Rick Perry’s terrible, homophobic campaign ad has only been around for two days and it already has more dislikes on YouTube than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, SORT OF!

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  1. I can’t wait for Kohl’s to parody Perry’s commercial for their after holiday sales event.

    • I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a bargain-hunter, but you don’t need to be in the stores every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t get all the back-to-school clothes that they need for a reasonable price. At Kohl’s, we’ll end Obama’s war on bargains. And we’ll fight against liberal attacks on our great selection and low prices. Bargains made America strong. It can make her strong again. I’m Kohl’s and I approved this message.

  2. If only real voting was this simple

  3. I read last night (on HuffPo, I think) that something like 40% of the people who viewed the spot “disliked” it. If that’s right, that’s incredible. I imagine that the vast majority of views on YouTube pass without clicking either “like” or “dislike”, so I’d say the people really have spoken. So congrats to The People for speaking and not doing anything embarrassing in the process.

    • Hmm, comments have also been disabled, which probably saves our eyeballs from the hissing bile of anyone who supports his sentiment. So I’m only going to give partial credit for this one.

  4. Rebecca Black’s main weakness is her lack of conviction, constantly flip flopping on which seat to take. That’s why I’m supporting Judson Laipply, creator of Evolution of Dance, now there’s a man who knows his history.

  5. This is totally Rick Perry right now:

  6. How many more dislikes before the Perry campaign takes this off youtube? Place your bets.

    • commenting is already disabled and was really quickly.

      • Commenting was actually disabled from the very start (pretty sure, anyways, I saw it about fifteen minutes after it was posted), which is the norm for most campaign videos.

        It should be noted that Rick Santorum does /not/ disable the comments on his videos. That should be attributed to the fact that Rick Santorum is a fucking idiot.

    • I doubt they ever will. All those dislikes come from people who watched after they got linked to it by sites like this or their Facebook friends. From a campaign perspective, how many of those 300k plus dislikes are planning on voting republican anyway? 0? Plus, all the hate will do nothing but make Perry and his followers feel more strongly about this shit. Not that it matters, cuz, I mean, he’s horrible, and is in no way going to be a nominee

  7. Not to be a stickler about this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT topic, but the original Rebecca Black video probably had 20 times as many “dislikes” before she took it down and uploaded the new one on her account a few months ago. Rebecca Black For the…Win? Loss? They’re both just terrible?

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    • Kids can eat candy canes. The teacher just can’t call them Jesus canes or whatever.

      No, I think his real message is “Something is wrong when gays can exercise their rights & schools can’t violate the constitution.”

      • Is it really a violation of the constitution to put a christmas tree in a classroom? I say go for it, but be just as willing to put up a menorah and kinara. Be representative of everybody: majority and minority.

        I mean the praying in schools is different. I would agree its unconstitutional to force kids do any of that, but at the same time I think it works against promoting tolerance when you make public space completely devoid of differences. I’m not particularly a religious type myself, but to grow up watching christian kids and muslim kids freely practice their own religion in the same space: that’s America. Right? I think that would definitely harbor less resentment and alienation when you get a kid that isn’t Muslim (for example), yet is well informed on Muslim practices -that kid would most likely be more respectful and tolerant of Muslim people.

        slap me some five?

    • mmmmnope

      • Not that I posted this to purposely get downvotes, but I had a strong feeling it would happen. Let me clarify: I’m not on Rick Perry’s side. I’m just saying it feels like people are focusing more on the homophobia in the video than they are on the personal attack this video poses to their intelligence. Not to place priority of one thing over the other. Homophobia is a horrible thing. Its just that regardless of whether or not he makes those allusions against gay people in the military (which isn’t the main point of this video), no matter what example he would have used, it still would have been an insult to rhetoric in general.

        This video should be shown in public speaking classes when they go over fallacies (like really? someone actually suggested that dressing Rick Perry up straight out of a Sears/Walmart catalog would somehow benefit the video? “I like the way this guy wears a Dickies jacket. He’s got my vote”).

        • Hey notspelledbrain, I feel ya. There are no real ties in his “argument”, it just seems like he’s spewing out stuff that will appeal to “family values” assholes who hate that their hegemonic culture is losing its power. So he’s throwing around garbage that narrow-minded people think in their homes. Surprised he didn’t say something about abortion in the ad.

          HOWEVER, just putting them in the same thought tacitly creates a connotation in people’s brains (our brains are trained to do this). So people hear this ad and think “gays in the military are keeping my kid from being Jesus in the Christmas pageant. Those gay faggot soldiers.” So whether or not Rick Perry means to, he is promoting hatred towards gay people.

        • I hear ya, but I also think its fair to be equally as offended by his mentioning of the gay military garbage because while he could have mentioned anything, he mentioned that anyways, and it was a garbage thing to point out for no reason.

          But yeah, the whole thing is bananas, like completely bananas and I don’t think anyone is really complaining about Christmas trees. I’m a jew (well I’m a non-believer/Unitiarian Universalist I guess) ans I grew up with both christmas trees but also with Jewish mothers bringing Latkes in and teaching about hannukah which is a nonsense stupid holiday no real Jew would ever care about – my point is, as an adult now, I think that it was all pretty stupid. Christmas is a secular holiday for consumers. But that’s not what he’s talking about. He expressly thinks schools should have more Jesus in them. Which is completely wrong – forget the constitution. Preaching religion in an area where not everyone shares that faith is just a shitty thing to WANT everyone to just suck up and do. So fuck that guy.

          And then to add something about Gays in the military – I mean, fuck that guy. That guy is human shit.

  9. Please don’t thumbs down this comment, or I’ll cry a shit storm. Literally.

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