When I did study abroad in college, because that’s right ladies, I went to college, I knew a dude who eventually told me that the first time we met he was fully expecting me to open a beer bottle with my teeth. I’d like to think this is because of my rugged and magnetic animalism, but I think he was just making a stupid comment about my being American. And even people who were a little less forward with their ridiculous and stupid assumptions about us would still get to a point in the evening where they would say with a pleading and subdued sincerity, “but you guys do all eat McDonald’s for every meal, right?” Right! Now, the reality is that you cannot expect Europeans or anyone really to have any other impression of Americans considering how many of us there are wandering around wearing Corona t-shirts and asking “where is the toilet may I have a Coke?” And we are awful. I’m with Obama on how awful we are. The thing that these chain-smoking, olive oil and Toblerone-scented Europeans with their brightly colored backpacks and their disinterest in brushing their teeth don’t realize is that EVERYONE is terrible. Americans are the worst, but so is everybody else. So it’s nice to see a trailer for a show called Tallafornia, which is basically the Irish Jersey Shore, because it’s like, well, yeah, exactly.

Headphones UP! Eyes closed!

Ewwwww! Or as the Irish say, Blarney Stone! Here’s an extended trailer with commentary:

Congratulations to all of us in the whole world. We’re doing great and we are great and this is great and congratulations and we did it and good job. (Via BlameItOnTheVoices. Thanks for the tip, Yelena.)

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  1. You think that’s bad? Try living overseas and telling people you’re from Texas. 87% of everybody who heard that would immediately respond with a comment about George Bush. The other 13% would, inexplicably, bring up Smokey And The Bandit.

    • Smokey and The Bandit is never inexplicable, taco. Never.

    • When I told Europeans I’m from Pennsylvania, a surprisingly good number of them responded with a comment about vampires and Dracula. Took me a while to figure that one out.

      I suppose that’s a plenty better than being associated with GWB though.

      • You know what? I was more annoyed with the people who immediately started insulting him, rather than the man himself. I mean, I’m not his biggest supporter or anything, but it’s just rude! I didn’t go up to them and say “Oh, you’re Italian? Your leader is a pervert!” Even if it’s true, it’s still a pretty weird way to start a conversation with someone you just met.

        • Wait, that’s a bad way to meet Italians? I guess I really do need the Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men!

          I wonder if punching the Swiss in the kidneys was also a faux pas….

        • I lived in Hungary for a while just after Bush’s reelection, and one of the most frequent questions that I would get when I met someone new was “Who did you vote for?”

    • Once, when I was on my semester abroad in college (because, ladies, I ALSO went to college), I was in some horrible sketchy cafe by a train station at 2am looking for french fries. A big gang of sketchy and very intimidating dudes heard my (stupid) american accent and asked where i was from. I said New York. IMMEDIATELY they all SCREAMED “OHHH!!!! FITTY CENT!!!!” and then asked me questions about fitty cent.

    • i grew up in texas and when i went to Norway (pre-George W.) everyone thought I rode a horse to school. also they made a lot of jokes about the show Dallas.

    • When I lived in France, people immediately responded to my comment that I was American with, “Hey! George Bush! Cowboy!” and miming pistols in the air.

    • Ooo, I HATE it when that happens! Do you ever get comparisons to this guys too?

      • there are a surprising amount of texan expats on videogum. when i tell people i’m from texas they just make the same dumb joke about everything beiong bigger, because i’m 6’6″. what i wouldn’t give for a dallas reference or a bush insult. (speaking of which, did anyone see the time magazine interview with bono where he said g dub was the most influential person in where the war on aids or whatever is at right now? that kinda blew me away.)

  2. What’s going on? Do they not use pillows in Ireland? What’s even happening? I had to watch these previews with the sound off so I’m sure the fact that there are no pillows on those beds is the most unusual thing about this show.

  3. Oh man, this made me so nostalgic for that time in our lives where every week they were announcing racist “Jersey Shore” rip-offs. Wicked Summah, K-Town, Brighton Beach (the one with the Russians), there was a Persian one maybe for Lifetime by Ryan Seascrest? Not to mention the Canadian stereotype mash-up Lake Shore. Those were the days…. Also, I really miss this: http://www.mobfd.biz/2011/05/31/taking-one-for-the-t-v-geordie-shore-s01e01/ . It’s coming back, but i stopped caring like two episodes in.

