I think people were a little bit upset and confused when they heard that Katy Perry would be hosting Saturday Night Live. (As upset and confused as a person could be when reacting to the news of an SNL host.) I think this because every time I read about it, the article or whatever would be like — “Katy Perry will be hosting SNL on December 10. (YEAH, you read that right.)” Implying that she should just be the music guest? But, like, singers host SNL all the time. Britney Spears hosted SNL. And Elton John and Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift and MORE, for crying out loud. Was everyone just mad that she wasn’t also the musical guest? If so, it is kind of weird that she wasn’t also the musical guest. I’m not an SNL scholar, even though that may shock you after all of that SNL musical host knowledge I just laid down, so I’m not sure if that has ever happened before. In any case, though, Robyn was a GREAT musical guest, and Katy Perry did a perfectly fine job of hosting. Better than fine, even! She did a good job. And the sketches did a good job, too! There weren’t really any bad ones! Not that they were all the greatest, but if I can repeat myself one more time, it was an all-around “good” episode. Also: Stefon. Also: REBECCA LARUE. Also: Ugh, Alec Baldwin. Let’s take a look, HUH?

Darrell Hammond made an appearance in the cold open (the first of a few celebrity appearances during the episode) as Donald Trump. It was fine to see. IDK. Not that exciting, if we can be honest with ourselves and each other. Kristen Wiig’s Greta Van Susteren impression was good, though!

The apocalypse New Years Eve style movie trailer was a great way to feature Bill Hader’s Alan Alda impression. It was one of a few sketches where a feature of Katy Perry’s role was to sing, but even in these parts I think she did a fine job, acting-wise? She knew how to be funny enough. It’s not like she just sang into the camera. (Except for this sketch where she did just sing into the camera.) (But otherwise!)

The “Best Friends” digital short was FINALLY a digital short that I enjoyed this season that didn’t include Drake. All of the celebrities are in it. It’s silly and holiday themed. What’s not to like? Huh? HUH?

Stefon is always perfect, even when you like him less than you used to because liking the character less at some point was inevitable since it’s kind of a one-note bit and although that note is great, any note can get old when you see it played over and over. Stefon!

Rebecca Larue was amazing.

Alec Baldwin as American Airlines pilot Capt. Steve Rodgers only kind of annoyed me, unfortunately. I can certainly see why some people would’ve liked it, since at some points it did seem to be pretty harsh on Alec Baldwin and he was a good sport etc., but blah, ugh. “We need to make Alec Baldwin funny and lovable again even though really no one thought much differently about him in the first place, he’d have to do something a lot worse than get kicked off a plane for playing a Scrabble game on his phone to turn people against him for some reason … STAT!” – Everyone In America.

“Royal Family” sketches a good, I like them a good amount. Was happy to see it back. Would watch again!

And, finally, I wanted to mention the J-Pop Talk Show sketch. I didn’t really like this the first time around, but I enjoyed it a significant amount more this time and I think that was due to the addition of Katy Perry. She was very funny in this!

Also, Robyn performed and she was great, DUH. Call your girlfriend!


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  1. Things I didn’t know: Katy Perry looks really good with blond hair, like she had in the monologue. Also, Kristen Wiig can look really pretty when she wants to.

  2. The password is “Diabeetus.”

  3. This might have been the greatest SNL ever, just because Robyn.

  4. Fat Sajak. Menorah the Explorer. Diabeetus.

  5. Fred Armisen’s Cockney Queen was one of the funniest SNL characters I’ve ever seen.

  6. OK, about Robyn. I like Robyn a lot, but there was definitely something off about her vocals. I’m backing down a bit from claiming she was lip-syncing, but she definitely used a lot of backing tracks and effects, especially during “Call Your Girlfriend.” To the point where it was hard to tell when she was actually singing. Also, I had her exact haircut in third grade.

    • Oh she definitely uses a lot of backing tracks and a ton of effects. I don’t think this detracts too much from what she does, because as far as pop goes, she at the very least does make an effort to sing live.

