HOLIDAY EPISOOOOOOOOOODEEEESSSS! What a wonderful night. I’m not even going to pretend like I can unbiasedly judge a holiday episode of a TV show — THEY’RE ALL GREAT! But, I do think that these holiday episodes were all legitimately very good. While I don’t care about Glee or making jokes about Glee, Community‘s psychological thriller aspect (l.o.l.) was VERY appealing. Also the songs. And Annie’s extra-dumb Christmas song in particular was great. And when the dean said, “Aw, Britta’s in this?” THAT WAS VERY FUNNY! Taran Killam was also good. Goodbye, Community! See you later, I hope! Parks & Recreation was an A+. While I do love Community, Parks & Rec definitely does the “feel good” aspect in a better and much more genuine way. And since both of them do the “feel good” thing every single episode, not that I’m complaining, just saying, I’m starting to lean more towards the Parks & Recreation version. (Which is good I guess because maybe RIP Community.) Andy was great the entire episode. Aziz explaining the fudge was great. It was all great. And then THE OFFICE was even good! Ellie Kemper is very funny and it’s great when she’s allowed to be very funny, like she was in this episode. I’m looking forward to lots of Ellie Kemper GIFs. (“How many drinks have you had?” “A thousand.”) I also enjoyed her scoliosis joke because, as a young woman with scoliosis myself, I can take — with a laugh of understanding – a certain amount of good natured nerdy girl scoliosis jokes that somehow hit the nail on the head every single time. But then when It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ALSO OPENED WITH A NERDY SCOLIOSIS JOKE? That was a bit much. “I get it.” That episode was pretty good, too, though. Not one of the best this season, but it has been an oddly good season sooooo. Ronald McDonald. Also The League was pretty good! WHAT DID YOU THINK? Happy Holidays!

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  1. There was one scene in Community that really spoke to me

  2. Someone quick! The FNL reference GIF from Parks & Rec!!! I’ve been looking forward to it since last night. (Sad, right?)

  3. Did anyone watch last week’s Dexter? Doomsday killer’s new follower was Lil Kev the possibly retarded rapper from It’s Always Sunny. Very distracting.

  4. I did like the League, but I’m strting to dislike Taco’s wacky ideas as a subplot. That being said, the guys just hanging out and bantering is always terrific. Elisa Dushku was pretty funny, TJ Miller was underused. Still really liked this one as it did aptly lay out the group dynamics.

    Community did nail Glee pretty good and there were some great songs, but I have to give it to Parks & Rec. The gifts from Leslie were the best gifts ever, plus Jean-Ralphio, the return of Dennis Feinstein and PCP? Yes, P&R, yes.

  5. Missouri State Women’s basketball pre-empted all of NBC’s primetime shows last night here in Springfield, so the local affiliate bumped Thursday Night TV to…2 a.m. to 4 a.m. :( !!!

    So I didn’t get to watch them, although they are sitting on my DVR this morning.

    I did watch Always Sunny, and though it had some good laughs (Mac stands for…Ronald McDonald??), I didn’t think it was that great. The high school reunion is such a sitcom cliche–I don’t think the Sunny crew really broke any new ground with it.

    • I will say they’ve taken Britta to an even more awkward and ridiculous level this season (I don’t think she would’ve done that in season 1), but I did love that she said she was singing her heart’s song, and that’s what was in there.

    • “Let’s let Britta have her awkward song…”

  6. Let’s talk about Whitney. – Noone ever.

  7. “I am Jehovah’s most secret witness.”

    That’s gold Jerry.


  8. I am going to miss Community!!!!!!

    //NBC sucks the worst.

    • Saw a commercial for that new sitcom replacing Community last night and I was already yelling BOOOO without giving it a chance, even though its all Whitney’s and NBC’s fault

  9. So happy with all the BEP bashing!

  10. Did anyone else expect the conclusion of the Ben finding a job plotline to end with him stepping up and running Leslie’s campaign? That said, I got very misty eyed when ron presented his gift to her.

    • That was an excellent plot twist.

      • I did expect that. In fact, I turned to my roommate when he was all “Oh, I don’t know if I should take this job accounting for an accounting firm.” and said “Kind of obvious that this was going to happen. I wonder what took them so long?” And then there was a gingerbread office and silver m&ms (Go throw up) and everybody was sweet and I went “Awwwwwwww!” So points to them for not going the traditional route.

