Great prank, everyone, especially the parents who agreed to take part in it. You guys are good parents who recognize a GREAT prank. It’s just fun! I’m really starting to rethink my whole position on pranks, which formerly was that pranks are the worst, always, but now I’m thinking maybe pranks are the best, based on how cool and fun and funny this wonderful prank was*. Just a treat. And when you show up for sentencing and the judge asks, just tell him that you love a good fun prank almost as much as you’ve loved raising the child you just made out with in front of a group of shrieking teenagers. He’ll get it. The warden will get it. Your cellmate will get it. Everyone loves this. (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)

*I am not rethinking my position on pranks and if anything my position is stronger than ever.
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  1. Mom at :29 voluntarily shoved her son’s hand on her ass. Yeah, that’ll go over well at the dinner table later.

  2. “Blindfolds are for amateurs.” – Oedipus

  3. All right, who wants to start a kickstarter for the therapy bills for these kids?

  4. I think you’re confusing the meanings of embarrassing and vomit-inducing.

  5. Parents just don’t understand

  6. This prank happened at my high school during my senior year (go school team!). Although, I must point out that the mothers gave my teammates pecks on the cheeks. Very acceptable. Very funny. One of my buddies commented that his kiss was “wet and sloppy” and blindly guessed that it was from a girl in our school who was known to get around. That was great. Cool, true, totally LEGAL story.

  7. Love the music.

  8. Ugh. What is this? What the fuck? This cannot be real. It just can’t.

  9. Maybe you have your worst person of the year winners with this one.

  10. Maybe I’M the one with issues, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than 5 seconds of that video. I don’t see how anyone involved in that could have said “No, this is not a horrible idea with years of implications for my children and family.”

    Jesus Christ.

  11. 1. hitler
    2. affliction t-shirts
    3. this

  12. OK, at :25 is one of the Moms on the ground kissing her son?

  13. wait, what? why would these kids even agree to be blindfolded and kissed by a random person?

  14. “Half your age, minus seven.” – Minnesota

  15. oh minnesota, my home state proves once again that we are all f*cking idiots

  16. A fool proof way to assure that your children will grow up to be wonderful people. I’d just like to give everyone who was involved in this prank a high-five for their great thinking. Great and inspiring stuff.

  17. SMH. This is not how mother is raising me.

  18. How is it that parents older than I am are causing me to say, “What is this world coming to?”

  19. So can someone tell me the state in which this took place so I can apply my regional stereotypes appropriately?

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