    • She did have a backing track, but she was also full on singing through both songs. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the sound mix at SNL? I saw her in Atlanta and the backing tracks, when they appeared, were mixed much lower than they were in these performances. I understand their inclusion though, especially when she’s doing all that dancing.

      • I saw her perform in Stockholm once in a record store about a million years ago. She was singing live to pre-recorded music on this little stage. Remember being slightly stunned by that voice coming out of this unassuming girl wearing a backpack. They said she’d be a big star and I guess, yeah. That’s pretty much what happened isn’t it? The effects and backing tracks are just the lay of the land in pop music these days. She doesn’t really need it to give a good vocal performance if that was ever in question.

        • Here’s the thing: She’s fundamentally an electronic musician. All of those backing tracks featured a lot of processing to create sounds that the human voice can’t alone. I have zero problem with her use of backing electronic vocals. She’s very honest about that: i.e. Fembot.

    • Let me jump in here, not to argue with anybody’s ironic mustache, but because this is the topic I came here to comment on, fully expecting to find 100% unanimous agreement among all sentient beings that Robyn was easily the most abominably wretched “musical” guest to ever appear on SNL, including Ke$ha, and instead finding, at best, some nuanced disagreement about the correct level for her pre-recorded backing vocals, as if the correct level could possibly have redeemed the abomination. People, I beseech you all not to settle for such dreck. It gets better (but not worse).

  7. Kristen Wiig is the best. It can’t be said enough.

  8. Back when Twilly was a student DJ in college, she had to spend a year following a J-Pop girl on Tuesday nights. J-Pop girl was a furry (who liked to talk about it) and stunk to high heaven.

    Just sayin’ it makes the J-pop sketch way funnier….

    • the radio studio at my college always smelled like stale pot and BO because it was 7′x7′ with no ventilation. Not really all that pleasant. The things you endure so that 15 people can listen to you on a sunday morning.

  9. Agreed about Katy Perry being very funny in the J-Pop Talk Show sketch.

    I thought her Florence impression was also excellent?

  10. Also that last sketch, because that last sketch was the best. And I’d like to have Jason Sudeikis croon me to sleep every night, thanks.

  11. Eh, I thought it was one of the worst episodes of the season (but it’s been a pretty strong season, so that’s okay). Katy Perry was fine, but I almost would have preferred her to be hilariously awful than just kind of boring. She was a good sport about everything she was in, but never really seemed to go for broke with the impressions or characters.

    Oh well. Next week Jimmy Fallon!!

  12. I hated this episode

  13. Count me in the ‘it was a pretty bad episode’ camp

    Also, I don’t get the whole Robyn thing. Why does she get a pass again?
    Isn’t she just Ke$ha for indie kids?

  14. I wish they had saved Stefon for next week and had Jimmy Fallon come on as Stefon’s brother or something just to see which one of them would break the most. I don’t mind when they break because it’s usually still funny, I’m just curious.

    Actually it would definitely be Fallon. Nevermind.

  15. Wait, am I the only one who remembers that KATY PERRY IS A HORRIBLE PERSON?

    • Why? She has a cat named Kitty Purry and it sleeps in a bed shaped like a shark’s mouth! I was all set to dislike this girl after “I kissed a girl” and that Hangover song, but she won me.

  16. Taran Killam as Robyn is great. Don’t know why they didn’t work this into the show somehow.

  17. “You know what SNL needs that would be new and fresh? A cold open that is 5 minutes of Daryl Hammond doing an impression.” -No one.

  18. Also, sweet baby Jesus was Kristen Wiig’s Drew Barrymore impersonation ever fantastic.

  19. OMG I was shocked how hot Kristen Wiig looked in the Rebecca LaRue slut sketch during Weekend Update. I feel like for most of her characters she goes out of her way to look unattractive, and has also become face-skinny over the years in a mostly unpleasant way. Was it the blonde wig? New makeup? I don’t know. All I know is I wanted to lick her eyeball after that sketch.

  20. What I want to know, is how does Steve Winwood feel about Robyn? America needs to know!

  21. No love for the Finnish talk show sketch?

    (Also, Robyn-haters are objectively wrong, like flat-earthers and Obama on plan B.)

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