Obviously, you are excited for season 2 of Portlandia, which starts in January. We all are. That show is so good! (You are also very excited about the third season of Justified, right? Right. It’s almost as if January is going to make up for EVERYTHING.) I liked the first season of Portlandia so much, and then a couple of months ago I actually went to Portland for the first time and holy moly, I didn’t realize this show was a DOCUMENTARY. The first thing we did when we got there was go out to lunch, as is the custom when one arrives in Portland, and the first thing the waitress did when we got to the restaurant was apologize that the soup of the day wasn’t gluten free!!!! WOWOWOWOW!!! Then, when my friend asked her about a particular item on the menu, she said, “Oh, it’s really good. There were actually a couple of bloggers in here the other day who ordered that and I saw them taking pictures of it and blogging about it.” PORTLAND, YOU ARE A MIRROR ONTO YOURSELF! Do you know that episode in season one where Carrie goes to the fancy advertising agency and there’s a giant bird’s nest in it? Well, uh, I went to that advertising agency and THERE IS A GIANT BIRD’S NEST IN IT. Portland imitates Portlandia imitates Portland, and cetra. Anyway, with the new season coming up, there are a couple of new clips on-line to promote the show and they are after the jump and they are great.

“It’s funny because it’s true. I’m a dog.” – Birdie.

The second clip is maybe even better (whuuuut?!) but unfortunately, it’s not embeddable because God forbid we don’t all become Facebook friends with a thing for once. But at least there is no shame in letting the world know that you like Portlandia. So, if you click on the screencap below it will take you to the “Come to My DJ Night” clip on Facebook. It’s worth it, I think?

This is a good show and I was already excited for it and I continue to be excited for it. It’s nice to like things and be excited about them sometimes! I mean that literally, by the way, not throw-away click-buttonly. Facebook Facebook Facebook. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!

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  1. I am very excited for Portlandia and Justified. They’re like presents because my birthday is in February, and January is close enough to make me feel that way about these two shows. It could only be better if somehow Terriers was still on the air.

  2. I work with someone from Portland. She is terrible. Sometimes I like to saw awful things about organic produce, just to get her riled up.

    • I also worked with a co-worker from Portland, and while she was not the worst (she was actually a great friend), I’m still not sure what a co-op is even though she would not stop talking about them.

  3. Except that they would never introduce themselves by name. It’s an unwritten rule of dog parks that you know all the dogs’ names and everything about them but nothing of the people accompanying them.

  4. Come to my DJ Night is pretty much perfect.
    I also had an experience like Gabe’s, attending a wedding in Portland last year. Every shop on my friends’ street sold absinthe flavoured gum, absinthe mints and baking supplies with birds on them.

  5. The dog park feels wayyyy more like Park Slope than Portlandia.

    I’m going to go get my Kombucha tea now. It’s organic. It’s made with fresh ginger. Feeling a little shameful that I didn’t brew it myself, but I missed that meet-up at the co-op.

    • You know what else is organic? Every other kind of tea. Because of how all plants and animals are organic. That’s what the word means.

      • I’m fully aware of the definition of organic as things made from carbon. But I need to know if it’s certified Oregon organic? California 1992 organic? National organic? Portland-based organic…

        No joke: the pizza place by my house has a whole story on where the chickens live and how they live if you need to know your chicken that you get on your pizza. I don’t get that because I’m a vegan and animals are better than people, but every joke in this city writes itself.

        • It’s all the same organic. You can’t just change the definition of the word to mean what you WANT it to mean, hippies. Come up with your own word!

          • <3 you, downvoters. "Boo, accurate use of the English language! Boooooooooo!"

          • Settle down.

          • Who is downvoting facetaco? This is the least offensive thing he’s said all week.

            But there is serious absolute value to chemical and pesticide-free produce. You can make fun of it, I absolutely do, but it’s very good for the planet in the long run. And totally unreasonable in parts of the country that do not have the kinds of growing seasons that I’ve grown accustomed to in Oregon and California.

