HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? Popular SiriusXM ”shock-jock” and Private Parts star Howard Stern will be replacing Piers Morgan on America’s number one “Got Talent” show, America’s Got Talent! “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” – EverybodyParents.Org, and me a little bit in reaction to the news. That seems weird? I mean, let me be clear that it actually does not, but if we can take a break from understanding how the world works for a second: THAT SEEMS WEIRD! He has greasy hair and is mean on the radio and curses and talks about gross things! How is he going to be able to judge children throwing fire knives or whatever happens on America’s Got Talent?! TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! From Entertainment Weekly:

The broadcaster announced Thursday morning that the popular radio shock-jock will critique its eclectic talent show, replacing Piers Morgan, who left to focus on his CNN interview program. Production on Got Talent will move to New York City, where Stern will continue to conduct his SiriusXM radio program.

They’re moving the show to him! That’s kind of nuts. Think about AGT host Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s burgeoning family having to be uprooted. Now, STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT! If we can step back for a moment, of course this news does not seem weird at all because, first of all, we don’t watch this show and we don’t know when it’s on TV and if you asked us what network it was on we would guess NBC but honestly it could be CBS for all we know. Second of all, a reality talent show hosted and judged by kind-of celebrities adding another kind-of celebrity to the panel is only the exact thing to expect from that reality talent show. Soooooo. NORMAL NEWS! Other normal entertainment news that sounds crazy after the jump! HOORAY!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a super crazy Hollywood world we all get to hear about! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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  1. Looks we all need to learn how to deepthroat a kielbasa if we’re going to have a chance to win next season.

  2. This is like the evil, depressing version of the Afternoon Links.

  3. Seems like a perfectly good idea that I am sure will work out exactly as expected.

  4. Now you’ll have to be at least as talented as Artie Lange or that bug-eyed midget guy if you want to impress the judges.

  5. 2012 is going to be my year! –Guy who can fart Beyonce songs.

  6. “what do you need the talking puppet for? you’re hot. if you’re gunna put your hand in something to have it make noise it should be another woman. take your top off.”

  7. Cool! I can’t wait for Private Parts Part II !

  8. The only thing I am surprised about is that I was surprised by Courtney Love trying to set her house on fire. Because of course she did. young lilbobbytables really needs to pick better idols.

  9. NBC must be *really* desperate for ratings.

  10. I seriously thought that was a picture of Carrot Top at first glance. I’m not sure what that says about me.

  11. Maybe Howard Stern should be worst person of 2011 (or ever). I hope the show gets even worse with him involved. Pity future contestants.

  12. Aw, I’m a Stern fan AND a Videogum fan. :( Why Mommy and Daddy fight?

    • Howard Stern is the best, and I will watch this show for the first time because he is on it.

      Also this:

    • I agree. Stern rocks, videogum rocks. I find most people my age (26) or younger seem to rag on stern because they have never listened to stern. They saw a few episodes of the E show growing up, think its all about strippers and midgets and move on writing it off as juvenile. This is a great move and I think the show will get big ratings. I have to be honest, I have never watched this show more than 5 minutes and I think I will be in on this from episode 1. Still hate the format and Nick Cannon with the passion of 10,000 suns though….

      Baba Booey.

  13. Sure. His is definitely a face made for TV.

  14. Also: I like the move, but How long till he says something along the lines of something he says everyday on his show, the American society of moms for no no language not on tv speaks up and NBC pulls him? NBC and all the major networks bow to sponsors and a handful of written in letters and will quake. but if they keep him on, and all these groups get all pissy, the show could be extra fun.

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