Gabe: hi kelly
Kelly: Hi, Gabe
Kelly: What’s up
Gabe: i’ll tell you what’s up
Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen’s The Dictator came out today
Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it.
Gabe: that guy
Kelly: The weird thing about it is that I had really no idea that it was going to be SO bad.
Gabe: well, right
Gabe: i think a lot of people feel that way
Kelly: Like I thought it would just be normal bad.
Gabe: wait, normal bad?

Kelly: Well like
Kelly: Normal movie that I don’t really want to see
Gabe: i see
Gabe: do you like any of his other movies?
Kelly: Kind of. I liked the Ali G show and then I kind of liked Borat and then I didn’t really like the other one
Kelly: Do you like any of his other movies?
Kelly: Do you hate him?
Gabe: I liked the Ali Gi show and I liked Borat although I thought it was a little problematic
Gabe: and I did not like Bruno
Kelly: We agree!!!!!!!!!!
Gabe: I don’t like how he would just find people and be mean to them right in their own homes sometimes
Gabe: like, those guys are just trying to get through their day
Gabe: they don’t want to be part of your ART
Kelly: Yeah
Gabe: but it was still pretty funny a lot of times
Gabe: and very “brave” or some shit, i don’t even know
Gabe: but Bruno was just gross
Gabe: what was even going on there?
Kelly: Only a LOT of being mean to babies, from what I can remember.
Gabe: Perez Hilton is very into this Dictator trailer:
Gabe: “We don’t know how Sacha Baron Cohen does it, but he comes up with an even funnier, wackier character every time!”
Kelly: Hahahahaha
Kelly: First of all this isn’t really another character
Kelly: It is too close to Borat
Kelly: To be a wackier character than Borat
Gabe: “My wiiife.”
Kelly: “It’s niiice.”
Gabe: Very wife.

Kelly: My god this trailer
Kelly: MEGAN FOX? What is Megan Fox doing.
Kelly: What is her character
Kelly: She has the same name as Megan Fox but certainly Megan Fox has enough watches that she doesn’t have to sleep with Borat
Gabe: it’s just fun
Gabe: she’s just playing with her image
Gabe: no one would ever believe that she’d use sex
Gabe: for financial gain
Gabe: it’s ridiculous, it just goes against everything we think about her
Kelly: You’re right I guess that was a little over my head.
Kelly: Did Sacha Baron Cohen write this movie and did he write it by himself?
Kelly: Not to change the subject
Kelly: But I was thinking about the Kardashian joke
Kelly: And like
Kelly: Why would you ever put that joke in a movie?
Gabe: i have heard stories about him
Gabe: and i think he is a monster now
Gabe: so he probably did write it himself
Kelly: What kind of stories have you heard about him
Gabe: that he is an asshole
Gabe: but, like, BIG TIME
Gabe: treats people like garbage
Gabe: those kinds of stories
Gabe: i think they’re called “fables”?
Kelly: Sure. That makes sense.
Kelly: Seeing as how
Kelly: From the Ali G show to Bruno he seemed to get more and more comfortable getting fewer and fewer laughs out of treating people like more and more garbage
Kelly: That it would just continue that way
Kelly: Until he would decide that making a joke about how the Kardashians are hairy wasn’t a bad decision.
Gabe: it does seem to be a trick for people
Gabe: to not just start making the worst decisions
Gabe: as soon as they become famous
Gabe: see also: Ricky Gervais
Gabe: and: Jon Heder
Kelly: Yeah I think I just saw a picture of Jon Heder’s trophy case.

Gabe: the nice thing about sacha baron cohen’s new movie is that it’s time
Gabe: between the death of osama bin laden and gadaffi
Gabe: and the arab spring
Gabe: what we want is a thinking man’s Zohan or whatever this is
Gabe: IT’S TIME!
Kelly: Hahaha
Gabe: change your avatar to green to support The Dictator trailer!
Kelly: Change your Twitter location to “At The Movies Seeing The Dictator”!
Kelly: What I think is the nice thing about The Dictator is that
Kelly: It tackles the issues, sure
Kelly: But it gives you a LOT of laughs along the way.
Gabe: i hope there’s a scene where a woman gets stoned to death
Kelly: lololol don’t even I don’t want it spoiled but I hope that follows a scene where she is raped by the dictator’s friend and the dictator is like, “aw, NOT AGAIN”
Kelly: cut to: stoning
Kelly: Ugh I want it nowwwwwwwwowoowoowowwowowow
Gabe: we all do, kelly
Gabe: because of how good it looks

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  1. It made me think of the Love Guru. Somebody make a mash-up. I did actually laugh at the race bit at the end, though.

  2. Anybody else getting some flashbacks of the Love Guru movie?

  3. I can’t believe Obama agreed to be in this movie.

    • Classic.

      In all seriousness though. I can’t believe Ben Kingsley agreed to be in this movie. Come one man. The guy played Gandhi for crying out loud. Show some decency, man. If it’s about the money I can send you some money. You have friends. You don’t have to do this to yourself.

