Being a kid is the worst. You can’t do anything and you’re always getting yelled at and there’s a boy in class who smells so bad and it’s like the adults don’t even care and Maggie is popular but you’re not even sure why because she’s never done anything that’s even that special and if it really if that she’s popular just because she had that folder with a picture of horses on it then you think you might scream because it’s not like she made that folder she bought it in a store and it’s just a folder. Sometimes it’s all just too much. Why don’t they make pills that make you grow up faster? And now I’m supposed to just keep reading this stupid book? You’ll all burn in hell. (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. The Happening: The Early Years

  2. I have no idea what’s going on here that there are TWO children hitting themselves, but I’m pretty sure this teacher should be fired.

  3. Maybe there’s a simple explanation. Maybe she is reading Atlas Shrugged for kids, in which case headbutting it is the only reasonable response.

  4. She’s got Tourett’sk Syndrome

  5. Glee looks much, much different in Russia.

  6. That was cyrilly unsettling.

  7. Maybe it’s almost time for a quiz, and she didn’t study, so she’s just Stalin. She’s not trying to hurt herself, she’s only Putin on a show to distract the teacher.

  8. “In Soviet Russia, yourself hits you…. wait… that doesn’t really work”

  9. If this is a key ingredient of their curriculum, it’s really kind of amazing that it took us so long to win the Cold War.

  10. Must be finals week.

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