James Franco also reviews The Descendants. Naturally. What did you expect? For James Franco NOT to review Twilight and The Descendants for The Paris Review? Be realistic.

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  1. “He took err jerbs!” – America’s English majors

  2. “The movie takes place in Hawaii. It stars George Clooney. It features the gorgeous Shailene Woodley as his eldest daughter. It features her bikini so prominently that the two strips of material practically have a place on the cast list. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to stroke my molester mustache for a bit.” — James Franco, The Paris Review

    • “The Descendants and Breaking Dawn were released on the same weekend. Undoubtedly one is making a play for an Oscar. Undoubtedly the other will dominate every MTV award category, including best kiss, best dude moment, best male shirtless scene, and whatever else the network that produces the Jersey Shore celebrates. The movies are in many ways very different.” -James Franco, a student in Freshmen Expository Writing

    • “Very nice!” -

  3. This is worse than when Noah Shapiro commissioned investigative journalism from high school student Dan Humphrey for the Paris Review.

  4. From the comments section at the end of the article:

    anna | December 7, 2011 at 4:42 pm
    I absolutley love and trust James Franco’s Movie reviews. The Twighlight review is particulary witty. I would say is there anything this man can’t do? But what does it matter.

    What does it matter, indeed.

  5. “both deal with characters who are so financially secure that they are almost impossible to identify with”

    umm, you do know that you’re James Franco, right?

  6. “Edward can’t kiss Bella because he is afraid that he will get so excited he’ll loose [sic] control of himself”

    Franco is so untouchable, they won’t even let copy editors near him.

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