      • “Come one man.” [sic]

        • I know, I know. It just makes me so MAD! I can’t even think straight!

          Also I’ve been reading a lot of Dr.Seuss to my daughter recently and it has started to affect how I think. It’s in my brain and I can’t get it out!

          Come One Man
          Come Two Man
          Come Red Man
          Come Blue Man
          Come from afar bound from Kalamazoo man!

      • Not to say that really good actors are above making really shitty movies, but the fact that both Kingsley and John C Reilly signed on for this makes me want to believe that perhaps there is still something to this movie worth keeping tabs on. But then again…no.

      • Ben Kingsley’s Agent: He’s an Important satirist of modern society! It’s not really racist, it’s ironic! He’s just holding up a mirror to society! Sign the thing so I can get paid!

  4. This is my favorite Videogum Feature by far (RIP WMOAT) but am I the only one that’s a little disappointed that Gabe hasn’t fired Kelly in the last posts? I was looking forward to the tell-all book.

  5. sub question: is it better to burn out or fade away?

  6. I love this feature. I love this feature so, so much.

  7. SIR Ben Kingsley? SMH

    • Ugh. I know, right? I’ve been shaking my head at so much this week I feel like my head is going to fall off.

    • Okay okay. My last comment about Ben Kingsley. I promise. But Ben Kingsley agreeing to be in this movie is the equivalent of Megan Fox actually having sex with Borat for money.

      • The worst thing about this is that is ruins all the goodwill that Kingsley built up through his roles in “The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”, “Bloodrayne”, “The Love Guru”, “Thunderbirds”, and “Spooky House”.

        (Sidebar: Ben Kingsley is an alumnus of my secondary school)

  8. I also liked Borat and Ali G and hated Bruno. Gabe, Kelly, and Huckabeast = Best Pals Forever

  9. The most likely explanation for this movie is that Sascha Baron Cohen locked himself in a room with copies of Scary Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans, along with a sheet of acid and a typewriter.

  10. This trailer is using the theme song from that sitcom about phone operators in India. I think it was called “Outsourced”?

  11. Maybe Charlie Chaplin was psychic and named his movie The Great Dictator to preemptively distinguish it from this pile of crap.

  12. I. What. Don’t even. Huh? I can’t tell if this is terribly unfunny or slightly racist. Or both.

  13. Videogum commentator rap posse – “V Unit”

  14. Well I think this movie looks really good… NOT. Yeah baby.

  15. My mind did some funny acrobatics when John C. Reilly showed up because I LIKE JOHN C. REILLY (the actor (in movies (where he is being someone fake (who did not exist (but is funny))))). Because I like this stranger person for a nonsense reason, when he came on-screen I went, “What is John C. Reilly doing in this!” Then I said, “Maybe he only saw the script for his scene and it is really funny and he thought the movie would be that funny all the way through and he wanted to be a part of it?”

    Then he said that Empire State Building joke and I immediately went to, “Oh, he probably has to do this, because his Los Angeles agent the politics putting his time in the money work owed a favor to promised had to contracts.”

    Stop it, me! I do not need to cavort and contort to somehow keep my causeless affection for a fake 2-d comedy man. John C. Reilly, woops on ya.

  16. I think what worked with Da Ali Show and Borat is that the comedy was drawn from the reaction of the people SBC interacted with. In one of the DVD extras the director from Da Ali G Show explains that he’s trying to test how people think about foreigners, homosexuals and young ‘uns. Bruno the movie feels, to me, like it’s just making fun of gay people -not in an overtly offensive way, but still, gay jokes are the most tired jokes, specially if they are done for two hours straight. Have you guys seen Ali G In Da House? Woof City. Hopefully, this the awfulness of this trailer is not indicative of the rest of this movie ‘cuz i plan to watch the crap out of it at least once.

    • Exactly. The whole “brilliance” of Borat was that it exposed a lot of what looked to be genuine racism and bigotry in “Real Americans.” Borat was just there to bring it out in people, and he succeeded with alarmingly little effort and/or trickery.

      • I agree. Bruno was just stupid and although kind of homophobic (I didn’t find it offensive, but I can see how other gay people would) – it was just boring. It felt like a home video.

  17. Yiiiiiiikes

  18. If you haven’t read it yet, George Saunders wrote an unsparing takedown of “Borat” back when it came out, which made me feel awful for laughing at the movie, and which has ruined* SBC for me ever since.

    (* – And by “ruined”, I mean, “made me think about them in a way that made me unable to enjoy them”, not that SBC’s movies are some wonderful thing that George Saunders damaged in some way.)

  19. Maybe it’s a joke trailer?

  20. good thing about being in korea and therefore posting after this thread is long dead is that very few people will read this comment. but i gotta say, i actually lol’ed a few times during this trailer and think that i will probably enjoy this movie.

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