Earlier this week, Chet Haze sent out an emergency email to his fellow students asking to borrow notes from class to help him with his final. You good peoplez really came through. Thank God. So, as the promised reward for your generosity, please enjoy this shout out on Chet Haze’s Facebook wall.

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  1. I wonder what kind of reward Tom and Rita had to put up for those notes.

  2. So, Chet is pretty much just his dad’s character from Big? Because judging by the way he writes, he’s definitely a child trapped in a man’s body.

  3. I hope the reward is a new rap dedicated to his fellow students. Please do this for us Chet.


  4. I was honestly a little worried about his paper. Now I’m very worried about his spelling.

  5. In the name of my daddy, T.Hanks.

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