6. Pizza Party Song
7. Kids Krumping
8. Life Is A Highway
9. Brad Is An Actor And Model
10. More Sand

Ok, so. First of all, great job on voting for these videos. You had great choices and you made great decisions. It’s been a big year for “Dancing With Swords” and they definitely deserve it and I wish them all the best. Same with the motivational bike kid, I’m sure we ALL feel happy of himself right now. But, uh, did you guys maybe get the number 10 confused with the number 1? And that’s why “More Sand,” the most perfect viral video of all time let alone simply the year 2011, is at number 10 rather than number 1? I mean, I know that you at no point had to write out the numbers “10″ or “1″ during the voting process, but I’m really trying to come up with a better explanation and I CAN’T! GUYS? Whatever. I love it enough for all of you. Congratulations to the rest of the lucky winners! You’re all wonderful!

Comments (39)
  1. Michel and Sven were robbed!

  2. GABE, ARE you making A VIDEO again? THOSE are the fuckin BEST!

  3. Is Nyan cat not considered a viral video? Since that was the best, more nyan

  4. “Respect your elders.” – Keyboard Cat

  5. Life Is A Highway was this year? Damn, yo.

  6. Georgia on my mind whistler is the real winner.

  7. More Sand doesn’t need this award. It’s much more than a viral video. It’s a way of life! More Sand, forever and ever.

  8. Ah, yes. Fond memories of Going to the Store rushing back to me. Normal memories of a normal video.

  9. Champagne Taste. Where is Champagne Taste?

  10. True story. Whenever I’m feeling down about life or my job or anything I play motivational bike kid and I feel infinitely better. Clear Eyes. Thumbs up. Can’t lose.

  11. You forgot that one with the lion seeing its old owner friend that my mom sent me on facebook…

  12. The Internet has come a loooong way since 1998′s best viral video, 311 pays fans $311 who drink an entire gallon of milk without puking.

  13. Do you think Brad ever got any jobs?

  14. Somewhere between the youtube video of motivational bike kid and the sword dancing, my life changed forever.

  15. No mention of the “Original Don” Major Lazer video? But it’s so perfect!

  16. The sword dancing video makes me so fucking happy I can’t even articulate it properly.

    The word on the street is that the kid that made the original got approached by Major Lazer to do a new version as a video for ‘Original Don’. I have to say that I much prefer the short, unadulterated first version that won the Videogum award. Much more pure, and better music.

  17. I’m pooping.
    On this list.
    Just kidding it’s a good list, I just liked I’m pooping so much.

  18. Guys, I’m a little worried about 2011. I mean, more sand and dancing with swords sure …. but just look back to how good 2010 was: … maybe it’s just that last year was sooo good (here’s look at you man on gurney with house on fire), but i am a little dissapointed

    just saying

  19. Why doesn’t Dancing With Sword and Knife (proper descriptive title) go on longer when it’s my favorite thing? And, why in his post of said video does Gabe insult Hunger Games yet again when it’s clear he hasn’t read and doesn’t get the books? What a blowhard.

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