That looks pretty good! But, Pop Candy wrote up a review of the two-part special that airs this Sunday and points out that the show spends a little too much time making fun of the people on it, which is a real shame, because a) fuck you, this show, b) how about you spend NO time making fun of the people on it, and c) that is not even that enjoyable of a thing anyway. What is enjoyable is watching some nerds find each other! Everyone deserves love in their lives, even these old nerds. Besides, going to Comic-Con to make fun of people for being nerds is like a homophobe walking into a gay bar to commit a hate crime. Come on. Comic-Con is a safe place for nerds, and this speed dating event is clearly a safe zone within the safe zone. It’s so weird that TLC is doing something exploitative and that doesn’t have its participants best interests in mind. So unlike TLC to do that. Hopefully, though, there are some nice scenes about two weirdos discovering they can be weird together and finding happiness in that. Hopefully there is at least a little of it. For the human beings who might be watching.

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  1. Does anyone have a screenshot of the nerdgasm title card. I read at a rate of three letters per minute and it wasn’t on screen for long enough.

  2. True Life does these sorts things all the time. And they walk the line of interest without making fun of the people with the grace of a 1,000 Gosling ballerinas. Love me some True Life.

    • How out of place if True Life on a network like MTV? (Hint: totally out of place as a respectful and thought-provoking look at real people’s lives.)

    • Has anyone applied to do a “True Life: I’m a Videogum Monster” yet?

      • Gideon Yago:: On this episode of True Life, we go IRL to meet people that call themselves monsters. But these aren’t just any monsters…
        GY:: We’ll take you through the ups
        GY::The downs
        CUT TO MALE, 12, CRYING, “Winwood corrected my grammar!!”
        GY:: and the man who makes it all run
        CUT TO MALE, 140, slowly placing floppy disks into a blog machine.

      • True Life: I’m a Videogum Monster didn’t test well. Turns out the most dramatic moments were episodes of frantic screen refreshes on Tuesday and Friday afternoons in anticipation of “You Caption It” and “Monster’s Ball”, followed by one instance of real tears when there was no Monster’s Ball during the Thanksgiving week. The rest of the show was basically just a person sitting in front of a computer watching videos about robots. Didn’t test well at all.

  3. I completely misinterpreted this. I totally thought TLC was making a movie based on the Katharine Dunn novel and that the guy in the video was vlogging his displeasure about them inevitably ruining it.

  4. Yuck. OK, who can we boycott?

  5. As a guy whose name and avatar are pretty nerdy, I fully support nerds finding love. And if TLC really does make fun of them for their nerdiness, that’s a shame.

    HOWEVER, if the guys in the full show are as creepy as the guys in this clip (the three-decade obsession with Slave Leia, leering at the girl dressed as Wonder Woman), then I have a feeling that being nerds isn’t the real reason they can’t find love/lust.

    • If having a thing for slave Leia is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

      • Of course. That goes without saying. Which is why the creepy nerd dudes of the world need to stop saying it all the damn time.

        • Remember when TLC was the gross unnecessary surgeries channel? Shit like this makes me miss accidentally tuning in to see someone’s spleen getting removed during the dinner hour.

          • I don’t know why this went here. That comment was supposed to live on its own. What is wrong with me today? I’m going back in my cave.

          • I miss the charming decorating shows, especially when the trading spacers hated their new dens or whatever and gloriously failed to reign in their passive aggressive responses. Paige Davis Forever!

    • i keep wanting to believe that the guy going nuts over slave leia is TLC’s idea of a nerd fantasy. like some producer said “make sure we put that guy who said nerdgasm and slave leia in the promo so everyone on the planet will know we’re talking about geek love.”

      but seriously…geeks of the world…shut up about slave leia already. geek girls get it. they get why you like it. but that doesn’t take the creepy submissive fantasy out of it.

  6. Didn’t The Virgin Diaries already premiere?

  7. nerds no longer have any right to complain.

    they invented the internet to better talk with girls.
    they invented internet dating to better talk with and meet girls.
    they invented social media to better talk with, stalk, and hopefully meet girls.
    they strong-armed movie studios and TV stations into making nothing but comic book movies and game of thrones.
    it is not only not cool to be a fratty, jocky, dueshbag, it is downright unacceptable.
    nerds won.

    all i see is a bunch of sad, pathetic people that are either unwilling or too afraid to drink away their social anxiety like the rest of us.

  8. That girl is so adorable. She should replace Zooey Deschanel so that show on Fox so I can watch it without going on a rage bender.

  9. This wouldn’t be so painful to watch if these nerds weren’t so self-deprecating. “I’m weird.” No you’re not, that Robin outfit is adorable.

    • That’s their way of apologizing for being who they are. I pulled that stunt for years until I realized what I was doing. I still self-deprecate from time to time, but only about inane shit I don’t care about. Never about anything that would actually strike a nerve if somebody else were to poke fun at it.

  10. The “Wear a serial killer costume to a date” strategy doesn’t have a high success rate, but when it works….

  11. I really wish I hadn’t seen this video because now every time I watch another video I will be disappointed if it doesn’t start off with a Chewbacca mating call

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