When Rich posted this over on FourFour he claimed that it was a “very important J.C. Penny denim fashion show,” and after watching it I have to agree with him. It shows us just how far this nation has fallen, and how important it is that in 2012 we make the right choice at the polls. Of course, since we are all in agreement about who will be the next Commander in Chief (unless Herman Cain realizes that the pizzas people need him too much and re-enters the race) the most important decision we can make now, while we wait for the Presidential election on Monday, November 12th, is who is wearing the coolest denim outfit in the Delaware Valley?

Who's Wearing The Coolest J.C. Penny Denim Outfit In The Delaware Valley?

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It’s time to get America back on track!

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  1. pfffft, they’re no Z Cavaricci’s.

  2. Wow, we sure HAVE come a long way. Personally, on November 12th, my vote will go to Romeo. It’s time for us to elect our first black jeans President!

  3. Who shops at J.C. Penny in the Delaware Valley? I thought everyone went to The (Water) Gap.

  4. This is how you make denim work bbs

  5. What is this racist crap? I can’t vote for Bernard and his Mr. Green Jeans suspender jeans? He’s not a real human to you? Shame on Videogum and it’s exclusion of Bernard and his Mr. Green Jeans suspender jeans.

    • I’d call “rigged” on this but Joe’s in 1st place where he should be.

      • Joe’s only winning because he went on with all that skin showing. He’s such a tease.

      • Really. After Bernard was done I said out loud to myself, “going to be hard to top that” (I’m very fun at parties)..but as soon as it was Tracy’s turn and I had a chance to see who was next, I knew it was over. It’s pretty hard to compete with a sex diamond forged in the deep pits of lust.

    • I’m pretty sure he’s listed as “Art” since there were only 4 people we saw walk. And Gabe’s ancient ears might not be working as well as they once did.

      • you mean Kelly’s ancient ears

        I’m not entirely sure I did that joke correctly.

        • Look, you guys can try and cover for Gabe and Kelly, but I think there’s a long history of excluding Mr. Green Jeans suspender jeans on Videogum, and I’m about a minute away from calling the ACLU… I just need to watch this video one more time.

  6. Pretty sure Joe’s winning because of the way the announcer said “Joe’s attitouwed.” That’s for sure why I voted for him.

  7. Haha, he pronounced “scüncis” as “skuncies” instead of “scrunchies.” How gauche!

  8. I cringe now knowing I owned several pairs of acid washed jeans at some point in the 80′s.

    Think I also owned a pair of dungaree overalls. Yes, my parents still call any denim material “dungarees.”

  9. Joe’s outfit leaves me with a lot of questions, namely what he would look like wearing the shirt tied around his waist.His mantra has always been’ 2 timez the shirtz, 2 timez the sex appeal’, and it really comes through here.

  10. I went with dark horse Julie because you never know when you’ll need a scünci in one of the five imaginable colors. Try to get that at Strawbridge & Clothier.

  11. Is it just me or does the announcer get progressively more sexually aroused with each contestent? When he said “Elvis couldnta dun it bettah…” I felt like I had stumbled onto something FAR TOO INTIMANT for a JC Penny’s fashion flash.

  12. Fashion Flash is like a How to Make it in America prequel.

  13. I feel like the footage of Julie could’ve easily been used on “Big Love” as shocking evidence of the Chloe Sevigny character’s secret rebellious youth.

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