• Warner Bros. released the first publicity stills from their upcoming Great Gatsby movie and aren’t you soooo excited? They all look pretty normal, to be honest. Except Leonardo DiCaprio looks very young. Did they go back in time to film this movie? But to a past where during the ages between when Leo was in Titanic and present day, he looked better than he actually did? Hello? Is that what they did? -FilmDrunk
  • This video has been on I think every single website on the WWW today but that’s weird because don’t all those websites know that this is a video made specifically for me? Here it is, from me to you, Taran Killam recreating Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” video in a very small space. Call your girlfriends! -@TaranKillam
  • Speaking of people recreating things, here is one of those Taiwanese animation things about Louis C.K.’s reddit Q&A session yesterday. Oh! Oh. Ooohhhh. -NMA
  • You may remember that during Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to tell their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy and record the reactions. It was super good. Do you remember it? Well, he did it again, except now he told parents to tell their children that they could open a christmas present early, but then it was a terrible christmas present! Haha. “Very nice.” -TheDailyWhat
  • Christina Hendricks something something alcohol something something advertisement something something pretty (something something boobs). -Uproxx
  • Want to watch a preview of 30 Rock‘s 6th season, premiering in January? “Uh-doyyyyy.” -Liz Lemon. Does she say that? It’s been too long! -CinemaBlend
  • Whoa, it’s Steve Buscemi’s birthday today and look at this old picture of him! He kind of looks like a less cute version of Sam Weir. Right?! Happy birthday, Steve Buscemi! -Dlisted
  • Beginning December 15, Celebuzz is going to be counting down the (1oo) days until the release of the Hunger Games movie, and they’re going to talk about stuff about the book and things. Do you like that? You can click on this link if you like that! -Celebuzz
  • And finally, in case you missed it, here is Jenny Slate, Dean Fleischer-Camp, and Marcel the Shell on last night’s Rock Center. -GotchaMedia
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  1. That Jimmy Fallon joke would have been better if they had just given a terrible present on Christmas morning. When my brother was going to propose to his girlfriend, I’m pretty sure my mother tried every passive/aggressive trick she knows to stop him. One of my favorites was suggesting that he give her the engagement ring as a Christmas present, but buy a really cheap one from Wal-Mart and give that to her “as a joke.” Cool joke!

  2. Please don’t let Christina Hendricks’ soul end up in a flute!

  3. Looks like someone got FLW an early christmas present!

  4. I will be seeing The Great Gatsby. My love of Carey Mulligan contractually obligates me to do so. The things I do for you, Carey Mulligan.

  5. I will never understand Christina Hendricks’ boobs, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying.

  6. I didn’t know that I could have put “A Picture of Christina Hendricks Pouring Johnny Walker Blue” on my Christmas List, but my list seems pretty boring now that I know it.

  7. Leo for real looks in his twenties, except not in that prepubescent way of his actual twenties.

  8. OMG Christina Hendricks. That’s all.

  9. Liz Lemon needs to come back into my life RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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