        That said, I think Parks and Rec was slightly weaker than Community this week. Maybe that’s me saying that through the tears of perhaps never getting to watch Community again, but I felt like it was both sweet and really true to its weird, weird roots while Parks was good but… it felt kind of like they weren’t trying very hard. And hey, maybe that’s what makes it good.

        I loved Annie’s sex song, but perhaps even more, I enjoyed Abed convincing Britta to sing her heart song. I know he may be on the spectrum and that’s none of my bidness, but I really like it when they turn the tables and have him manipulating somebody like Britta, who prides herself on being a hardass.

  11. Troy’s rap sequence was better than most Childish Gambino songs.

  12. “I..don’t know why you jumped to model trains. It’s… … accurate but…”

  13. Can someone explain to me why Community was making fun of sweater vests? What’s their angle?

  14. Need .gif of the shot of Leslie smiling through the gingerbread window at the end of P&R.

  15. Ronald McDonald. Oh boy. Poor Mac. I laughed so hard at him after that was revealed.

    And they teased the Waitress’ real name, AS USUAL. Frank snagged a name tag, the Waitress complained there wasn’t a name tag for her, but they prefaced the Waitress’ appearance with saying no one ever remembers her, so they could’ve never even made her a name tag, plus when she was complainging about her name tag Frank was wearing his stolen one of a girl named Nikki, but the Waitress didn’t seem to notice it, and everyone else who saw Frank’s nametag seemed to remember Nikki, SOOOOOOO, I’ve thought about this a lot.

    • Even though I loved the Mac reveal, I would’ve been perfectly happy never knowing his full name for the entirety of the series. It served well as a joke, but usually it’s never necessary, and takes a way a little inconsequential mystery that they audience may choose to ruminate over or not.

      To all the Ronald McDonalds, Cosmo Kramers & James Howletts, we didn’t need to knwo your real names but now we do. So that’s a thing.

      • I’ll argue that the James Howlett reveal only added to my love of the character, not even that shitty movie could take away from that.

        • Oh sure! I mean, he was in 27 years-worth of comics going by Logan before they “revealed” his origin story, which only detailed the situation surrounding the manifestation of his mutant powers. It didn’t chronicle everything he’s ever done, and considering all the memory wipes and implants he’s had, it’s just one experience of many he does not recall but that the readers were made privy to. Of course now Wolverine knows everything, slowly getting it all back over the 10 years since ORIGIN was released.

          And really, ‘James’ is dead on. ‘James’ or ‘Jim’ is a great name for the character. ‘Howlett’ technically is a real surname, so even though it was a little too precious when I first read it, it’s fine in the end. ORIGIN was a great mini-series.

          • I met a girl with the last name Howlett once and it took every fiber of my being not to immediately mention Wolverine, though I did say it was a great name.

  16. I almost forgot…. favorite part of Parks & Rec was the “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” It was the best!

  17. Favorite quotes from other shows before I talk about Community:
    Parks & Rec – Everything with Jean Ralphio also “I can hear you breathing and yes you can finish her spaghetti.”
    The Office – “What’s the deal with your grandmother?” “Way out of your league.”
    It’s Always Sunny – “Smash ‘em UP!” the second time in front of the security guard.
    The League – “I was hitting on you.” “I’m married.” “I’M MARRIED TOO!”

    Now to the main event: I hate Glee but I love singing and I LOVE singing on Community, but most of all I love Troy and Abed rapping. The way every character was suckered into being in the Glee club with a specific song was great but I’m bummed Britta didn’t get one; the fact that Abed uses her singing to sabotage the performance kinda made up for it though, hilarious genius. Ending the episode with a terrible Inspector Spacetime holiday special was probably the best way to go, but I’m still sad about the show’s uncertain future.

  18. What’re diminishuh reuuuuuuuu?

  19. This episode of Community was exactly what I thought Glee was going to be like when it premiered. Oh how wrong was I?

  20. Has no one mentioned Kings of Leon on It’s Always Sunny??? That was kinda awesomely random. Can’t wait for Part 2!!

  21. Glad to see Scoliosis getting some awareness!

  22. Did anyone else notice that Ben was eating a calzone! Haha, perfection! I missed that the first time through.

    “Mmm! Love me a calzone.” Ben Wyatt

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