“Is it just me, or are the people in this neighborhood putting up their synchronized Slayer-themed holiday floodlight shows earlier and earlier each year?” That is an example of a question that no one has ever asked. Because these guys are clearly doing things perfectly and right on time. SHOW SOME CHEER, WHY DON’T YOU?

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  1. I bet this will go over way better than the GWAR themed nativity scene I set up last year.

  2. At 0:01 I was all “haa, who’s this guy” but by 0:50 I was

  3. Just wait until you see my Lou Reed/Metallica-scored Xmas Pageant.

  4. This guy should just be in charge of all the things.

    • Whoever this is did a ” This is Halloween” house for Halloween. And I enjoyed it more than an adult probably should enjoy videos of holiday lights.

  5. The Miracle on 42nd St dance duo needs to meet up with these light show people and create the greatest holiday themed video of all time. Give the people what they want!!! GET ON IT, INTERNET!

  6. I just spent 5 minutes imagining that Santa used to have a reindeer named Slayer and there were 20 reindeer. I’m trying to decide if the rhyming reindeer’s name should be Sashyer and if Slayer should have been originally called Sleigher.

    Just a little glimpse into Smokey’s pre-work mental warm up.

    • Maybe there’s a sequel where Rudolph learns the truth about his father.

    • I imagine Slayer the reindeer would have been right in the middle of the whole “laughing at Rudolph and calling him names” kerfuffle we’ve all heard so much about.

      -”Rudolph, you’re so much of a pussy that you thinking ‘headbanging’ is a hairstyle!”
      -”Rudolph, when everyone else puts up their lighters for the epic solo in “master of puppets”, YOU can just put up your NOSE!”
      -”shut the fuck up, Rudolph!”

      things like that.

  7. I really want to like this, but can’t fully commit to the idea when the devil-horn hands only have four digits. The devil is in the details? The devil is in the details.

  8. Why do these people hate Jesus?

  9. I think it’s awesome.

  10. “Remember when Christmas used to be about giving and celebrating Jesus, and not about the Devil’s music?” is Fox News’ new “Remember when Sesame street used to be about sharing, and not about communist propaganda?”

    only not even close to as bad because fucking hell so stupid.


  12. I have to give the hugest internet commentator props I can to this guy for syncing up the snowman’s mouth. Really good stuff, and quite a daunting task, if I may say so!

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