            That being said, a dry cleaner near my house had a sign outside that said “Love Cures Everything.” A dry cleaner! Shut UP dirty hippie dry cleaning service! Go back to Russia!

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          • I can eat all the organic bugs and carrots I want and you can eat all the chemicals and poisons you want. America!

          • You are hatin Facetaco. The word Organic is a simple way for average people to better understand the food they are buying. Don’t act like you have a problem with the word when really you have a problem with the “concept”. What word would you have us use instead of Organic?
            Yes, it is a little silly to have signs of a chicken farm in a pizza shop or w/e but it’s A LOT stupid to eat food with chemicals on it that cause cancer.

            But I’m not surprised you don’t get it since you taco face is full of processed taco ingredients.

          • There is an infinite combination of letters forming words that currently have no meaning. You can use any one of those. Don’t take a word that means something already and try to apply and entirely different meaning to it, that’s just silly.

            And no, I have nothing against the concept, I’m actually not sure why you would assume that. But I DO have something against the idea of “we must use this inaccurate word in order to properly convey such a complicated concept to you, the common people.” Average people can understand even if you don’t call it “organic.” In fact, average people could understand even BETTER if some other word were applied, because the average person knows that ALL the produce is organic, so if anything, that word choice just makes it MORE confusing.

          • There’s some serious case-resting that needs to go on around here.

          • Wow, people be gettin mad offended at your legitimate argument about the english language. Upvoted ya, brah.

          • FT, I totally agree with you. I’m just using the word that was taught to me that absolutely literally makes no sense whatsoever. Hippies totally need to come up with their own word that means the same thing and is as marketable as organic. Or a symbol. But for now, it’s the only word we have and I’d rather use that than get a list explaining all the things that were left in or left out of the growing cycle because that is a waste of paper and/or plastic and/or soy ink.

            I could eat my firewood and say it’s organic as it is also based on carbon molecules formed together in a chain. Or a diamond. However, I will not because I do not know if the tree it came from was raised without certain pesticides. Also, you shouldn’t eat firewood. And the diamonds will probably crack open my teeth. Probably.

          • Arguing over the semantics of the term organic and the validity of its use is so goddamn Portlandia.

            Now let’s all take our rescued dogs and fixed-gear bicycles and meet at the Laughing Lab for locally-brewed ales. Or somewhere else. Just as long as it has bicycle parking and an indoor dog park… because it’s very cold today.

          • Organic chemistry is not nearly as fun as it looks on Breaking Bad, but you make a lot of friends during the mutual suffering in college.

            But Facetaco might have a point when some communications minor commented that “at least its environmentally friendly,” which, no..

            the benzenes…noooo…..

  6. Hi, Jackpot!

  7. I think I speak for all Portlanders when I say we’re excited to read all the comments on this post so that we can be really oversensitive about them and take them all personally.

    • I love making fun of Portland, but then I feel bad. It means so well… but dear Lord, the jokes just write themselves. And it’s my favorite city I have ever lived in ever. But the instant I leave my house it’s the same kind of… “Are you kidding? Is this real?” reaction to day-to-day life scenarios that are 100 percent described in this show.

      Of course I keep putting off on actually becoming a resident so maybe the smugness will come with my driver’s license and voter registration.

      • Ah, so right now, it sounds like you are having your artisan vegan cupcake and eating it, too.

        • Without a doubt, though I prefer the batch artisanal cucumber and lavender-infused gin drinks. I laugh and then I sip and then I laugh a little more (possibly bc at that point I am drunk).

          • The voters thing is so nice because you don’t actually have to go to the polls. IT’S LIKE WRITING A LETTER TO YOUR GOVERNMENT FOR NOT-CRAZY REASONS.

            Exactly. Like. That.

  8. Portlandia should do a sketch about people who are anti-Facebook and therefore can’t watch Facebook-exclusive sketches of Portlandia. If that’s the premise of the Facebook-exclusive clip above, then my head will explode.

  9. Put a bird on it!

  10. i think this puts to rest the debate if gave is a hipster or not

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