Uhhhhh. At first you’re like, well, no, right? No. Probably not. You can do all kinds of tricks with Photoshop these days, so I think the answer is no. But then Michelle Collins over at Best Week Ever did some research and found the following description of the episode’s plotline:

When one of Wesley’s friends is revealed to have AIDS, he is taken out of school due to the ignorance and uncertainty that many of the other children’s parents share. This leads Wesley to shun his friend in fear of getting the disease himself.

Goooooood episode of televisioooonnnnnnn! (This guy knows what I’m talking about.) What that description doesn’t include is the part of the episode when Gaeten Dugas, the legendary “Patient Zero,” timidly knocked on the door to Wesley’s room and asked if he wanted someone to talk to, and then sat on Wesley’s bed and explained how he gave his friend AIDS on purpose because he was a sadistic and self-loathing monster. LOLOL. From now on, when people try and tell me that this is some kind of “Golden Age of Television” because of How to Make It in America or whatever, I’m going to laugh in their face, shout “THINK AGAIN, PAL!” and then shove this clip right in their FACE.

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  1. I’m going to continue with the robot theme but tie it in with a nice early ’00′s reference to a cancelled MTV show, Wesley.

  2. The actors on TV were replaced with models so gradually over the last 25 years that I barely even noticed it.

  3. My only question- what’s in the brown paper bag?

  4. I wonder if Wesley’s friend learned of his condition from Walker Texas Ranger, too?

  5. I work with video files all day now, and slowing them down accomplishes two things: If you slow it down a little bit everyone sounds drunk (Ex. Jeff Goldblum, also anybody). If you slow it down a lot, it sounds scary and evil (Patton Oswalt’s bit about the Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas record is a perfect example).

    That was definitely a travesty of a topic for Mr. Belvedere, and that clip was ridiculous. The slowmo repeat was unnecessary. It did nothing to heighten the absurdity of the footage. It only served to distract from the material.

    Professor Slowmo over here.

  6. I’m sort of in love with the mom’s hair. I wonder how long it will be before that style comes back into fashion. How do you even do that? A perm? Rollers? Either way, awesome.

    • The daughter’s hair (background behind the couch) is pretty special, too.

    • Well considering a fair number of male hipsters are dressed like the little boy right now at this very moment, I can only imagine that it’s a matter of minutes before the fine ladies of Williamsburg and Silverlake add this style to their leggings and oversized sweatshirts and colored wayfarers.

  7. That was positively hilarious.

  8. what was the deal with the mr belvedere program? was he a british dude who was a butler? or was he a spy? he got in a car wreck with no insurance so the judge made him be somebody’s butler?

  9. An Incredibly Dumb Show

  10. I love snark and, to a certain extent, taking the piss out of what we might see as “quaint” TV shows from era’s past, but I think your policework could use a little brushing up on. The episode in question wasn’t about little Wesley becoming the hero because he shunned some kid with AIDS. As in most dumb ass old shows from the 80′s, there was a very simplified lesson to learn. Wesley comes to learn that he was wrong in his actions and realizes that people with AIDS aren’t faceless monsters out to infect the populace. From Wikipedia:
    “In one of many very special episodes, one of Wesley’s classmates contracts HIV via Factor VIII, like Ryan White. When all of Wesley’s classmates shun him for still associating with his friend, Belvedere is there for him and the child, and he helps the other students befriend the boy.”
    Do I defend the merits of “Mr. Belvedere”? No, but that chick’s research sucks.

  11. Guys, you can’t pull things like this out of context. I remember this episode. The kid was the son of a congressman. He was doing really poorly in school, so his dad assigned him a team of personal assistants that would help him with his homework and keep him from being bullied at lunch time. But he hated them and just wanted to be a normal kid, so he was always complaining about how he had to have aides all the time. It made for some great jokes. Also, it turns out the kid was HIV positive, but that was just a coincidence.

  12. I remember SNL’s Victoria Jackson being all proud she came up with the 80s is the Aids-ies

  13. All bad grammar aside, I’m just sayin’, yo

  14. Lil B before Lil B was Lil B

  15. OK I’m old enough to remember this show AND this particular episode. This was a time of pandemonium people. It was crAZT. (if anyone gets that joke I’ll give you a $1)

    • This was programmed at the height of the Ryan White controversy and I have to say it looks REALLY funny now but back then it was bringing awareness to a really sensitive issue and helped push the Ryan White bill. Yay Mr. Belvedere!

  16. You OLD, Videogum

  17. Never has a laugh track been more inappropriate.

  18. Mr. B’s got nothing on The Hogan Family’s “very special” AIDS episode.

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