The results of the 2011 Gummy Awards have arrived! Pop the champagne, fill your champagne flutes, and then smash them on the ground! THIS IS A CELEBRATION! In the coming days, we’ll be announcing the winners of each category — favorite TV shows, movies, and viral videos. It’s going to be wonderful and I simply cannot wait. Today we’d like to present the winners of the “Favorite TV Show” category, as voted on by you, the viewer and reader. This has been an uncontrollably good year for television, so much so that some of us maybe haven’t gotten to see even half all of the TV shows that they know they should be seeing (Downton Abbey, Luther, Game of Thrones, Justified, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, etc.). And such a good year that one ten-slot list couldn’t possibly hold all the deserving nominees. So, congratulations even to those TV shows who did not make it. You’re still the best. But, more importantly, congratulations to those who DID make it. You’re actually the best! No spoilers, but this list is kind of like what the Emmys would be if Emmy winners were chosen based on how often we talked about them here. AKA: The correct Emmys. So, yay! Let’s get to them! ENVELOPES PLEASE.

10. Workaholics

9. Modern Family

8. Boardwalk Empire

7. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

6. The Walking Dead

5. Louie

4. Game of Thrones

3. Parks and Recreation

2. Community

1. Breaking Bad

And here is a simple list, in case you like your lists simple:

10. Workaholics
9. Modern Family
8. Boardwalk Empire
7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
6. The Walking Dead
5. Louie
4. Game of Thrones
3. Parks & Recreation
2. Community
1. Breaking Bad

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! YAY, BREAKING BAD! Very correct. And if Community doesn’t get picked up again, it will at least always have this to commemorate how much we all loved it. “Streets ahead,” indeed. Parks & Recreation and It’s Always Sunny have had what could be their best seasons yet, and I hear Game of Thrones is fantastic + disgusting, so yay. Oh and, of course, a special congratulations to Workaholics. (?) A wonderful list! Great job to everyone who voted. Stay tuned for more Gummy Award announcements in the next few days! You’ve been a lovely audience, goodnight!

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  1. As with all rankings ever, I went into this prepared to be disappointed because it did not align perfectly with my own opinions about stuff. But then I saw that Community beat out Parks & Rec, so I feel that I can sleep well tonight, knowing all is right with the world.

  2. I really may have to check out this Breaking Bad show everyone keeps talking about.

  3. Substitute Sons of Anarchy for Walking Dead and I’m in.

    • I just can’t love that show for some reason…I mean the acting and writing is good enough, but I just don’t care about the fate of any of the characters. They could all die and it wouldn’t affect me any. Oh well.

      But yes, better than “the walking dead”, certainly. Also, does anyone watch “Homeland”? It’s really good!

      • Sons of Anarchy lost me for good with the most recent season finale. I won’t spoil the ending (not too much, anyway) but if there’s anyone out there who’s teaching a course on Cheapo, Unsatisfying Deus ex Machinas and needs an example, I have a suggestion for you.

        The Walking Dead lost me around episode four or five of this season. Not only did I not care about the characters, I wanted every single one of them to get eaten. When Carl recovered from his injury, I was all like, “goddammit!” Even the fact that I know who “Carl” is annoys me. That is valuable brain real estate you’re occupying, Carl! Pay up or move out!

        So put The Vampire Diaries in that slot instead of either of those shows, and I more or less agree with this list. What? Don’t look at me like that.

      • Agreed on Sons. I like it but. . . In fact the whole season marched inevitably toward certain ending then, woops!!! Never mind! Simon Spidermonk is dead on with the Deus ex Machina point.

        Justified is probably better than what Sons of Anarchy has become. I don’t even really like Olyphant or that big toothed guy from The Shield but the show works. The southerners don’t feel like yankees or foreigners with bad accents. Plus it’s really Elmore Leonardy fun.

        I can’t help feeling like Walking Dead is in here because we love to talk shit about it so much. That is truly the only reason I kept watching it.

