You’re not gonna see any sympathy coming from me, possibly German guy carrying a million mugs of beer. Nah uh. You know I love you so much and that I’d never want to see anything bad to happen to you, but that is precisely why I’m glad that you had this experience. You have to know your limitations, and now you do. And the important thing to remember is that no one got hurt. We’re all safe and alive at home — just a little wiser and a little more cautious. And next time (at least I hope) you’ll know not to carry a million mugs of beer. Maybe try half that many? If the people videotaping you are your true friends, they won’t mind anyway. I promise. (Via Abroath.)

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  1. Why are you laughing?! You just spilled four hundred gallons of beer, you idiot! There is no world in which that is funny.

  2. I do not like this result

  3. Now that is how you celebrate Droptoberfest.

  4. This video just seems so incomplete without polka music playing in the background.

  5. Man, and I was really looking forward to that beer that comes with extra beard in it.

  6. His Lederhosen remained intact at least

  7. I think he had too many hops in his walk.

  8. I like how he didn’t really care, he was like, yep, tried, didn’t work, so?

  9. “Why didn’t you just have make the trial run with water?!”

    -All you drunks out there

  10. He should have used Lite Beer.

  11. this would’ve been better without the talking in the end. just groaning, huffing, and bearded men chanting hub hub hub.

  12. “Party Foul! Now you have to lick it up!” – my gross, drunk friends.

  13. I know I’m not supposed to cry over spilled milk, but what about spilled beer?

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