• The Austin Powers franchise is getting a Broadway musical, THANK GOD. Finally another actor gets the chance to take on the roll of Mini Me. Do you think females can try out for that role? Actually, do you think me and Gabe can play Mini Me and Dr. Evil? I’m pretty sure Gabe loves musicals and would extra love to take part in an Austin Powers one. Email us at drevil.minime@brdwy.plz/perfect. “Yeah baby.” #shag -NYPost
  • The teaser trailer for Lena Dunham’s new HBO series Girls went online today! It will premiere in April and I will watch it then, even if it turns out that I only kind of like it. -HBO
  • Speaking of HBO things that went online today, here is the Game of Thrones season two trailer! -HBO
  • There are a lot of Louis C.K. things to cover so here they all are in one single bullet point. Ok, I’m sure we all know this but just in case we don’t, you can now purchase Louis C.K.’s special online for $5. Great. Also, there is a long feature about him in Rolling Stone. ALSO, he answered questions on reddit today. The End!
  • The popular Twitter account @shitgirlssay is now either a web series or at least a web video. To be honest and real with everyone, I enjoy this Twitter account. I’ve always wanted to send this one in, but I never have: “I’ll pay you in baked goods!” That one’s pretty good, right? No need to respond because I am well aware that it is very good. -@shitgirlssay
  • So I guess Anthony Bourdain wanted to include a little Christmas short about this scary Alpine Christmas creature called Krumpus in his No Reservations Christmas special, but it was too gross and scary to actually air on TV. So now you can watch it here on the Internet! Great. I already did, it was a delight. -BestWeekEver
  • Daniel Craig thought Quantum of Solace sucked, just like you did. That guy just looooves to keep it real. It’s almost like, hey, maybe keep it a little faker sometimes, Daniel Craig! Relax! -FilmDrunk
  • Meryl Streep is on the cover of Vogue. Congrats! I thought only people who could fit into the sample sizes could be on the cover of Vogue? Where did I hear that? Have they stopped doing that? Some of my favorite things to talk about are things that I am unsure of that make me look dumb. -Dlisted
  • Here are photos from Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People” special. Are we all on it? Click to find out! -Celebuzz
  • Watch this, it’s people pogoing on pogo sticks. It’s pretty extreme. I swear! -TheDailyWhat
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  1. All this time I thought Santa was jolly. Turns out he’s cashing in on finders fees while enabling Krampus’ pedophilia and torture fetish. Merry Christmas indeed!

    • Lots of other countries have much less pussfied Christmas traditions. In Czech Republic and I’m guessing other western Slavic countries there is a devil that goes around with Mikulas (Santa Claus). If a kid wants a gift he or she has to sing a song. If it’s good enough the kid gets a present. If not, the devil takes the kid to HELL!! I am not making that up.

  2. I’m going to watch Louie’s new special really soon (can hardly wait), all indications are that its great. Thoughts on it?

    I highly recommend reading the AMA he did today on reddit. Some of his answers are just great, honest, and hilarious.

  3. girls looks like it could be good! or terrifyingly close to my life, except i’m not as sarcastically witty.

  4. So, Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People” = America’s 10 Most Successful Nightmares?

  5. I think Kelly might turn upstairs baby and it’s parents in to the Krampus.

  6. Mr. Grinth and I are rewatching the Lord of the Rings extended cuts (Two Towers was last night), and it just reminded me of how much I enjoy Sean Bean, and how sad I get whenever I watch something he’s in because HE DIES REAL GOOD. With that being said, at least I don’t have to worry about that happening in season 2 of Game of Thrones! Hurrah! (or is it Huzzah?)

  7. Great links today!

  8. It makes me sad that I will never be as cool as those pogo guys

  9. Hey, can somebody do me a weirdly specific favor?

    Can you take Game of Thrones footage and cut a trailer with Blades of Steel music? Also, at the beginning of the trailer have a guy say “Game of Thrones” instead of “Blades of Steel” but keep it in that robotic Nintendo voice.


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