  4. You guys like Community, too? I had no idea.

  5. Who’s Louie?

  6. No 30 Rock? OMG.

  7. I’ll bet you $20 the guys from Workaholics get down with some 311.

  8. This list is obviously published by the same people who brought us Duh Aficionado.

  9. I’m shocked and disappointed that Episodes didn’t make it into the top 3. Come on Monsters let’s be real here, Matt Leblanc deserves heaps of praise and awards for playing such a daring role on such a creative and wonderfully written series. The Golden Globes was right to nominate it for so many awards and we should reflect that in our voting as well. This holiday season let’s all take a moment and reflect on how the roles of Matthew Leblanc have touched us and changed how we think of television.

  10. 9 and 6 obviously wandered in from the wrong list, but otherwise yes. Very good. Uh-huh, you guys.

  11. Walking Dead? Really? I thought I could tell when Gabe actually likes a show even when he says he hates it (cf. Lost), but I guess I was wrong?

    • Pretty sure Gabe does actually hate this show, as I consider him a mature, thinking, rational human being with at least a tiny tiny bit of taste. However, I don’t think that means he should have rigged the voting. Nevertheless, a pox on those who put that shit show in the list.

  12. I wish The League would’ve made the list…. Oh well, more Shiva for me.

  13. No Cougartown? No Downton Abbey? No Cougarton Abbey?

  14. My response to the omission of the best animated show currently in production

    MLP:FiM is a close second.

  15. “I won.” -Walter White

  16. The only one I disagree with is Modern Family. I just don’t find it funny and the gay couple is the least funny and most obnoxious horribly acted and borderline offensive gay man stereotype.

  17. I love how each show’s link brings you to a Videogum search for all the posts tagged, but when you click on Workaholics it brings you to their Wikipedia page.

  18. Workaholics is the best.

  19. Kelly-

    You keeps saying how good Always Sunny has been recently and I keep thinking you are crazy. What gives?


  20. Homeland

    • Holy cow, was anybody expecting it to be that good? We only watched it because our girlfriend and boyfriend were both in it, and it turned out to be our favorite show of the season, by a lot. By the third episode we’d even mostly stopped making Inigo Montoya jokes, because we were too busy watching the show.

  21. This reminds me of my own list save for replacing Boardwalk and Workaholics with Homeland and Justified.

  22. Justified could care less about not being on this list. You’ll just never leave Harlan alive ya dumb Gummys! And we’ll clogg on yer goddamn grave!!!

  23. Parks and Rec and Adventure Time are the best

  24. It’s a good list. Needs more Downton Abbey and less Walking Dead (ug) or Workaholics but still, a mighty fine list.

  25. Anyone watching Enlightened? I think it’s great. Squirm inducing and it’s got everyone’s favorite, Luke Wilson. And, Jonathan Demme directs the episodes. Remember him?

  26. Bored to Death

    but solid list anywayz

  27. Every week we should find a reason, or not, to post this:

  28. Bob’s Burgers :(


  30. i love how high on the list the walking dead is, yet no one stepped up to defend it in the comments. i mean obviously enough people liked it to put it at #6. so i will just say this: i like the walking dead. i agree with a lot of the criticism of it, but i’d still rather watch that than law and order: miami or fringe or something. but i guess haters gonna hate.

    also, revenge is turning out to be much better than i expected. worth a watch.

  31. Cannot wait until Happy Endings is on this list. I’m very much into that show. It’s very good!!!! Laughter time!!

  32. I agree with everything but Modern Family is just not that good. I don’t care how many awards ABC pays the industry to give them. I have to say I like Happy Endings also. It has a lot of potential if it keeps going in the right direction.

  33. Omissions:

    Friday Night Lights
    Sons of Anarchy
    Downton Abbey
    Doctor Who


    Modern Family
    Walking Dead (season 2)
    Boardwalk Empire

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