Obviously each of these robots is a big threat and a major player in the Robot Uprising in its own right — we know that just by the images and the brief descriptions their names provide — but only one can be the BIGGEST threat and the MOST major player in the Robot Uprising!!! BECAUSE I SAID SO! On the one hand you have Cup O’ Noodles robot. It looks tame on the outside, sure — it looks like just a regular Cup O’ Noodles (or “Cup Noodles”) with glow-y parts. Which will make it all the more surprising when it crawls out of your cupboard in the middle of the night and takes over your entire life somehow, I don’t know how, I’m not a robot, OR AM I?, and then the entire lives of all of your friends and then eventually the entire lives of the world. RIGHT? Never saw it coming, I bet. But on THE OTHER HAND, you have a robot who is looking into a mirror and recognizing what it sees in the mirror as ITSELF. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! That it’s insanely self absorbed? That it loves itself SO MUCH that it’s going to destroy everything that doesn’t look like it which will mean almost all of the humans and ALL of the other kinds of robots?! PROBABLY, THAT’S THE ONLY THING I CAN IMAGINE! I can’t pick which one is worse! Let’s see them in action, maybe that will help:

First, let’s take a look at the self-recognizing robot.

Ooooook and here’s the Cup O’ Noodles:

Uhhhhhhh. Well, for one, that robot didn’t really even recognize itself. It was just told that what it saw was itself and then it parroted it back to us like we’re a bunch of fools who are going to believe that now the robot knows what it looks like. Give me a break, ROBOTS. You’re all as dumb as you look. But, when it said “oh” — that was adorable. “Oh.” – Robot. The Cup O’ Noodles robot, on the other hand, is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! Soooooo I CHOOSE CUP O’ NOODLES! EVERYONE TAKE SHELTER UNDER YOUR COVERS! THROW ALL OF YOUR FOOD OUT THE WINDOWS! THE END IS NEAR!

Which do you choose, though? The same? Are you already dead? (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin!) (Cup Noodles via Rats Off!)

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  1. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it androids like me.

  2. Cup O’ Noodles Bot is a bigger threat because it makes an already dangerous product more dangerous.

    • Cup O’ Noodles Bot: Conquering college dorm microwaves and then the WORLD!

    • For real! Did anyone else hear that NPR story about how DANGEROUS Cup O’ Noodles are? Now that they’ve been made robotic, they’re start spilling themselves all over you right from the microwave and giving you 3rd Degree Burns of their own free will! Oh the horror!

  3. If you were a Cup O’ Noodles and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

  4. At first I was going with Cup O’Noodles Robot, but then I saw that the self-recognising robot said “woah”. The ability to copy Keanu reeves is what I really look for in a robot.

  5. Kelly, I adore Robot Corner. If only Qbo had accidentally rolled off the table, though. Robots falling is the best.

  6. Weird how all these robots are lining up with the classical myths:
    QBO = Narcissus; Cup Noodles Robot = that one time Zeus turned himself into a cup of noodles

  7. This has ruined Cup Noodles for me. Robots? How am I supposed to pretend I’m eating the intestines of a small beetle creature if I’m also supposed to be pretending I’m eating a robot?

  8. Cup Noodles is definitely the larger threat. I know ‘self-awareness’ is what everyone’s afraid of in robots, but Self-Recognizing Robot is basically going to be a robo-equivalent to a bird in a cage, forever recognizing itself as the world moves on.

    Cup Noodles is pretending to be a “food.” Robots want to get inside us. They want to replace us. They want to be us. Cup Noodles must be stopped.

  9. Normally I am fully aware of the threats these robots pose to us here in Robot Corner, but this installment has some of the cutest robots I have ever seen.

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