Only one more Monday before Christmas! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT? “Yes, of course we can believe it. We have been working on this Semper Fi Fund USA Christmas light display for what feels like years. I can’t believe it isn’t summer again already, to be honest. What day is it? DECEMBER 12TH? ” -Everyone who took part in creating this USA Christmas lights display. While it certainly offers an interesting contrast to last week’s Slayer Christmas light display, I think we can all agree that each of them offers its own sort of patriotism and holiday joy. Hooray America! Hooray the holidays! U-S-A! U-S-A! C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S! (Via StuffIStole.)

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  1. These colors don’t run. They light up in sync with music.

  2. Got freedom? Thank a veteran. Got milk? Thank a cow.

  3. If there’s just one thing to take away from Jesus’ teachings, it’s Nationalism.

  4. Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ
    Was born in the USA

  5. Someone in that house is bound to have a wide stance.

  6. the funniest thing about this video is that this house is in halifax.

  7. The top rated youtube comment for this video really captures the Christmas spirit and shows that everyone really just gets it:

    “I just want to say this is absolutely awsome…job VERY well done…GOD BLESS AMERICA…thats rite you non American assholes i said God and if you dont like it then get the hell outta my country…we didnt ask you to come here it was your choice so quit knockin MY country cause you have just as much right to leave it as you did to join it…if your country was worth a shit you wouldnt have come here anyway…”

  8. I never knew that “Born in the USA” was about Jesus!

  9. My only problem is the amount of space on either side of the house. It just isn’t right that there isn’t a whole slew of neighbors having to deal with garish light displays and clogged sreets of onlookers. For that I’m giving it only 3 out of 5 Bald Eagles.

    • I have heard through the neighborhood grapevine that none of them mind. (Though perhaps none dare argue? Don’t know any of them directly.)

      The folks directly across *did* have to put up little staked reflectors, to keep folks from pulling into their yard (Which was just laid last year, if memory serves.)

      I live around the corner. I make sure go around the other way (Orange Ave to Mossy Creek), coming home, so as not to get caught up in the rapture.

      (That was a lot of parentheses.)

  10. I watched a little bit of this and started thinking terrible, cynical, grinchy thoughts about how wasting electricity relates to American need for foreign oil, and how that influences international geopolitics…and felt sort of bad.
    Then I scrolled down to read the rest of the monsters’ comments. I love you all. This is where I belong.

  11. I’m kind of disturbed that there’s a medley of our armed forces theme songs. I’m kind of disturbed that our armed forces have theme songs…

  12. I’m so glad someone FINALLY made a danceable version of this song.

  13. I hope for the sake of Patriotism they bought all those lights at Lowe’s

  14. Those Christmas lights have nothing to do with Christmas. Those are 4th of July lights! Those people did Christmas wrong! That would be like if somebody decked their house out in black, orange, yellow and purple lights with images of jack ‘o lanterns and witches and candy corn and broomsticks and mummies marching around and then called it their ‘Halloween Christmas’ lights! That’s just Halloween, ya jerks!

  15. I am so Canadian right now.

  16. Anybody else planning to celebrate Xmas by themselves with a lot of alcohol?

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