The UK version of the Internet is calling this Scottish trampoline accident the “biggest viral hit since ‘Fenton.’” Hahaha, of course. “LORRIES N’ BUDGES, get out the viral metre!” -Those guys. But anyway the Videogum version of the Internet is calling this THE MOST FANTASTIC TRAMPOLINE ACCIDENT INCLUDING NO HUMAN INTERFERENCE OF ALL TIME! Great job, everyone! We’ll see you next trampoline accident. (Thanks for the tip, Brian, Helen, Batteredgnome, and Funtastik!)

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  1. Apparently the trampoline realized that England is kinda lame, and decided to bounce.


  3. This is soooo 1996

  4. The Trampoline is the new Tumbleweed.

  5. Who the fuck names a hurricane Bawbag?

  6. It’s nice knowing that if Brian is ever sick, we have Helen, Batteredgnome, and Funtastik looking out for us.

  7. If a trampoline has an accident and no one is there to be hurt from it, does it still make a viral video?

  8. Im hoping this post was just a chance for Kelly to post a link to Fenton.

  9. I think this guy is serious when he claims that his god is a roaming trampoline.

  10. are we sure this isn’t just another Mythbusters stunt gone wrong?

  11. This is why Kelly gets paid the big bucks.

  12. That is well funny innit tho

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