• Chris Kattan tweeted that he’s flying into NYC to appear on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live! The holiday episode! That Jimmy Fallon is hosting! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! (Mango!) (Haha, jk.) (Probably the “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” song.) (But, really, I hope it’s Mango). -MintyFresh
  • Here is a video of a David Byrne art installation thing with 96 guitar pedals that people can step on and it looks great and I want it IRL. -LaughingSquid
  • Speaking of music things that also have videos attached, here is Jeff Tweety doing the weather on some local Chicago news show! He’s a regular Tom Hanks, except I bet Tom Hanks’ home life isn’t as tumultuous. I love Wilco! -Stereogum
  • FilmDrunk has gathered together some choice quotes from Nick Nolte’s GQ profile. Guess which one of these is real: “Nick Nolte. Who is he? An actor, or not an actor?” OR THIS ONE, “I was thinking about stopping.” Click to find out! -FilmDrunk
  • Here are some gay dads being told they are going to be gay grandads. Hahah, it’s sweet and funny to watch if you silence the voices in your head that are saying, “UHHHH we don’t watch videos of STRAIGHT people going crazy to hear that they’re getting grandchildren.” Silence them! For one sec! -TheDailyWhat
  • Oh, holy moly, Louis C.K. is on some sports podcast. How is Louis C.K. even getting all of these things done? Do you think there are MULTIPLE Louis C.K.s? I have already decided that the answer is yes. -ESPN
  • It’s been a while since we’ve looked at pictures of Suri Cruise. Not that that is incorrect, that is the exact way that it should be, but I just came across these pictures of her sooooo. Her parents are also in them soooooo. She is cute. Suri Cruise for Most Important Celebrity 2011.  -Dlisted
  • Here is a boy actor who is in Hunger Games talking about Hunger Games and baking. “He has it all!” – Somebody. -Celebuzz
  • And, finally, Clint Eastwood’s family is planning to have a reality TV show. Of course. This one should’ve gone in the Howard Stern post where we talked about things that just made sense. -Movieline
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  1. “I wish it was Mango todayyyyy!” – Kelly

  2. that video of the gay grandpas made me cry a little. i wish i had gay parents and that i was also having a baby and that when i told my gay parents that they were going to be grandpas they got that excited.

    but yeah, i know why we don’t watch future straight grandparents get the news. ugh.

  3. I’ve seen that art installation before. It’s called “Guitar Center.”

    Ya byrne’t!

  4. “He has it all!” – me

    True to my word on the trailer post, I sat down and gave The Hunger Games a second chance and SURPRISE I loved the books.

  5. Kelly, you should just ask David Byrne for that installation as you and David Byrne are best friends.

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