    • I miss hope. You know. For humanity.

    • Don’t forget “The Only Way Is Essex”!

      I am very glad I’ve never heard of “Lake Shore. I am very sure it would upset me.

      • The Only Way Is Essex is the English equivelant of The Hills, where they just film people who already know each other.

        Upon further research (because I am a garbage person) there were also plans for things called Party Down South, which I might have heard of and Jewish American Princesses Living in Long Island. No further questions, your honor.

        • i vaguely seem to remember one about the white trash riviera (alabama / mississippi coast), but really that could’ve either been a. me making a joke about it or b. in the works and derailed by the oil spill. too lazy to google.

        • Somehow I’m really proud of myself for making that mistake. Maybe my priorities are more in order than I thought they were (probably not).

  4. People are awful everywhere, but at least this is justified. You’d be pretty messed up, too, if your entire culture had been the target for widespread thievery and persecution for generations. Maybe if our ancestors hadn’t gone after their lucky charms so much, things would have turned out differently.

  5. I grew up in Brooklyn, but don’t really have much of an accent. When I went to college in Colorado, people (freshman girls, mainly) would always ask me to “do” a Brooklyn accent. The truth is, since I don’t naturally have one, I was no better at it than they would have been. It was always like I was just doing a very poor impression, which would embarrass me and cause them to lose interest. Basically, they were unwittingly flirting with me in a way that was destined to ensure things would go absolutely nowhere between us.

  6. I really feel like these guys should be hanging out in a caravan with Brad Pitt and his mum.

  7. This is what you were fighting for, Charlie. Be proud.

  8. “C’mon O’Doyle, Get out of the Snog room! It’s time for Gym Tan Leprauchaun” – these guys, AM I RIGHT?!

  9. The narrators are obsessed with these guys doing gay porn and their bodies, but in a sort of bland homophobia. Maybe it’s the brogue.

  10. I’d only watch if the show came with that voice-over commentary.

    Actually, who am I kidding? I probably wouldn’t watch even if Morgan Freeman narrated.

  11. this would have to be pretty ridiculous to top the best reality series out the uk, “my big fat gypsy wedding”. that show is magical.

    • I’d rather watch a show about gypsies stealing shit. Those fuckers are goddamn GENIUSES at stealing things. It’s beautiful to watch, if you’re not the target.

      • Fun fact: there are all different kinds of gypsies, just as there are all different kinds of people. Not all of them are thieves. Mind blown, right?

  12. WWJJD? (What would James Joyce do?)

  13. hmm…i would think the people on a reality show about dueshy, low-rent, cartoonish, walking stereotypes in Ireland would be starring Scots.

    i said it. what have you?

  14. After watching the one with commentary, I read every one of these comments in an Irish accent. Even the ones that weren’t that funny were pretty funny. I think I’m in love with all of you.

  15. You are right that Americans may have some stereotypes thrown at them when in Europe. HOWEVER! Try being an Irish dude in America for a while, shit is hilarious….I’ve been asked when I learned English!

    • That’s the craic!

    • The same thing happened to me except because I was ten when I immigrated and American kids don’t know shite about Scotland I mostly got asked stupid questions about leprechauns and blarney stones.

      • Ha! I’m an Irishman who just spent a year working for a company in SF, but have now transferred to a new place they got going in Scotland. I live in Glasgow now!

        And Scottish people weirdly find an Irish accent just as funny as Americans do.

        • Are you from Cork by any chance? That’s the best accent. I worked with a girl from there and it made every day a bit brighter. That’s not in a mean way, just that it was wonderfully rolly.

          I have a mash up of Edinburgh and Highlands (with a tinge of American thrown in from association with my husband) and I made people in New York confused. “Not Irish? Are you sure? But now I can’t tell you what precise percentage Irish I am through my various grandparents!”

  16. I am American and I have opened a beer bottle with my teeth in the past.

  17. I’m glad you chose that still Gabe. That was the strangest part for me, I think it’s an amazing photo. There is something about her look of resignation that is probably the realest thing in the show.

  18. why don’t all these people have red hair?

  19. Am I the only one not hating on these people?

    I watched the first season of Jersey Shore and liked some of the characters. Pauly D, Vince, Ronnie are cool. I haven t seen talafornia but from the trailer I just see slutty girls and show offs, and I am cool with both of them (especially slutty girls).

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